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Posted by DthSndwch

Need this to be on steam

Posted by RyuDrinksTheDew

about time you guys did a video review, the last one was LA Noire!

i cant wait to get my hands on this game. the open world is one of the biggest additions for me.

Posted by gerp

Aw good luck have batman

Posted by RampageAssassin

The end just made my night. GLHB !

Posted by brotherstereo

I want this game now, oh wait, I have a midterm, two homework's, and a project due next week...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Posted by Catfish666

Right. I knew I was going to like this, but I am so goddaamn hyped up right now! Hot dog! Think this just might be the first day one purchase for me this year.

Posted by Anderson

Moar Batman!

Posted by Shadow

I'm totally wearing that shirt right now

Posted by Sinkwater

@MormonWarrior said:

What does GLHB mean? Somebody tell me please.

This game looks AMAZING.


Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

i want more batman.

Posted by Hef

You know what I like about this site. No one calls Jeff biased towards the 360 or claims that microsoft or sony pays them money. Hardly anyone complains about score. I actually look at these comments expecting to laugh. Everytime I look at an IGN or gamespot review page...I get angrier than when I die for the umpteenth time in dark souls. I feel very calm right now...and I think I'm going to have a beer.

Also, great review Jeff.

Posted by jasonefmonk

Awesome review, thanks guys.

Posted by Agent47

@Metal_Mills:Damn must mean you don't live in the US.It's a months difference?That's pretty brutal usually it's a week apart.


I just wanna know one thing.

Are the boss fights improved at all?

Posted by Freedomequalsabuckofive

I could be missing something but isn't this coming out of a different publisher? Last time it was Eidos, now it's WB.

Posted by DeShawn2ks
@Freedomequalsabuckofive:  Yeah it was Eidos first. I want to say WB picked up Rocksteady a little after Arkham Asylum came out.
Posted by CrabSlayerdefunct

Woot! A Jeff video review! And of course I want more Batman. To bad I have to work Monday so no midnight launch for me.

Posted by AxleBro

its a little cold in here, eh catwoman?

seriously tho, those alt costumes show dem nips

Posted by bybeach

"If you want Batman, go get more Batman" Great line! Again, so looking forward to this.

Edited by BitterAlmond

Great to see video reviews return to Giant Bomb! I've missed these.

Also, Jeff's lost weight! Lookin' good, duder.

Posted by coakroach

Good luck, have Batman.

Posted by trayntastic

i want more batman

Posted by StefanTheLegend

A video-review! Omg FINALLY...I must be dreaming! Hope they do more of these :)

Posted by thebigJ_A

Isn't the catwoman stuff only if you buy new? Crap. Guess I won't be finishing the riddler stuff when the game comes from gamefly. That stinks. I like the riddler stuff last time, and I heard you actually get to meet him if you compete all of it this time.

Still not enough to get me to buy this. Too many other games to buy/have been bought this year. (Dark Souls, hell yeah!)

Posted by Toxin066

Would have been cool, but ya know, I already read the text review.

Posted by ScottEFresh

Glad to see a video review. You guys have been slacking with them lately! I really enjoy them!

Posted by FoxMulder

Dissapointed in the lack of Russian Martian Batman skin DLC.

Posted by Metal_Mills
@Agent47 said:

@Metal_Mills:Damn must mean you don't live in the US.It's a months difference?That's pretty brutal usually it's a week apart.

It was delayed everywhere on PC.
Posted by penINC

@DeShawn2ks said:

@Freedomequalsabuckofive: Yeah it was Eidos first. I want to say WB picked up Rocksteady a little after Arkham Asylum came out.

Actually, the first game was published by both Eidos and WB. This one is being published by WB and Square Enix, the company that bought Eidos.

Posted by MadLaughter

Awesome video review, laughed out loud at the ending.

Posted by Majkiboy

Good luck have Batman! Awesome ending, made me laugh :D

Posted by jollyroger187

happy to see a video review again ,the last one was 5 months ago.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

I look forward to playing this game, I love batman and the rest of the character designs. The fact that it has a bit of new but is mostly the same is a good thing since I was enamored with the first one.

Posted by SomeJerk

WB have the PC release of this scheduled for smack dab in the middle of the biggest November title launches
WB will blame PC piracy for pool sales
Necessary to show how the industry, Ubisoft included, seem to purposely delay and screw with PC versions of games in order to justify screwing that market over

Posted by PompousDawson

5-10 minute video reviews are great. Jeff doing video reviews even greater.

Posted by GenesisZ

Dead Island ad made me sick of that game. Bring on batman!

Posted by pointdablame

This is one of my most anticipated games of the year, so I'm really happy to see this review. "if you want more batman..." Well yes... Yes I do.

Posted by craigymail

Glad to see this game looks awesome. Definite must buy!

Posted by Honk

Looks awesome, can't wait until Tuesday.

Posted by FutureNewbApps

More Batman, yes count me in. We'll I've been counted in for a while now. I preordered the collectors edition many months ago.......batmanbatmanbatman!!!!!!! Great review!

Posted by RsistncE


Posted by Crockett_911

Sweet! A video review! I hope to see more of these for the rest of the Fall releases

Posted by probablytuna

Only two more days to go....

Posted by gimpysoup

finaly a video review. about time!

Posted by Diablos1125

lawling at GLHB! Just......excellent.

Posted by mr_shoeless

I love video reviews. Also enjoyed the GLHB at the end.

Posted by seanord

Video reviews! Yes, do more of these. Jeff shows why he's one of the best.



Posted by Eyz


Can't wait!

Though part of me still wish they'd do a "Batman: Gotham City" instead of this "Arkham City" idea.. seems like such a silly take to bring back elements from the earlier successful game AND the IP name (Arkham serving as a recognizable brand for the mainstream audience)

Posted by xaveri

Please MORE Video Reviews! Awesome review Jeff.