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Posted by patrickklepek

If you’ve already pushed back the technological menace in Iron Brigade (er, Trenched), Double Fine Productions is preparing the first set of downloadable content, Rise of the Martian Bear.

The studio revealed the first details on the content at a small event in San Francisco last Friday.

Rise of the Martian Bear will include four new missions set on Mars, and presumably an explanation for why we’ve left Earth’s atmosphere. If it don't want to provide one, I'm cool with that, too. And, yes, there will be bears.

There’s no release date for Rise of the Martian Bear, but Double Fine said it wouldn’t be far off.

Before that happens, however, Trenched has to become Iron Brigade. Alongside the title update that makes the name change official (the result of a copyright dispute), players will gain access to new loot and a survival game mode.

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i already have this quest

trenched: now with bears

Posted by BaconBits


Posted by chinatown_1992@hotmail.com


Posted by Paloc

I thought you go to space in the 10th iteration. Where's Drenched?

Posted by Manburger

There Will Be Bears was not as critically acclaimed as its predecessor, but it struck a chord with the Russian-Martian Batman demographic

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I think they're going to need Russian Martian Batman to win this fight!

Edit: I am displeased that I was not the first to drop the RMB bomb. I shouldn't be surprised though.

Posted by Jeffsekai


Posted by jorbear

I'm so ready to get my ass to Mars.

Posted by ThePickle


Posted by Firecreed17

As long as I get a cannon that shoots rabid grizzly bears I'll be happy

Posted by giant_frying_pan

Still waiting for it to actually come out here :(

Posted by clumsyninja1

Yes...Horde mode

Posted by BlueOysters

Great, now continue porting Brutal Legend, Stacking, and Trenched to PC since Costume Quest is now on steam and THQ isn't stopping you now.

Posted by bgradio

Iron Brigade is a game about... love?

Posted by OmegaPirate

STILL not out here in England :(

Posted by This_Dude

Excellent, spacesuit from costume quest. More Trenched is always welcome in my Xbox.

Posted by Nocall

*cough* PC.

Posted by Wandrecanada

@This_Dude: I was gonna say... Isn't that the robot suit from Costume Quest?

Posted by Cybexx

I hope we get to see spaceships with legs.

Posted by avidwriter

PC Version?

Posted by coakroach

I still think they should have renamed it Judy Denched

Posted by AlisterCat

How about they talk about releasing it here before DLC we can't buy?

Posted by RYNO9881

Great article....Rock god.

Posted by White_Silhouette

I'm sad that the DLC is not under water and called Drenched. Also the lack of a release date is not surprising as there is still no info on when it's coming out for those in Europe.

Posted by Gnorbooth

It must be true than. There is more love in space!!!

Posted by DeviTiffany

Still hoping this game comes out on PC one day

Posted by megalowho

All game franchises should go to Mars at some point.

Edited by MeatSim

Get your mech's ass to Mars.

Posted by Brackynews

But are they Russian Martian Bears?

Inquiring Batmen want to know.

Posted by iAmJohn

Iron Brigade is an awful name.

Posted by eccentrix

I remember when this game was going to come out. We were all so young and optimistic...

Posted by WhytePanther
Posted by Lukeweizer

So excited for a new reason to play!

Posted by david3cm

hrmmmm..... I loved playing trenched, I dont know if I really feel like going back to it though, maybe I'll be more excited closer to it's release.

Posted by Tesla

I'm down for more Iron Trenchgade.

Posted by Lingxor


Posted by MEATBALL

This news is too awesome.

Posted by Rirse

Still a terrible name change, but otherwise I like the look of this DLC.

Posted by defenestr8ed

Russian martian mech-men?

Posted by HT101

I just wonder if this takes place in the same timeline as Red Alert 3. There are Russian bears, so why shouldn't it be in the same timeline? Someone prove me wrong on this line of thought.

Posted by Jethuty

whats the release date? tba?

Posted by autobzooty


Posted by locolukah

How can we dine on coconuts on Mars???

Ooooooh, Martian coconuts!

Posted by MorkaiTheWolf

More Trenched? More fun.

Posted by GigaMunch

There better be a drenched reference .......jus sayin

Posted by Grilledcheez

Finally some DLC...I'm ready

Posted by DarkHeroZark

You say "space bears", I say "How much?"

Posted by TheFakePsychic

Oh my god that guy driving the Mars Trench is in the Robot Costume from Costume Quest. That is the best thing ever. Ever.

This is/has/will be one of the few games that make me genuinely wish I had a 360 to play it on.

Posted by Scotto

I loved Trenched, and salivated for a couple of months at the idea of having more of it to play, but at this point? I don't know, it seems kind of "too little, too late". I haven't turned the gamer on in months, and once you move on from a game, it's harder to come back.

That said, we will see. I loved the hell out of this game, and it's one of the few arcade titles I've gotten 200/200 on, so perhaps I will end up playing this too, haha.

- Scott

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