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Posted by Thor_Molecules

@Stubee: That's a shame.

Sure it looks daunting at first, but once you understand what it all means, it's pretty incredible how deep and varied all of the mechanics are. And if you actually do get invested in these games, and are into RPG's, you'll want to see those stats.

If not, a quick press on the square button hides most of the advanced stuff, if you prefer that. I do agree that the interface needs some work here and there though, often it crams way to much info on a single screen.

Posted by warxsnake

They need to fix the flickering its fucking up my eyes

Posted by Vetterli

Yay - Will Smith!

Posted by NickTheZombie

I loved watching Ryan work his way through this game's wacky mechanics with the help of the other guys. There were quite a few laughs to be had :)

Posted by mrshmearo

Jeff looks so happy

Posted by Sammo21


Posted by Fearbeard

I'm only an hour in, but I don't know how VInny and Patrick can sit there watching Ryan attack all the boxes and barrels without showing him how quickly you can break them by rolling into them.

Posted by XChairmanDrekX

Fine GB, you got me, I'll pay 5 bucks for this.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Yeah sorry, this is when it got boring.

Posted by Rukus

Demon Jeff best Jeff.

Posted by Zaph

Something really weird about the compression in these videos. Very low bit rate and flickering, but the file size is over 3GB. Odd

Posted by FieldCommanderRick

Ryan's GOTY

Posted by Poost

12 hour Skyrim stream with Greg Kasavin!?! I love this site.

Posted by procrasturbate

only on giantbomb.

Posted by Milkman

Not Perry.

Also, seeing Ryan just absolutely killing it in Dark Souls warms my heart, even though I, myself, will never play that game.

Posted by Mister_V

Great! loved it.

Posted by NegativeCero

He's getting hooked you can see it. I love it!

Posted by cyraxible

@Zaph: Seriously. The compression is fucking awful.

The HD videos have been looking bad lately.

Posted by XTraFries

This gave has convinced me to go back to Dark Souls after taking a few weeks off due to a savage defeat, losing over 10,000 souls.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Well this has convinced me I shouldn't buy Dark Souls and that I should just sell my Demon's Souls copy I own and have never tried.

Posted by jessej07

Ryan really kicked ass here!

Posted by LarsHJ

Need more dark souls coverage!

Posted by jt1080

Who else resubscribed just to get both parts of this stream?

Posted by SleepingLesson

@Wholemeal said:

Said this before, but the compression on these HD videos are horrible about 36 minutes in just REALLY shitty jitter. It's REALLY annoying especially when i spent the bandwidth downloading the video. It's so incredibly distracting. Just warning to those who want to watch it in HD and another note to the people to whiskey media that it realllllly sucks.

Yeah, this is a recurring issue with longer videos when playing in HD. Really sucks, makes it nigh unwatchable.

Posted by Klaimore

Great job Ryan nice play through. Also thanks Vinny for clarifying what happened when you get a +1 rating on a comment I wondered why I got an estus flask all of the sudden.

I did get some jitter on the HD video even when reloading the page so I don't know if it was the recording or just my browser.

Edited by VeeDo

@jt1080: I did!!

I do not have the perseverance to play Dark Souls, and apparently I am willing to pay good money to see someone else take the suffering. I did not realize that until I saw the payment receipt in my email.

Posted by DarkFury

I just played through this same section following the Vinny and Patrick's advice throughout. This really helped to get me over the first few hurdles and the game is now officially under my skin. Phew!

Posted by Noxville

The 'Try rear' message was mine and I logged in to the game specifically hoping they'd see it. Worth the effort.

@Klaimore said:

Great job Ryan nice play through. Also thanks Vinny for clarifying what happened when you get a +1 rating on a comment I wondered why I got an estus flask all of the sudden.

You get Estus flasks whenever anyone kindles the last bonfire you rested at, I'd heard you get humanity for having your messages rated but nobody ever rates messages so who knows.

Posted by Silver-Streak

To Drew and Vinny, and the rest of the Top Video Men: I'm starting to see more and more of the video glitching/stuttering again. It happend on some of the non tricaster stuff, too.

Is something crazy happening during encoding?

Posted by EternalGamer2

@Ironhammer said:

After lurking for a few years here, this video got me to log in and subscribe to Giantbomb.

It convinced me to renew. Let it be known by Giant Bomb staff: Dark Souls content = money for you.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Deary me, the HD version of this video is 3.41 GB!!

Posted by jozzy

Really impressed how quickly Ryan got a hang of the game. Granted, he was very lucky at some points but it was a great watch.

Posted by Getz

C'mon Perry, you should know better.

Posted by Edmundus

Props to Ryan for giving this game a shot! The live chat exploded when he beat the Taurus Demon; was brilliant.

Posted by GenesisZ

It was great to watch Ryan try Dark Souls. You did good man!

Posted by afrokola

Words of wisdom from Will Smith, "If you've gotta use the bathroom, you better hold it."

Posted by pweidman

'You potion drinking motherfucker'

Just priceless. :))))

Posted by ScreamingFist


Posted by Bratcher_Lev

@Astromarine said:

that was a really good run, but it still hurt to see them NOT equip the Hollow Soldier Shield. That thing is awesome.

i skimmed and read this before I came to that part in the video. When "Hollow Soldier Shield" flashed on the screen, i thought that maybe, just maybe, this time Ryan would equip it. You never know. Maybe this time it will be different. But it never is.

Posted by CodeFire

That was great! It makes me want to see Ryan play more Dark Souls. C-can we make this happen? Please? I want to see how far he goes. I got up to the point of the boss fight in Anor Londo, then proceeded to stop playing it. It's just too much, when there are other games out there right now.

Posted by radioactivez0r

I had a tough time with Demon's Souls and then I forgot about my pre-order for Dark Souls CE, which is still sitting here sealed. This video and the fact I have the strat guide as well really make me want to open it and try, but man...I'm worried. It's almost more fun watching someone else's triumphs and failures in this world.

Posted by LiK

Props to Ryan for giving Dark Souls a shot. He did really well! YOU DEFEATED

Posted by casualterror

I liked the nice little treat at the end. it made watching all 4 hours of at even better.

Posted by Vorbis

Well done to Ryan for giving it a go.

Weird to hear how many different ways people play it. Like how Vinny did every boss in co-op and how the others just grinded tons of levels so they destroyed everything in a few hits.

Posted by Nizzleworth

am i the only one who beat the taurus demon by making him fall off the bridge?

Posted by bunkerbuster05

God damn it. This won me over for Dark Souls. I'm gonna Gamefly it. I know myself, and I don't have the patience required, but I'm gonna do my best.

Posted by DexterKid

It was infuriating watching these guys give Ryan so much misinformation about Dark Souls, but still fun show.

Posted by mithical

@Nizzleworth: My friend beat the Taurus Demon by going over the side with him. =)

Ryan took to Dark Souls very well. Those rolls were perfectly timed, even right off the bat with the Asylum Demon. The only skill he lacks is knowing when to drop his shield to regenerate some stamina. Sometimes even a quarter second of faster stamina regeneration will get you enough to block the next hit in a chain of attacks.

Getting the same flickering video thing between ~35:00 and ~50:00. I actually started to sort of "tune it out".

Posted by MysteriousFawx

The voices at the very end....fucking fantastic...this is why I pay my membership...more crazy!

Posted by JustinAquarius

Dark Souls is 3D Castlevania done right.

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