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Posted by Arx724

Man, I love Dark Messiah.

Yeah, kicking easily kills over half the enemies in the game (ledges, spikes, fires and whatnot everywhere), but you can get creative, too. Playing through it a few different ways is pretty fun as well.

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@HumanoidTyphoon: I find it slightly humorous that you think I'm the one being absurd, as if these comments contain constructive criticism about the merits of Kessler as a journalist. Maybe I've missed that under the mountain of personal attacks.

I'm not sure why you felt the need to bring out the big guns with that scathing remark about me being a 12 year old girl with a Justin Beiber poster. But in general I find that people only take offense to something if it applies to them. If my comment offended you then I apologize.

Either way, I hope you can at least appreciate the irony of you calling me childish. I haven't heard one guy call another a girl since elementary school.

Posted by IshimuraD

Just started the video but, holy crap they played some Heroes VI? I was wondering if they were going to do any coverage of it or give it any mentions. Awesome! I can't wait to watch the rest of this then...

Posted by core1065


Posted by Brickd

Yay, Kessler!!

Posted by Slubbs

That may be the best thumbnail ever.

Posted by Bluegizz

Ben >>>>> Kessler though =[

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I think it's the glasses that make me giggle a lot.

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Kessler < Klepek.

Edit: Gentlemen, please, they're called Space Roma.

Posted by Sergeant_Stubby

fuck me, kessler needs to watch his health... im honestly worried about him

Posted by TekZero

I am watching this despite of Kessler's presence. I really don't like that guy.

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I do not hate Kessler, but I love their fucking with him. He's so "fuck withable". :P