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Posted by Kucheeky

Please do more videos like this. Fucking great entertainment.

Posted by Bloodthorne

Dark Souls. New game plus (or normal if you think new game plus wouldnt work). Finish the game (or get as far as possible) while being forced to be human at all times, if/when you run out of humanity, it's game over.

Posted by ajamafalous
@Brad: Doom II.
Posted by Immuniity

Super Meat Boy. Dark Worlds. Do ittttttttttt

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@Grimluck343: @Grimluck343 said:

@beatlebrainiac said:

Not sure if they really are reading these comments for suggestions, but I think a good one would be Mile High Club from CoD4 if Brad/some other duder doesn't have that achievement. I'll think of some more later.

edit: perhaps a SC2 related achievement? Like beating two AIs on Insane?

Probably the achievement I'm most proud of on the 360. For reference:

Yeah, was thinking of MW achievements with the game coming out soon, was also thinking of maybe some spec ops stuff on veteran, with some of the other guys?

Posted by I_smell

Hardcore Horde.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Great show! Excellent attempt with a medium-sized podcast attached, so I'm into it. I'd love to see the Dead Space thing if that can be done despite the savegame issues. I'm looking forward to whatever you decide to do in the next installment though.

Posted by byrjun

Given that Brad did his best run on the first run, I suggest an Endurance Run type thing, where each day he just does ONE run of Geometry Wars until he gets it. (To be lenient, we could maybe say three runs.)

Posted by AaronChance

This makes Dark Souls look easy.

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@ExiledVip3r said:

Should do the 7 Day Survivor achievement from Dead Rising next.

That would be incredibly boring.  After the initial setup it would just be 10+ hours of Frank standing on top of a kiosk and eating something every 20 minutes.
I would like to see Brad tackle a Dead Space 2 hardcore run.  Then if he manages to pull it off, celebrate by tearing through Insanity with the hand cannon.
Posted by Jawshua

Why did they stop doing the happy hour?

Posted by Sheetsy77

@Wiseblood: Yeah I agree this would be bad... Being a guy who did 7 day survivor, there is tons of waiting around and waiting for your health to drop and refill with cooked foods and OJ. But yeah DS2 hardcore run would be cool. I always wanted something for multiplayer where they have a endurance run to reach max level in that game. Like maybe playing it for like 2 hours a day and uploading it and them eventually reaching the max level. Just needs to be a game where it wouldn't be to boring to watch.

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I want to kill a million dragons in Skyrim.

And then talk to one.

Posted by spork_armada

I think Brad's already beaten SMB. I suggest he plays N+

Posted by xtiara

Awesome new segment! I feel so sorry for brad whenever he sounds so down about playing live games, I think they're so much fun to watch!

Go brad! You can do it! Nobody cares if you're terrible or great at games, as long as it's entertaining.

Posted by Greebman

7 day survivor is next Brad

Posted by ZenaxPure

This is the best idea for a series ever, loved this and hope you mans add more people going after hard achievements.

Posted by Curufinwe

I'm really bad at GW so Brad's effort was very impressive to me.

As far as Moby Dick trophies/achievements go, mine are Beat Zico and Zone Zeus in Wipeout HD. They're just too hard. :(

Posted by Ramboknife

I'd love to see him attempt a Super Meat Boy PC run for the "Survive entire first world without dieing" achievement called "Wood Boy".

Posted by ManiacMaysin

Is it much easier to get to a million in the second one? I remember getting to a million points pretty fast.

Posted by randiolo
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this is amazing. future instalments of this can go in really outrageous directions.

is alcohol really allowed? if so, vodka shots when Brad dies needs to be done. Or they should add some kind of punishment like if Brad doesn't make the achievement his head is shaved.

Posted by ElixirBronze

I finished crysis on delta, it's not that hard.

Posted by Pop

Suggestions: Beat the light world cotton alley in super meat boy or get through world without dying, maybe the first one. Maybe a starcraft challenge mission.

Posted by astonish

As has been commented before the 7 day survivor in the first Dead rising.

Posted by Dooftastic

That was the most psychedelic Mass Effect 3 multiplayer discussion ever.

Posted by tourgen

does he make it?  I hope he makes it.  it's a tough one the first time!

