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Posted by Caralad

Japan never changes.

Posted by TatsurouXIII

I think sexism is more of a funny thing than an actual problem nowadays.. you know what's a problem? Bitches not bringing the beer.

Posted by PandaShake

fun times were had

Posted by betterboulder

Thank God and Giant Bomb for laughter

Posted by Yamibito

Oh god when you die it sounds like loco roco.

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oh god, character select screen...so wrong... lol

EDIT: Slow fade to black at the end with the inappropriate touching had me dying, great touch guys lol

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Posted by Sarumarine

@AmericanNinja said:

"Hey Vinny. Which one is your favorite?"

Posted by MikkaQ

I miss the days where shooters were about spaceships and you had a choice between shot and laser. Why are they all about creepy anime girls now?

Then again, that did kinda creep into some of the classic Cave shmups.

Posted by NowSayPillow

Probably one of the funniest Quick Looks I've seen yet. :D

Posted by Googly

If only this was a Parodius compilation.

Posted by MackGyver

@Anwar said:

Jeff, Vinny and weird Japanese games, the best combination for an amazing Quick Look.

This, this, and this.

Posted by mabber36

"you can always tell by the hands"

classic vinny

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Posted by lockwoodx

Japan, oh you! We're glad somebody still goes there. :)

Posted by nERVEcenter


I mean...why? Who would go to a store and ask for this. Who is legitimizing the production of titles like this. Who.

Posted by kerse

@AmericanNinja said:

Posted by shamroll

This makes me depressed about so many things. Why does this exist in the same medium as Skyrim. It makes me embarrassed to play video games and watch anime.

With that said the quick look was really funny to watch.

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Bit Harsh on the Dreamcast, the backdrop looks more like (an ugly) PS1 game run through some filters.

Also, my god, framerate.

Posted by MiniPato

Are those orange bits on their costumes intentionally placed to make it look like their nipples are showing?

Posted by RobertOrri

Man, the wikipedia article on this game is just great:

The Story was a Twisted in War by returning trough Time and Space in the World of Gradius but the Bacteraian Organization [G] was replace into Earth as Invaders and it was a Chronological into Gradius 2 era of Dr. Venom's previous war.

Please, nobody change this. I like having it so nonsensical, fits the rest of the game.

Posted by Pop

wtf Konami I thought you were different!!

Posted by probablytuna


Posted by jonnyboy

Oh, Hi Japan.

Posted by paulunga

The worst parts of Japanese "culture" stuffed into one game, great!

Posted by shintsurugi

Jeff, I love that you accept no boundaries in your Quick Looks. Keep doing... whatever it is that you do.

PS: I got your back if your PO asks questions!

Posted by devil_spawn666

Before I clicked play I was thinking to myself, 'Why isn't this a youtube video?'

After watching, I now know why.


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This weird "I enjoy watching girls blush and look embarrassed and cover themselves" subculture is really yucking me out.

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

"Thats a lot of double sided tape" aahahahaha

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Sadly not shocking the game would use the boobs angle to get ppl to notice this title. Least actual good games about anime chicks as mechs like Gadget Trial exist. And no I'm not kidding.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

GOTY right there! Such a kawaii morning

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I would buy this game based on the intro just alone lol = )

Posted by charlie_victor_bravo

Now, that was a funny quick look.

Posted by Scalec

Clearly the more cleavage a lady shows the stronger she is.

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I luv it when they talk in a furry language, makes me so horny..expecially with reverb

Don't you Judge Me!!!!!

Really,..on a disk?..and Vinny's patience runs out.

Posted by freakin9

I think it's about time to do the natural transition into reviewing adult flash games. As Jeff makes the complete transition into dying inside.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

This looks like a pretty bad Gradius game.

Posted by Vinyl

What the actual fucking fuck.

Posted by Gyoru


Posted by MeatSim

This doesn't even surprise me anymore Japan.

Edited by Korolev

Yikes. Do the Japanese really want the world to think that this sort of stuff is what they are all about? Japan has a complex (and not very nice at times) history and culture. I am not one to yearn for the days in which a "God-Emperor" ruled over peasants and issued fascist laws, and I am certainly not that big a fan of the "old" Japanese culture, in which parents had total control over their child's lives and there was little freedom of expression....

Yet when I see this sort of stuff, I get the impression that Japan is going off the deep end. They've become seriously weird over the past 10 to 15 years. There are entire groups of children who now refuse to go outside their room or speak to anyone for years and it's.... tolerated?

I'm not saying that all of Japan is crazy - it's still one of the safest places in the world (although not entirely safe), a very developed nation, and a world leader in electronics, glassware, laboratory and medical equipment and many scientific disciplines. In many ways it's still more sane than a lot of other countries.

Still.... when stuff like this is starting to get popular, when you've got people marrying cartoon characters, and when you've young girls who dress up like French Maids routinely, when they are not french and not maids, it's the sign that something in Japan's psyche is starting to crack, and crack badly.

Of course, there's rampant sexualization and insanity in the West as well. To think I'd see the day where brazen criminals are OPENLY celebrated as celebrities.... well, it came as quite a shock to me. It's just that I used to think the Japanese would continue being the stoic, polite people they became after WWII, that they would continue to nurture the new national character that built a war-ravaged nation into what is now the third-largest economy in the world. And now I see them beginning to go off the deep end like so many other nations. Call me an old fuss-pot if you must (I'm only 24 years old), but this sort of stuff is just REALLY WEIRD to me, and to a lot of Japanese folks that I've talked to in the university. Many of them have decided to move from Japan precisely because it's starting to get seriously strange. I'm just not used to seeing sexualized cartoon characters. Something about the entire concept seriously disturbs me. I was tolerant of Anime before, and I still read Manga from time to time, but I'm finding myself increasingly disturbed and worried about the blatant sexual power fantasies that many anime and manga series are starting to become. It freaks me out. Seriously.

At least they still take Science and Mathematics seriously. I suppose I can be grateful for that.

Posted by ssj4raditz

"That's a lot of double-sided tape."

Posted by GalacticBrofist

Creeper cam number two!

Posted by Konanda

Ah ha ha ha ha, oh wow. That last bit with the cursor on the girls was hilarious and creepy. The "Ah it's alright" at the end made me chuckle as well.

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Posted by Shaka999

no matter what i do, i'm never going to understand anime. at all.

Also, Jeff's "TWINS" gave me a good chuckle.

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<Insert stupid semi-inteligent almost fun joke here>

Posted by buhssuht

did i just watch hentai??

Posted by Saryy42

... god damnit