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Posted by Sammo21

I will make this short, but while playing Uncharted 3 last night I couldn't help but feel as if the combat was better in 2...at least I didn't feel as constricted at hit with bullshit was I feel I am in 3. Heavy soldiers are one of the tropes or archetypes I'd like gaming to drop, especially for a game series like Uncharted. When you are surrounded on all sides by RPG dudes, regular dudes, shield dudes, and then heavy dudes with armor...it makes for a completely disjointed and not fun experience in comparison to the amazing set pieces, story, and acting the game delivers.

Posted by KennyBhoy

Personally I am finding the combat in 3 pretty perplexing. I am only on chapter 6 but already I have noticed very poor hit detection. Headshots and full body spray with bullets from close range just not being reacted too.

I also don't remember the enemies charging at you like they do in 3. I find I'm forced to react more to close range shooting or hand to hand combat a lot more than I did in previous games.

Posted by newhatter

Yeah, the heavy enemies close in on you very quickly in 3, which can be frustrating. Things get especially hairy when you are being flanked by multiple heavies while simultaneously evading laser sights and RPG fire. Worse still, enemies tend to appear out of nowhere to ambush you from behind. I think ND's intent was to keep the gunfights dynamic and prevent you from hanging out in cover, but sometimes it feels like they're cheating.

I don't want to bash the game; it still has some amazing moments. I just feel like the battles were more refined in 2.

Posted by Sammo21

I agree. I remember never thinking about the combat until right in the end of 2, but consistently I have not enjoyed it in 3. Everything else has been amazing, but I think in the end 2 might be still be the better experience....