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Posted by BitterAlmond

I get the exact same feeling, except I enjoy the slow pacing. There's a reason this game has an "autopilot" feature and a built-in browser: it's more of a simulation than a true "game."

Posted by AlexW00d


As the title kind of hints at, I didn't get in to the game like I was hoping I would. It seemed a great game, and some of the core gameplay elements seemed awesome, but it's still an mmo, and you still have to do a thousand shitty fetch quests.

So I bought this game last Monday, and some how over the next three days I ended up putting in 12 and a half hours to it, and you'd be surprised just how little I achieved. Well, if you know much about the game I imagine you wouldn't be expected at all; that or I was just shit at the game. But over those 12 and half hours I took notes, and have enough to write another blog, and then write about how I wanted this game to be great.


Posing with my ship.

So for a couple of those hours I completed me some tutorial quests set for one Loict Mensier. He had me running around the nearest systems collecting things and occasionally mining and shooting dudes. I thought after these few quests the game would open up and I'd be able to do cool stuff, and tbf I probably could have, but goddamn did I know how. I was quite proud as I was able to make about a million ISK by the end, which is chump change really, but go me. I also gained about 5 or 6 new ships, one or two I couldn't even use, and one like the one I was given at the beginning of the game, but this still seemed pretty cool.After finishing the tutorial quests set I decided instead of trying some of the others I would abandon my home world and explore, and so I did, a little bit. I didn't get particularly far tbh, 4 or 5 jumps away, and found a new quest set that I thought would be 'fun' to complete. A guy had me training for a space ship air show type event, he even gave me a shuttle to do so in, first he had me warping through a couple of gates and then flying between beacons, and that was it. Next I was to destroy some other ships, which was where I remembered I didn't enjoy the combat in this game at all, and my ship was destroyed before too long. This was a good excuse to buy myself a new ship, that was a lot better than the one I was currently piloting. With this ship and some better blasters I was able to eradicate the enemy thread from the arena no problem, but then I called it an end to that guy's quest set and found another one. This new one had me helping a 'princess' commit some sort of fraud to gain money off of Daddy or some such thing. A couple of courier quests and one horrible combat quest later I had finished, and thank god, that combat quest was nothing but target this ship, hit blaster and sit there for literally 3 minutes. That was boring as all hell.

Mining is pretty at least.

After this I decided to really take things in to my own hands, so I went out mining. I sat for 45 minutes mining asteroids and then transporting the ore back to my hub, turning in to minerals and then realising I had no idea what do with such minerals. I ended up with way too much of like 2 minerals and realised I had wasted 45 minutes of time. The mining part was fine, but there was literally no sense of satisfaction or that I'd done anything of any purpose afterwards, unfortunately.


I am pretty sure that is about it. At least, it is where my notes stop, and where my memory stops too. It's a shame I couldn't get in to this game, as as I have mentioned before, this game seems really, really cool, but I know I sound like a fool saying so, this game is too much of an mmo for me to really enjoy. Maybe if this game was literally just a spreadsheet simulator I would be ok, as sad as it sounds, as that is where the cools bits are, I think. The community for this game seemed pretty friendly, but then I think my chat channel was always set to Rookie, so I guess the only people in there are going to be helpful people and newbies like myself, so it's kind of expected.

I struggle for more to write now so it's probably a sign to stop and call it a day. So that is what I shall do. Thank you for reading this. See you when I decide I have found something interesting to write about!