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Good luck!

Posted by RedHatDrew

For the past couple of years, I've been kicking around some game ideas... Now I want to try to make some happen.

I've had some odd aversion towards programming; I don't know why, but it may be related to my own attention span. Or lack thereof.

SO! I've decided to force myself to learn python. Not an ideal language for games, from what I gather, but it's a start. I was inspired by this story I found while searching the Interwebs for "how to program a game" or something similarly amateurish. Then, I decided to post something about it here, for people to glance at half-heartedly, or so that they could ridicule me into either shitting or getting off the proverbial pot.

Either way, I'll probably be side-tracked by something else in the next day or two, and won't post to this blog for another several months.



p.s. I'll lose the quotations around "Dev" once I've got something to show for it.