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Posted by Jeff

Back in the old days, live streaming video of people playing video games sounded like madness. It didn't make any sense. And, when it did happen, it certainly didn't happen for 12 hours straight. One man, one reviewer, one Greg Kasavin decided that maybe the best way to get some information out to the people about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion would be to let the world watch as he began his review process. With a game as long as Oblivion was, the first 12 hours is kind of barely scratching the surface, so I don't know that it even really "spoiled" anything in the traditional sense.

I think the rest of us thought he was crazy. 12 hours? With one game? Live on the Internet? Forget it. "It'll never work," we said. Yet here we are, five years later, with a fancy new site largely built around the idea of posting hours and hours of game coverage. He was right. We were wrong. It was a pretty awesome happening. People are interested in watching other people play video games on the Internet. Seems so obvious these days, doesn't it?

That's why this week's live event feels momentous. Because we'll have Greg Kasavin, now of Supergiant Games, coming in to share his first 12 hours of Skyrim with the world. To make sure that we aren't sullying his time--mostly because I've already played more than 12 hours of the game and Brad's review will have posted by then--we're essentially going to lock Greg away and let him do his thing. Will he join the Dark Brotherhood? How many dragons will he fight? How many shouts will he find? Hmm... maybe we should start some kind of betting pool. Either way, I'll be hanging out in our chat room during the stream, so let's posse up and watch Greg's adventure, cool?

Join us at 8AM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday for Skyrim. Or, if you're feeling saucy (and hate sleep), our own Dave Snider is going to kick off the live festivities with a pre-Skyrim stream starting at midnight PST on Wednesday nigh (or Thursday morning, depending on how you want to look at it)t. Will he play Morrowind? Oblivion, perhaps? Come back to the site tomorrow night and find out!

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Yes! I can't wait to see this. Too bad I'll be at work for most of it.

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god dammit paul.....

Posted by Thundermunch

I love greg its going to be awesome!

Posted by Burritoad

Let's do this

Posted by lockwoodx

My body is ready.

Posted by FunkyS

I'll be there!

Posted by Cyrisaurus

I kinda wish it was Vinny playing.

12 hours of Vinny. Oh my god.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Can't wait.

Posted by rjayb89

I'll only be there if Greg is there.

Posted by Sergotron

That's not quick at all!

Posted by Hitchenson

If Dave plays Morrowind, I'll watch that for sure.

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Posted by freakin9

That may have worked, but THIS will never work.

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Posted by MackGyver

Holy shit it's Greg Kasavin! This show just got 1000 times better!

Posted by Deaditelord

Dang it, why couldn't it have been Friday when I actually don't have to work? Hope they make the entire 12 hours and Dave's mini-marathon available later to watch.

Posted by mak_wikus

Make sure to avoid any story related stuff, so you don't spoil it for everyone. Please!

Posted by Poost

Watching Greg play Oblivion was one of my favorite things to come out of Gamespot. I can't wait to do it all over again.

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I am excite.

EDIT: It is mildly weird how you guys usually skirt around any mention of where you did all this video stuff previously, i.e. GameSpot. Just sayin'. Here's a link to some clips from that marathon.

Posted by C0V3RT

Skyrim scrub league... think about it...

Posted by Dany

@mak_wikus said:

Make sure to avoid any story related stuff, so you don't spoil it for everyone. Please!

uhm...good luck with that.

Posted by Clonedzero

ill probably skip this as awesome as it sounds. i dont want the game to be spoiled for me lol.

maybe later if its archived as normal content.

Posted by Soffish

Dave Snider, Greg Kasivin, and the Elder Scrolls...what more could you ask for?

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I don't think Dave has any option but to play Morrowind.

Posted by Chief71888

I really hope this all gets archived. I'm going to wait until I play about 12 hours of skyrim before I watch but I am really looking forward to this.

Posted by heavyplay

I won't watch it live because I want to go through all of that stuff by myself, but I hope it gets archived so I can watch it on a rainy day.

Posted by borgmaster

dave should find a way to live stream some Elder Scrolls: Arena for his pre-show.

Posted by GlenTennis

More like a "long look."

You're welcome, Giant Bomb, you can have that one for free.

Posted by caska

Daggerfall with Vindave?

Posted by Jayross


Posted by Hameyadea

Greg playing 12 hours straight and the warm-up show is being hosted by Snide!? I'm calling work telling 'em I'm sick!

Posted by procrasturbate

will watch.

Posted by Phished0ne

@GlenTennis said:

More like a "long look."

thats what she said..?

Posted by Sunspots

I'm working nights shifts all week so I will have to watch the archive video. :(

Posted by Mars_Cleric

@warxsnake said:


I was just about to say hopefully the fire alarm doesn't go off like last time

Posted by LiK

Welcome back Greg.

Posted by Phished0ne

Question! the skyrim stream is for everyone right? what about the preshow?

Posted by clumsyninja1

Gregrim, here we come!!!

Posted by Whiskeyjack

Stupid job always getting in the way of live giant bomb shenanigans..

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Posted by kollay

Shoutouts to Psych and A&P exams on the same damn week.


Posted by Korwin

Man, if Dave plays Morrowind before Greg gets his Skyrim on that would be one heck of a stream.

Also reading back that sentence makes me realize how bizzare the internet is/sounds.

Posted by saiyansnake

The dragons are gonna make the fire alarms go off again like the last time!

Posted by CL60

@Jeff: Is the thing Dave is doing subscriber only or free for everybody?

Posted by NinjaCommando


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Super duper happy that I don't work Thursday. :D It's gonna be amazing. :D

Posted by hsvlad

I remember watching Greg's Oblivion marathon back then. I stay up all night and then had the most life threatening driving lesson ever the next day!

Posted by Keen_12

Could not be more excited.

Play an orc with a hammer again!

Posted by FoxMulder

haha wow I remember when Greg did the Oblivion one at Gamespot. I remember it got cut off a bit early because of a fire alarm or something like that!