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Posted by nick_verissimo

I loved how Vinny was cringing during that entire Taurus demon battle and Ryan could almost care less.

Posted by kist

Great show, love it when you guys do things like this. Impressed Ryan actually played Dark Souls given how much he hated the idea of the game before. Also great touch on Jeff's voice at the end- really suited him

Posted by MediumDave

Man. I would play this game if had a Couch Crew with me. I just don't have the time nor inclination to beat my head against a wall and replay sections in video games anymore.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Keep seeing Dark Souls, keeps making me want to play it. Must stay strong!

Posted by KarlHungus01

@Oranghe said:

I paid for access just for this :D


Posted by carnifexseverian

You can chalk me up as another person who subscribed, after years of coming to this site, just to see this video. Well done Ryan!

Posted by artofwar420

I enjoyed that Dark Souls run A LOT.

Posted by 1p

I wouldn't mind having the Japanese TV style picture-in-picture for quick looks as well.

Posted by Box3ru13

I will not stand for that Tupac slander Jeff and Ryan, you have gone too far sirs! Too FAR!

Posted by Grilledcheez

Dark souls would have been an awesome endurance run!

Posted by JJ_FIGGY

@Grilledcheez said:

Dark souls would have been an awesome endurance run!


Posted by Katkillad

Usually when i see comments about videos/news posts where people keep correcting specifics that are being said, I usually think, "Stop being a jerk"... but holy hell, there was a lot of misinformation in this video! Where was Kessler? Wasn't he supposed to be the dark souls giantbomb authority?

Posted by Zenthere

I've seen enough of Dark Souls to know I would hate it and myself after the first couple hours. Thanks for saving me the blood pressure medication.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Would love to see them continue a Dark Souls run, but I know they probably won't.

Posted by PipeAndSlippers

ahh look at all those smilingu faeces, thats the gianto bomb i've come to know and love

Posted by 1p

Dude what, Melissa is leaving?

Edited by Jonnyflash80

This was an awesome show. Seeing Ryan play Dark Souls was great. He did way better than me on my first time through the Undead Burg. My heart was beating faster just watching him fight the Taurus Demon.

Again, great show guys!

Posted by cinemandrew

Watching Ryan play Dark Souls while being continually fed bad advice/information is not as much fun as I would have thought.

Edited by Kosayn

Ryan was pretty cool under fire fighting that Taurus Demon. Despite all the coaching in the videos, I think he's got some skills. I was glad to see him get somewhere rather than getting stuck and frustrated. That can be fun to watch too, but it's a different kind of fun.

It's true, you don't really understand what the game is till you die on a boss 4 or 5 times, and you either start memorizing the whole fight, or you bust out weirder and weirder equipment, or you give up and go to try and find a faster weapon, a bigger shield, lighter armor, a stronger spell.

It's Castlevania OR Metroidvania, your choice. That's the beauty of it, considering nobody else is making either of those kind of games anymore.

Posted by NoobSauceG7

I really loved this! Maybe stream more Dark Souls Ryan

Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab

Man. I think... I think I need to get a PS3.

And then Dark Souls.

Posted by Vrikk

@TMBaker said:

This is looking to be bursting with win.

Bursting with win? Really?

Posted by Illyr

Sold me on Dark Souls.

Posted by defcomm

I should come back to this game. It's still the best I've played this year.

Posted by GaryDooton

Good to see Ryan playing Dark Souls but it should be pointed out that the same complaint I've heard from the guys on this and on the podcasts is that they don't get all the humanity and kindling stuff, and that it isn't explained. This isn't true: the basic concepts of the game (humanity, living and undead, bonfires) are explained in a couple of short paragraphs in the manual, so I feel like that complaint isn't a valid one.

Edited by cyraxible

I'm really disappointed at how much misinformation and condemnation of Dark Souls they spread throughout this video. They just use it as a punching bag for their lame jokes. You guys do so much better usually.

Although, I'm too much of a fanboy for the game and I dunno what I was expecting to get rewatching this feature.

Posted by TekZero

I've been playing Dark Souls for so long, it's my favorite game of 2012.

Posted by Renegade1973

Its my 5th playthrough. Such a great game. I NEED Dark Souls 2.

Posted by Lysergica33

Ryan playing Dark Souls? Subscription immediately worth it.

Posted by Dan_CiTi
Posted by Trilogy

I'm going to be playing dark souls soon for the first time. Wish me luck.

Posted by budgietheii

A foreboding first look at the HurdyGurdy man at the end there.


Edited by posh

it's crazy how relevant dark souls still is. a game for the ages yall

Edited by whatisdelicious

Holy shit Will and Patrick were so goddamn annoying in this.

Will micromanaging every single action (with a lot of wrong information) down to "now take your shield down, now put it up, now take it down, go left, go right" was super annoying, as was Patrick's condescending attitude about how Ryan was getting "grumpy" (of course he was grumpy--he had three people yelling at him while he's trying to learn the game) and talking about Ryan in the third-person like he's not even there or he's a child or something. Just let him play. He looked so annoyed.

I wish it wasn't too late to have a Vinny and Ryan playthrough. Vinny will give too much advice sometimes here but at least he knows when Ryan's just having fun and can laugh along with him. I miss Ryan's laugh. Fuck.

Edited by Dasdude

Oh my god, Jeffs voice at the end... holy shit that is great.

Posted by Noblenerf

Really entertaining video.

Skylanders... is a beautiful thing.

Posted by Keichan

Will Smith making hot Banjo-Kazooie references.