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Posted by Glottery

I'm surprised this hasn't even received any comments for a while, especially after Dan joined the site. This is something he should dig up briefly for UPF...

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When i saw WWE 2K14 review on the front page i just had to come here and watch this again.

All of Jeff's interview sound bites are hilarious. Funny how they never use the 'Interview 2' line, is that cause he didn't select play after recording it?

Posted by MelficeVKM

Jeff's voice clips were too good : L

Posted by Phished0ne


Posted by nviso209

One of my favorite GB vids bar none! LOL

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"I'm gonna make sweet love to them, from the back!" is an instant classic.

Posted by Kordesh

Going through the backlog and finally seeing this. Completely lost it at the car bit. Perfect.

Posted by Yagami

@Gamer_152: Same here, I cried royally from when the guy jumped up on the car and... yeah...

Good thing is, this is like the 7:th time i've seen this quick look. So fucking funny! ^.^

Posted by Nidzumi

This seems like it would make more sense if it was more like Warioware and was constantly throwing different moves at you. Rather than pin some dude for a minute, do slams for a whole minute.

Posted by DarKnightofCydonia

Can someone care to explain to me how this is wrestling?

Posted by UlquiorraSchiffer


Posted by ballblaster

This game looks like it was made by a Full Sail intern. Funniest. Tranwreck. Evar.

Posted by Boopie


Posted by Aarny91

Jeff's shouting part was fucking hilarious.

Posted by Noitu

Haha uncle luke. God damn Surf Ninjas ruined everything.

Posted by Xtrminatr

@Stubee said:

@Plasticpals said:

Crap... please stop giving games like this quick looks. Use your platform to showcase more deserving games.

You don't belong here

Glad someone said it.

Posted by Gamer_152

Terrible game, great quick look. When the game started repeating what Jeff had said during the "pose" section I laughed so hard tears came out.

Posted by TadThuggish

Obviously, the Kinect is the gamer's future.

Posted by GeneralBison

What's with all the scratching?

Kid Money should get that checked out

Posted by Nux

That was a good cut at the end.

Posted by CyleMoore

I'm gonna make sweet love to him from the back!

Posted by WinterSnowblind

Wow, I actually thought the idea of a wrestling themed minigame collection had the potential to be pretty good.. at least in an amusing, ironic sense. Shame the game was so poorly thought out, but at least it made a great QL.

"I'm gonna make sweet love to him from the back!" will go down in GiantBomb history.

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Posted by mandeep100

07:40 - too funny!

Posted by SUPES316UK

This looks truly awful, seems to be like Hogans career is now!

Continues to show me why I'll never get a Kinect. I love my Xbox but no way I want to play anything like this.

Agree with Jeff that the announcer sounds like a weird Jim Ross.

Posted by Eraser74

My god, they can´t mean this stuff seriously! This game looks like shit and plays even worse!

But it´s a great Quicklook nonetheless.

What a shitty game.

Posted by geirr

hluk hogen

Posted by GrandMarshal

i agree many life lessons can be learnt from hluk hogen like dont let the bitch take all your money

Posted by lclay

Funniest quick look ever? Definitely.

Posted by Lunar_Aura

good life advice at the end, Jeff

Posted by Krystal_Sackful


This is unfortunatly true. But its good his eyebrows are still going strong.

Posted by MisterMouse

oh brother...

Posted by dontsleep

best ql yet!

Posted by SpudBug

wow, jeff kinda showing the thinning hair in this vid.

Posted by britxmenyuan

damn game。。。

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Another shitty Kinect game, another hilarious QL. Thank you Giant Bomb.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

@EazyB: Yeah, now is a good time for you to shut up.


Posted by Enigma_2099

Majesco... stop F****** around and make a sequel to Infected for next gen consoles...

Posted by Brackynews

No one is more authentic than Kid Money. NO ONE.

Perfect beginning and ending to this QL. If you can't stomach the whole thing, the first 90 seconds and the last 90 are all you need. QLOTY contenderrrrrr brotherrrrr! Starring Vinny McMahon and Hulk Gerstmann!

Posted by toots

pretty sure it's impossible not to laugh when the dude jumps on the car.


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@Nettacki said:

@BD_Mr_Bubbles said:

This seems bad even if you ignore the fact that the Kinect control is broken, also to Jeff point about the announcer sounding like a really bad JR thats probably what they were going for even thaough they did the same thing in WCW can't remember that guys name though.

the JR knockoff's name was, I think, Oklahoma.

I think your right, believe he had OK on his shirt.

Posted by Norusdog

hahaha this game is a piece of shit

Posted by MrBubbles

another hilarious and awesome quick look of a bad game these are always the best

Posted by dudeglove

kinect quicklooks are the best

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Yosuke makes a good backyard wrestling announcer/commentator.

Posted by volcane2004

This made for an awesomely funny quick look. SWEET LOVE FROM BEHIND!

Posted by dcorsentino

From the Back!

Posted by thebunnyhunter

oh i love how terrible games make for the best quick looks