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Posted by lunalicrichard

This is already out in europe ! for several weeks now .

Posted by kingopork

I really really hope they don't try to make an updated version of the daytona song.

Posted by 1p

That video is awesome!

Posted by FrostTee

Must have now, great party game

Posted by miva2

When i hear Daytona, my first thought is that crazy pingpong movie.

too good to be true i guess.

Posted by Colinpatchin

Can i still race as a horse?

Posted by somekindarobot

Sweet, now all I need is the Saturn version of sega rally championship that was on that pack in disc

Posted by Contro

I'm not going to be in hurry to get this, having bought Guardia Heroes and Radiant Silvergun recently.

Posted by TigerDX

Question is, will it be the arcade or Championship Circuit Edition version? Both of the game and the songs!

I need nothing more than super-bright environments, overly-crisp visuals, and super-smooth 60 FPS to bring me back to those 90s arcade sensibilities. Saturn version just wasn't smooth enough! Still, horse.

I mean, HORSE!

Edited by TeflonBilly

@arch4non said:

I demand a Quick Look!

Karaoke mode Endurance Run!

Posted by sirdesmond

This pleases me.

Posted by Orange_Pork

God I love these games. I have put more hours into the XBLA versions of Outrun 2 and Sega Rally than any other racing game in at least the past decade.

Edited by Rmack

This is my first time hearing the song outside of the gum-ridden, 20 year old speakers at my old arcade.

It's fucking weird, man.

Edit: Oh, and I'm gonna buy this.

Posted by Olivaw



Man, what an awesome game.

Posted by miguelkosta76
Posted by FlyinBurritoMan

I really enjoyed the Daytona series on my Saturn. I hope they give it the HD remix treatment with the option to play with the original polygon models.

On a side note, it's great to see Sega releasing their Saturn games on the Xbox 360/PS3 and at the price of only $10. Though I still have my Saturn and Daytona, I'll pay $10 to have an updated version with online play.

As long as Sega releases good Saturn games, I'll be buying them!

Posted by YoungBuck

I never played it, but I want to know what the fuss is about.

Posted by MeatSim

Karaoke in a racing game? perfect.

Posted by seanord

Definitely worth it for the karaoke mode. Was a fun diversion in the arcade, especially w/large parties for those non-gamers.

Posted by Contro
Posted by mariokart64fan

i already got the saturn version of cce and the regular version


Does anyone know if this supports local split screen? I've heard on GAF that it doesnt, but I have not seen anything official.

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