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Posted by JunkanooPunch

please ...... pretty please ?

Have option for jap audio with subtitles.... PLEASE !!!!!!

Posted by Doupi

Japanese or Japanese-looking-games are not meant to be translated to English...

Posted by StandStrong

This trailer is actually the first trailer for this game, that has made me not wanting the game.

Posted by Talis12

the more i see of this the less i want it

Posted by FilthyBastard

Glad im not the only one peeved with the sound design in this thing.... Bad lip-syncing and zero sound effects made me think that this trailer wasn't finished.

Posted by iSAW

Sorry guys, the sound effects will be included with the paid DLC coming two weeks after release.

Posted by jamesisaacs

Dub lol makes me cringe.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

@mano521 said:

this is lookin suuuper japanese

it has piqued my interest though


Posted by phatcat

Man, that motherfucker has some WRATH!

Posted by Shadow

wait, isn't this not coming out here? Why did they localize it?

Posted by Hoagie808

did he just drop that dude from a space station?

Posted by Eribuster

Questionable to not have the sound effects. Still, it looks alright.

Posted by mano521

this is lookin suuuper japanese

it has piqued my interest though

Posted by TheChaos

Guts with white hair: the game.

Posted by Hero_Swe

Probrably aren't done with all the sounds. Still, interesting story.
Posted by GlenTennis

Space Ganondorf is a DICK.

Posted by ArchTeckGuru8

Well that ending was certainly unexpected.

Posted by GTCknight

Well okay that's interesting, I guess.

Posted by FluxWaveZ

Yeah, something's up with the sound. Still, I'm continuing to love this game.

Posted by Enigma777

The fuck is up with that sound mixing? 

Posted by Game_Baron

Looks interesting, but something is off with the sound during the cutscene...

Posted by mlarrabee

Do I have to...?