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Posted by Astrofunk
@Gremmel: uhhh...cool.
Posted by melodiousj

That metal gear has tentacles.

Just pointing that out.

Posted by JackSukeru

@PrivateIronTFU said:

@RockmanBionics said:

@PrivateIronTFU said:

Just download the Rayman Origins demo if you want a good Gradius rip-off level.

All this Quick Look does is reaffirm my belief that everything anime is terrible.

And that's really the worst part of this.

It's definitely not the worst part. Everything about this game looks pretty terrible, though.


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I'm sticking with Jamestown. Cooler, cheaper and no lolicon.

Posted by Vexxan

Man, this game's the worst. Looks horrible. 

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I had to do a triple check on that thumbnail.

Posted by Animasta

great quick look until the end there, it was both creepy and insulting

Posted by Dalkalopagus

Anime is for jerks, but this QL is excellent.

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That thumbnail made this look real interesting for a moment, I thought I had finally found a place on the internet that had naked cartoon characters. Damn, so close.

EDIT: That was just dirty. So dirty.

EDIT2: This is in fact a sequel to Gradius, in some weird way.

Posted by DG991

And that kids, is why Anime is for jerks.

Posted by soupbones

Jeff straight up cyber raped those girls.

Posted by Th3_James

Ugh......had to plug in headphones, I didn't want this to come out of my surround sound.

Posted by masterpaperlink

@Gremmel: Religious people are some of the only ones who strongly uphold those "great set of values".

Posted by CptBedlam

@Animasta said:

great quick look until the end there, it was both creepy and insulting

What are you talking about? The end bit was by far the best part of the QL. %)

Posted by steelknight2000

I am Herman Cain and I support this game!

Posted by JayCee

Thanks Japan!

Posted by Cogzwell

I think I am now 25% more xenophobic...

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Just at the first couple of seconds of the video and I'm laughing my ass off already. This is great.  
Edit: Jeff's Snake impression is really good. 

Posted by MrBubbles

i love quick looks like this they're always hilarious. keep it up giant bomb!

Posted by Getz

@Fontan: I've already got the quest, I just didn't have any words.

Posted by Beforet

So, having watched like 3 minutes, this is just soulless. I like tits, and I like anime tits, but this just has no heart in it. This wasn't even made by a pervert, who can show at least a little creativity in stuff like this. No, this game was clearly made by a group of suits who were like "okay, we need to sell this game, someone bring up the fetish chart." Just looking at the character select is just looking at a series of cliches. We as a society of perverts need to be more discerning in our smut!

Posted by Pyrgz

Man, it's 2011. They should have at least four different clickable bits on the anime girls! Face, left boob, thigh, navel. 4 out of 5 stars

Posted by Scribbly

Thanks Japan. You've brought out Creeper Jeff again.

Posted by smiddy


Posted by Draxyle

They really might as well just go full on beach volleyball at this point. I don't think anyone played Gradius and thought, "You know what this game needs? half-naked children".

I'd like to condemn them for it but.. eh, the US is no innocent here. We greatly encourage and glorify violence and war to the highest degree as much as they glorify sex and perversion. Which is worse is hard to say. As long as people don't develop a lifestyle around what they play, and in the end that's up to the individual.

Really hilarious commentary though. As awkward and uncomfortable as I had expected it would be.

Posted by Kaidorin

Would have been better if they aimed for an AO rating.

Posted by melodiousj

@Linkster7 said:

I thought I had finally found a place on the internet that had naked cartoon characters.

Erm... yeah... *ahem*

Not quite sure how to say this, but, uh... I think maybe you just need to look a little harder you might find, um, that is to say that, there are locations that I've been made aware of... eh, that were suggested in an unsolicited manner and not actively sought... uh... not that *ahem* there's anything wrong with... I mean... to each their own... just that I happen to know... for... for reasons we need not get into here that the... uh... the the thing you are looking for is... maybe... perhaps... uh... not very hard to find.

What!? Who said that!? I gotta go!

Posted by Meowshi

@Fontan said:

I love how the first series of comments is just one word trying desperately to get the first one.


Posted by Shtinky

I love me some anime girls, but the gameplay looks crappy :P I was hoping it would at least be as good as Deathsmiles (which I enjoyed playing in local co-op)

Posted by Captain_Felafel

I'm pretty sure this means we all have to go knock on doors now, right?

Posted by DeBurgo

I'm an incredible gradius fan but I think buying this game may break me. It looks even shittier than I thought it was going to be.

Posted by sawtooth

Vinny should do more voice work, especially for anime characters in games.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove
@paulunga said:

The worst parts of Japanese "culture" stuffed into one game, great!

True true.
Posted by MuddyDonut

This is fantastic

Posted by Sup

I think 11:45 said it all

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I'm no anime fanatic, but it's shit like this that turns people off from the entire medium.

Posted by Darkside_Hero

Reviewer sucks, he didn't even try to explore the other buttons.

Posted by AngelN7

Here we go.

Posted by Mumrik

How could they NOT choose the girl with the largest tits? I mean, isn't that the whole point in this game.

Jeff and Vinny trying to be so PC when they themselves chose to take a look at this embarrassing game :D

Posted by Agent47

And this is why I think "Anime is for jerks" is still relevant.

Posted by Dagbiker

@Darkside_Hero said:

Reviewer sucks, he didn't even try to explore the other buttons.

its not a review

Posted by kuran_delete

We miss the old Konami.. this looks like a poor effort. :(

Posted by Neezie

Do these girls' parents know what they are doing after school?

Posted by 014

I don't think I'll ever understand why it's acceptable to see the bulge of boobies, the part that is different than men, but it's unacceptable to see the nipples, the part that men share. How is this logical? My moral stance is the whole boob needs to be covered up, despite my inclination to seek full nudity.

Posted by Shtinky

@Mumrik said:

Jeff and Vinny trying to be so PC when they themselves chose to take a look at this embarrassing game :D

I call BS on both of them, Jeff even says "ah it's alright!" at the end, as he clicks on the girl, he wouldn't make such a joke if he felt so serious about the issue. Also, Chie. :)

Posted by Zaxex

Oh Japan. The creepy uncle of game development.

Posted by shodan2020

I've been waiting for ages for this to come out. Looks good to me! :)

Posted by GideonAmos

This QL has convinced me. I'm going to buy ten copies of the collector edition and touch those girls seperately in ten different monitors.

Posted by AlKusanagi

I just saw that one of the characters is a Belmont. Otomedius is canonical with Castlevania, bitches!!!

Posted by MisterMouse