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Posted by Elow

Wow, I thought you guys stopped doing these Video Reviews. Awesome.

Posted by SuperCycle


Posted by wumbo3000

Woot! love batman

Posted by Daygon

I love video reviews

Posted by Clark


Posted by BeefyGrandmole

Man i havent seen a jeff video review in a while.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

I find this video sexy

Posted by Aronman789

Oh man, its like some necromancer brought back the dead features. Does this mean more QOTW?

Posted by innacces14

Video reviews!! =D

Posted by Dany

Of COURSE I want more batman!

Posted by Nightriff

Normal for me to be turned on by this video?

Posted by Sackmanjones

I still kinda dont want this game for some reason. At least not right now

Posted by Tictocbehemoth

Whoo! Video review! Also Batman!

Edited by RazielCuts

Video Review? Yes!

And did anyone else notice that Fear Gauntlet music? Super awesome :D

The Riddler mission you showed however seemed lame, hit the icon? What about solving puzzles? I hope there's more of that Riddler type stuff that was in Arkham Asylum.


How could I forget? Good Luck, Have Batman.

I think that should be the mantra for all online gaming. Please can we take down XBox Lives 'Fag' and *igger hating with this! Would be super awesome. The revolution, starts now!

Posted by TheKing

Wow, a video review!

Posted by Swoxx

Speak of the devil huh?

Posted by Cornman89

 Superb ending as usual

Posted by SpartanAmbrose

Well how about that! A video review! Awesome.

Posted by jacksmedulla

@RazielCuts: The question mark you saw was one of many "trophies" the Riddler has left lying around in Gotham. There are other, more intricate, Riddler missions as well. Another reviewer estimated the entire Riddler side story to be around 10 hours.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

I thought this was a trailer, I havent watched a single thing that spoils any part of the game yet.... Crap, I shouldnt watch this

Posted by metalsnakezero

Batman great because he's GODDAMN BATMAN!

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by TwoGunsABlazin

Oh god I want more Batman. Waiting for the PC release is going to suck!

Posted by Peacemaker

How are the costumes working in the game? It seems like they were all preorder things at retailers. Do they just get unlocked upon beating the game and in game challenges?

Posted by UnrealDP

I love video reviews! I love um, but i know they're a real resource hog, so it's cool to see one every now and then.

Posted by rcath

Been awhile since a video review.

Posted by FreakAche

Good luck have Batman!

Posted by Redbullet685

@Cornman89 said:

Superb ending as usual
Posted by MrGtD

I thought they outlawed these in '76!

Posted by zombie2011

Damn too many games, this will have to wait until next year which is a shame seeing they will probably spoil it for me during GOTY podcast.

Posted by Strife777

Sweet! A new video review. A deserving game I'm sure.

Posted by Mystyr_E

god, why are those Dead Island ads so damn loud?

Posted by SMTDante89

Love the little GLHB at the end of the video.

Posted by Excast

I used to want to play Dead Island...

Posted by Nitrium

Great review, thank you Giantbomb!

Posted by therealminime

Video reviews, yay! It's been too long. Great review, cannot wait for Tuesday.

Posted by DrStrangepork


Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Jeff talking bout BATMAN

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Whoa, I figured we wouldn't be seeing any more video reviews on here. Nice surprise

Posted by sissylion


Posted by RoyCampbell

Had to dust off the ol' "Video Review" opening, eh?

Posted by shatteringlast


Posted by zyn

Good Luck, Have Batman!

Posted by PaulRevere

A video review? I am pleasantly surprised.

Posted by Kyreo

A Video Review!  WHOO!!

Posted by Espio25

Great ending. GLHB!

Posted by Alucard_N7

BatmanBatmanBatman.com :D

Posted by Darkstorn

Bring back the video reviews!

Posted by Zamir
Posted by ez123

I'd like Jeff to track down all of the skins and have a video of that like he did for Gears 3. I want to see Batman TAS in action.

Honestly, the nostalgia of playing as Batman TAS voiced by Kevin Conroy is why I want this game.

Also, great review.