Posted by tourgen
@CarlSmith said:

Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360. Play the Collector Ship (first one) level on Insanity with vanguard. Goood luck!

you are playing vanguard wrong.  vanguard speed runs insanity mode faster than any other class
Posted by beard_of_zeus

If you guys are taking suggestions, I think the Mile High Club achievement in COD4 that other folks mentioned is a pretty good idea. You only have 60 seconds anyways, so you'll be able to do a bunch of attempts, making it fairly conducive to video format.
My own personal suggestion would be the "Better Than Developers" achievement/trophy from Trine. I actually got this one (and all the achievements on this game, this is the real stickler though), and I'm the worst at video games, so it can't be too bad ;) 
You have to beat the last level of the game on Very Hard without dying - the one where you are constantly moving upward away from lava, fighting enemies and dodging traps. I know a lot of people hated this level because it was quite a bit harder (but c'mon, it's the last level) and a shift away from the more meticulous puzzle solving and more towards quick action, but I liked the change of pace. It's not a super long level, so once again, you should be able to do a fair number of attempts.
And if we're talking about our own personal white whales (I speared mine, though!), it took me literally an entire summer of practice to beat this level on Master Mode in Gitaroo Man:

It was a bit anti-climactic because the 2 or 3 levels afterwards are a joke compared to this. On the bright side, this song is rad as hell, which made the frustration of playing it over and over and over and over again a little more tolerable. This is still one of my favorite rhythm games though, despite all that.
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has brad ever beat mass effect 2 on insanity? I've done it myself, but I'd like to see him try.

oh, or the Mile High Club achievement. fuck that thing.

or alternately, something to do with super meat boy.

Posted by csl316

Last time I tried, I was about 500k short of my old record (780k). I'm gonna avoid comment spoilers for suspense purposes.

Also, fantastic title!

Posted by BlaineBlaine

I can't do this. 
I'm only 7 minutes into the video and I'm getting the fear. I think I need to be in a different place mentally to watch this!

Posted by barrbarr

this is super stressful to watch

Posted by dagas

Is it just me who can't deal with all the "firework" on screen? I can't tell where the enemies are because it's just sensory overload with all the explosions all over the screen.

Posted by cooljammer00

I read somewhere that the best way to make the game easier is to play on a 4:3 CRT. I wonder if Brad is willing to do that.

Posted by Sil3n7

I did Mile High Club twice. Once for me, once for a friend.

Give that a shot, and when I say a shot, I mean a shot to your own head.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

Oh man, this is amazing.

I love how quickly the anger and tension just ramps the fuck up so quickly. Reminds me of playing games with some of my friends.

Awesome stuff!

Posted by Ak1mbo

Kill the giant worm in Lost Planet 1.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar
@Dunchad you should try watching Beat Hazard on its highest setting with 200% visuals if you think this is crazy
Posted by Origina1Penguin
  1. A+ all levels (including dark) and finish all warp zones in Super Meat Boy. Or just aim for specific Super Meat Boy achievements.
  2. Anything with challenge rooms would probably work.
  3. Complete the Mortal Kombat (MK9) Challenge Tower. Or go for Ladder Master achievement.
Posted by MeatSim

This and Lantern Run really needs alcohol.

Posted by kollay

Are they saving Demon's Souls for last?

Posted by pyruvate

In Crysis, the config file for Delta is named "Bauer"

Posted by Largo6661

@Slaker117: Nah man.......Tom Hanks was in it!

Posted by AxleBro

@ExiledVip3r: this

Posted by classicdms

Meat Boy Cheevos on Steam. Do it.

Also, Binding of Isaac.

Posted by Lunar_Aura

@Origina1Penguin: YES YES YES!

Super Meat Boy or MK9 Challenge Tower please!

Posted by kennybaese

I never bought Geometry Wars... I should fix that.

Posted by ADAMWD

I'm A Golden God achievement in Meat Boy, or Dark Souls.

Posted by DemiGodRaven

Some suggestions for you guys since I saw this live.

Wipeout HD Fury on Ps3.

Anything related to Zone mode, all of them are incredibly hard.

Airbraker - Reach Zone 50 using only airbrakes and sideshift, no motion controls.

Zone Zeus - Reach Zone 75

Own The Zone - Get 20 Perfect Consecutive Zones in any zone mode event

and then there's beating Zico, which takes a while.

Beat Zico - Get an equal or better lap time of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha Pass (forward), speed lap, venom, using the Pirahna.