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Review video, wow!

Posted by TwoLines

Fear gauntlet music!

I'm happy to see a video review. Too few of those lately.

Posted by Sprucegrove

I just had my coffee, so I think my body is ready for more Batman. Too bad I have to wait for November before I can get the PC version, which is the one I want. Arkham Asylum was even better on the PC.

Posted by Xymox

Playable catwoman... So where is the michelle pfeiffer catwoman suit DLC?! MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Posted by SpencerTucksen

I must buy this game. It's a life requirement.

Posted by Winternet

The voice commands me. Go. Get. More. Batman.

Posted by Sayishere

I want this damn game.

Posted by ch3burashka

There's a goddamn batmanbatmanbatman joke in here somewhere, I just don't know where.

We're kind of taking this for granted, but it's still pretty amazing that a superhero licensed game is this damn good. Now if only all other characters could get the same treatment (Thanks, Silicon Knights...).

Posted by DarkChris

Nice video review, perfect game!

Posted by BinaryDragon

Sold. Just preordered online. Bring on more batman.

Posted by uniform
@clank543 said:

This whole Catwoman business could be the difference between GOTY and not, though.

Come on, you're kidding right? No one really cares about the way they handled unlocking Catwoman, it's just another excuse for "news" and something for people to bitch about. God knows we all love to complain about non-issues. I looove Catwoman, but honestly, she could be totally absent and it would have no bearing on whether or not this would be GOTY. In fact, I'd bet more people than not would rather not lose the control of Batman to Catwoman. People just want more Batman.
Posted by bunkerbuster05

I want this game SO GOD DAMN BAD.

Posted by GS_Dan



Yeey, video reveiw! Haven't one of these in a long time.

Posted by Skillsne

Sweet! I love video reviews.

Posted by BenderUnit22


Posted by AlexanderSheen

Good Luck Have batmanbatmanbatman.com!


Good review! Can't wait to play next week!

Posted by siblers

This is torture, trying to avoid all footage of Batman yet so much coverage on here. DAMN IT

Posted by MachoFantastico

'If you want more Batman, go get more Batman'

Pretty much sums this game up. Nice one Jeff.

Posted by CakeBomb

Still don't know what is fun about challenge mode, I'd rather have more Catwoman missions or backstory videos than have that.

Posted by buckybit

Great, great video review. Jeff transformed it into an art form. No spoilers whatsoever, while telling me everything I need to know: "If you want more Batman, go and get more Batman."

Oh, yes. I will have Batman {{{

Posted by Orange_Pork

Dem Catwoman alt costumes.

So Batman, Catwoman, and Tim all get alt costumes... will Nightwing get his disco suit too?

Posted by RadioactiveGazz

Giant Bomb video reviews are the best video reviews around. It is a shame we rarely see them. Last one i saw before this was LA Noire I think.

Edited by fox01313

This is the only video & written review I'm watching of this game I preordered before playing through it (will check out the other reviews after playing through it). Was starting to wonder about the world & the kitty in this, glad to see even if it's not that much of an improvement on a great game (Asylum), Arkham Asylum is still a bloody great game. Great GLHB icon, should be put on a shirt.

Posted by mbkish

Thanks Jeff, I love you.

Posted by Nocall

@MattClassic: thanks!

And, wow, Jeff is really getting in shape. I'm not sure if its exercise or a diet or what, but every time I see him he's looking more fit.

Posted by SpacePenguin

Thanks, great video review.

Posted by Metal_Mills

This is out 2 days before Skyrim on PC. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Posted by ptys

I'm all gamed out! Don't think this one's for me.

Posted by Kerned

@Nocall: I actually just logged in to point that out. The man is looking good!

Posted by TrulyAlive

@RazielCuts said:

How could I forget? Good Luck, Have Batman.

I think that should be the mantra for all online gaming. Please can we take down XBox Lives 'Fag' and *igger hating with this! Would be super awesome. The revolution, starts now!

I thought everyone was going to forget this classic phrase. Thankyou for reaffirming my faith in the GB community Raziel!

Posted by RyanDavisFatGut

Nice shirt Jeff. LOL

Posted by Neverpraying

My favorite review: GiantBomb, Jeff Gerstmann's review (here), and this is why I'm a premium member of Whisky Media.

My least favorite review: Destructoid, Jim Sterling's review

Posted by Crash_Happy

Hang on, you have to play as Catwoman for the Riddler stuff but they charge for Catwoman?

Posted by billyhoush

I love Jeff's clothes. It's the 16 year old me that never had to grow up.

Posted by DonutFever
@Crash_Happy said:

Hang on, you have to play as Catwoman for the Riddler stuff but they charge for Catwoman?

If you get a used copy, yes. 
Posted by animathias

@Crash_Happy said:

Hang on, you have to play as Catwoman for the Riddler stuff but they charge for Catwoman?

Catwoman is this game's "Project Ten Dollar" or Online Pass, so you only need to pay for her if you buy used - that part seems fair to me. That said, though, if you need to be connected to the Internet to use her, needing her to collect some Riddler Trophies seems absolutely ridiculous. They're basically saying that folks without Internet can't 100% a single player game.

Posted by itsjoncharles

A video review? Awesome. Save them for the best games.

Edited by schiz_o_phren_ic

Bout time you guys do another Vid Review.

Quick-Looks are great but Vid Reviews are something special :D

Posted by Zyte

Awesome, it's Jeff!

Posted by GigaMunch


Posted by RetroVirus

Same bat-healine

Posted by Tan

Hey where'd this come from.

Posted by dcgc

Love the ending. :D

Posted by SSully

I want more batman.

Posted by MeatSim

When I have time for more Batman I will go get more Batman.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

More video reviews please!

Posted by Slaker117

Fine, I'll buy it.