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Posted by dagas

It's impressive how serious Jeff managed to be even when Patrick was laughing at him. It's like he went into some sort of zen mode where only he and the camera existed and the others might as well not even been there.

If I had been Patrick I would have gone with teaching the kids about gender and how a red bow is enough to make people think of it as a girl pac-man.

Posted by Mezmero

Jeff is a lyrical wordsmith. Putting anyone up against him is folly.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

Oh those comments with rapper names made me laugh....

Posted by csl316

So many rappers.
I think that guy from Midnight Brown provided the better, more eloquent answer.  A wordsmith, he is.
But dammit, I have to agree with Patrick.  Although his argument basically came down to, yo... it's Ms. Pac-Man and arcades happened.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

@ArbitraryWater said:

Jeff wins: Fatality.

Posted by morrelloman

Clearly Jeff wins. Apparently the best skill to have in the meta game is the ability to bullshit. I want to try it.

Posted by Applekid

I was pretty bored until Jeff opened his mouth. Damn that was a good laugh.

Posted by weegieanawrench

Jeff wins, no doubt.

Posted by GrandMarshal

Jeff knows how to play this game

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