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Posted by patrickklepek

Let’s get the details out of the way quickly, okay?

Daytona USA is coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on October 25 and 26 respectively for $10, featuring updated visuals, online eight-person multiplayer, steering wheel support, and most importantly: a full-on karaoke mode.

For this, obviously.

Specifically, Daytona USA will support every compatible Xbox 360 steering while, while only the Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel on PlayStation 3.

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If the graphics do actually look pretty good, then sold. I love Daytona USA, but that game is hard to look at now.

Posted by RE_Player1

DAYTONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day 1 buy for me.

Posted by TheKing

Rolling Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!

Posted by CountYourBlessings


Posted by Little_Socrates

You are joking about the karaoke mode, right?

I haven't played Daytona USA in forever.

Posted by patrickklepek

@Little_Socrates said:

You are joking about the karaoke mode, right?

I haven't played Daytona USA in forever.

Nope! Totally serious.

Posted by FluffyZombeh

Oh man, already know what I'm spending my 10 bucks on.

Posted by FLStyle

Day 1 purchase!

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I guess I'll be using my Fanatec CSR on this also.

Posted by SpartanAmbrose

Karaoke mode? I'm in.

Posted by bungalowbill79


Posted by TheHT


Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by alibson

Dayton USA will support [...] only the Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel on PlayStation 3.  

What the hell?
Posted by Sinful

day 1

Posted by Megasoum

Holy shit that video is amazing hahaha

Posted by Vexxan


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I hope that if I leave the game to idle on the menu screen it goes through all the same stuff it did in Arcades. I still remember killing an hour or so at my local arcade listening to Daaaaaaytonaaaaaaaa!

Posted by pyroisgod

Oh god no. We have four of these at the arcade I work at. "Daaaaaaaaaytonaaaaaaaa!" haunts my dreams...

Posted by ajamafalous

Steering while.

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Once wasted my entire holiday money (£60 I think it was) in one night playing Daytona USA in an arcade in Tenby, Wales as a kid. This game as a place in my heart.

Posted by Hailinel

@Little_Socrates said:

You are joking about the karaoke mode, right?

I haven't played Daytona USA in forever.

Nope! Totally serious.

GOTY for all years confirmed.
Posted by Atom

I wonder which version they are emulating for this...

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I love that vid. I saw Rony Barrak play percussion live with a symphony orchestra few years ago, he's pretty amazing.

I also remember back in teh day I would pop in the Sega Saturn disc of Daytona USA in a CD player to listen to these rocking tracks.

I wanna fly-ay-ay sky hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!

Posted by xq

"If you sing the theme song to Sega's Daytona USA and all you get is killed, count yourself lucky." -Jerry Holkins

Posted by Th3_James

Oh man, Daytona was the shit.

Posted by johnsonic7

I own and have played the dreamcast version for years, so online multiplayer and updated visuals seems like pretty good deal.

Posted by Airickson

I don't understand what any of this means, yet I find it really cool.

Posted by JamesJeux007

"Probably worth paying the $10 just for the karaoke mode."

Yep, definetly. Insta-buy ! This is my childhood, right there. I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one to remember this awesome soundtrack (and game) after more than 15 years... Actually, this makes me feel old xD


Posted by Rekt_Hed

ohhhhh man I remember playing this in the Arcade thinking this was the future of racing games.......i was a child back then but god damn it looked slick.
I played this on the dreamcast when I was older and just thought 'what the fuck was wrong with me'
..kinda excited for this..I think.  



Posted by jewunit

Rolling gooooooooooo.....wait......wrong series.

Posted by ZmillA

rolling starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

Posted by EuanDewar
Posted by GirlsGeneration

Daaaaytonaaaaa! it's time to burn some rubber!

Posted by ApolloBob

I once visited Daytona Beach and just screamed "DAYYYYYYTONAAAAAAAAA" over and over until I was forcibly removed from the area. True story (not a true story).

Posted by DeltaDreamer

I loved this game. Had it for the PC, I liked the fact you could ride a horse in the console version. And the music is forever horribly epic. I may get it just for the nostalgia

Posted by DeltaDreamer

I'll likely get it for the nostalgia. 

Posted by North6

We can't eat, We can't eat, We can't eat.... We eat cake.

Posted by Gold_Skulltulla

The Daytona theme has been my alarm clock on my phone for the past year. I wake up to this bliss every day. Better than breakfast!

Posted by drewbert
Posted by CounterShock


Posted by Progman9000

I remember playing this in a racecar in front of a local grocery store when I was a super young. I think they were trying to see who would get the fastest top speed or something. All I remember is ROLLLLING STAAAART!

Also playing 10 player Daytona USA at DisneyQuest in Orlando over and over again has a very special place in my heart.

So what I'm trying to say is, the sooner this comes out, the better.

Posted by SeriouslyNow
Posted by joelalfaro

At last! An arcade perfect Daytona. I enjoyed it on my Saturn, but I knew it wasnt perfect even then!

Blue, Blue Skies, I seeee!

Posted by Bribo

Let's go away!

Posted by arch4non

I demand a Quick Look!

Posted by UnbreakableVow

I live right next to Daytona.

Sometimes when people mention Daytona I'm like "Daaaaytooooonaaaaaaaaaaa" and they look at me funny

Uncultured swine

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