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Posted by FaTD

I thought a little FAQ might be a good idea, since it's probably not immediately apparent what or why this is.

What is this?

It's a frikkin safari! No, not really, but it is a journey through some of my backlog of games I nearly finished but, for whatever reason, didn't. I thought it might be fun to document my progress and impressions of this project.


Because of my current educational situation(having to pay nearly $185 monthly and earning nothing since over 1 year and for another year). I'm pretty broke and out of recent titles(besides some of the steam sale stuff) and the recent realization that if I'm not s-ranking those games now I won't have the time or motivation to do so later, I searched for a solution for those "problems"and then thought of this.

Do you plan on a regular


No, because internships and school weeks a alternating and during my internships I'm pretty much at work around the clock. I also found over the years that most "internet projects" with a tight schedule seem to lose steam way earlier than projects whose makers are less strict with their timing. Although it's understandable for the audience to get impatient, it's something the creators have to decide.

What are you playing next?

I'll announce the next game I'll play always at the end of those blogposts.

What about DLC- and Multiplayer- Achievements?

For most of the games I already own the DLC, for those ones where I don't do. I'll buy them (since DLC is still way cheaper than a full retail game). Maybe I'll do a special installment of all the DLC I still need to buy and rush through it. For Multiplayerachievements I hope for still active around those games or maybe some help from the GB Community.

What games will you be playing?

(in alphabetical order)

1. Alone in the Dark


Achievement: 48/49

Points: 970/1000

2. Assassin's Creed


Achievement: 36/44

Points: 845/1000

3. Assassin's Creed II


Achievement: 48/50

Points: 960/1000

4. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood


Achievement: 43/60

Points: 845/1250

5. Batman: Arkham Asylum


Achievement: 39/47

Points: 705/1000

6. Braid


Achievement: 11/12

Points: 185/200

7. Castle Crashers


Achievement: 9/12

Points: 155/200

8. Crackdown


Achievement: 46/50

Points: 1130/1250

9. Dead Rising


Achievement: 31/50

Points: 620/1000

10. Dead Rising 2


Achievement: 28/50

Points: 560/1000

11. DiRT 2


Achievement: 40/47

Points: 870/1000

12. Fable II


Achievement: 53/66

Points: 1155/1350

13. Fallout 3


Achievement: 59/72

Points: 1260/1550

14. Grand Theft Auto IV


Achievement: 45/65

Points: 955/1500

15. Just Cause 2


Achievement: 45/50

Points: 870/1000

16. Lost: Via Domus


Achievement: 27/30

Points: 940/1000

17. Mafia II


Achievement: 46/67

Points: 960/1500

18. Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One


Achievement: 8/12

Points: -

19. Shadow Complex


Achievement: 9/12

Points: 170/200

20. The Secret of Monkey Island


Achievement: 9/12

Points: 170/200

21. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune


Achievement: 27/48

Points: 455/1505

What are you playing next?

Since Arkham City recently came out, I will jump into its predecessor. As far as I remember most Achievements left are from the Stealth and Combat Challangerooms.