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Posted by Slither_Maggot

Having played some of the other titles in the T.T. franchise I was extremely stoked when I snagged my copy of L.S.W III and knowing it was based on the Clone Wars animated series had me walking a bit in the dark but overall I was quite optimistic. I knew it was going to be big switch going into the story but after just a short time and while trying to remain open-minded to the experience I found the game's experience rather souring.

Graphically the game is extremely impressive for a LEGO game and I was very happy with the feel but I just felt like the game tries to go to in-depth without having much "meat" to go off of. I've had the game for 2 months and am still having to push myself just to even contemplate picking up the controller and beating it just to complete the experience but... I just don't know. I thoroughly wanted to enjoy this game and it just bothers me that I'm finding myself not doing just that. Any other people had a similar experience or even the complete opposite and had a great time with it? Am I just approaching this game all wrong?

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I had this with Fallout New Vegas.

I put it down for a few months having never beaten it.

When I picked it up again and made a new character I played through the whole game and thoroughly enjoyed it (I even DL'ed the DLC and played all of it)

I haven't played any of the Lego games though, so I have not had this experience specifically.

Sorry :(

Posted by Slither_Maggot

Well even without playing the same franchise it's good to know someone knows what I'm talking about. I must say though, one of my roommates let me borrow his copy of FALLOUT 3 and after starting I quickly kind of lost interest do to the vastness of the game. My brother had the same experience with F3 and he gave NEW VEGAS a shot anyway and said the experience was completely different and he would recommend NEW VEGAS and -NOT- Fallout 3. Would you say the same? Cause' I've thought about maybe... -MAYBE- giving NEW VEGAS a shot.

Posted by H8RAID

I am playing SW3 now, it's entertaining. Story is meh but the game is solid. As for New Vegas - that's a must have title, it's amazing!

Posted by TentPole

Loved it.