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Posted by CornBREDX

the only issues that bugged me (only a little honestly) were getting stuck and the game freezing. Both are so rare though it hasn't been a big deal and if you get stuck fast traveling always fixes it... so meh... ya I look past the issues 'cus the game is so engaging you don't generally notice unless you look for those problems.

Other issues are just awesome (a sabre cat flying into the air for instance when hit by a giant) so I don't see why that needs to be fixed haha

Posted by rudyarr

30 seconds after the Skyrim Title Screen came on when you first start the game it froze on me. I actually smiled..laughed and said "Oh Bethesda" Game is janky in a few spots but it is an open world game with lots of shit going on. It is also Awesome :)

Posted by tourgen

I've put well over 20 hours in so far and found only 1 kind of weird scripting glitch, and it didn't even affect the game really.  Now say Alpha Protocol or Gears of War 3.  Both those games broke so bad I had to restart chapters or delete saves.  So yeah, we might cut Bethesda some slack but given the scope and amount of Game You Get, they are head and shoulders above the competition.

Posted by brownsfantb

I've put in about 12 hours so far and haven't had any issues with bugs or anything, other than a dragon attacking what appeared to be an empty field and completely ignoring me. Which I'm not going to complain about, lol. I did have to download a 4 MB patch last night. Anybody know what that did?

Edited by ZebN

On the 360 I have only really encountered one bug, when I talk to an NPC (usually when completing a quest) I will have the dialogue options but it won't let me actually select an option.  I usually back out of the dialogue menu and wait a few seconds and try again and then it works fine.  I avoided the texture bug by simply not installing, the extra load times are painful but not game breaking. 
I'm roughly 15 hours in.

Posted by Tarsier

@Brian333 said:

I have encountered a bug where every single guard, in every town wants to kill me. I can't pay a fine. I can't go to jail. I can only die every time I enter a town. I tried going back about twenty saves, when it used to work fine, and they still kill me. Oh well. I have absolutely no problem starting over the game is so freaking good (unless of course someone knows how to fix it. Please).

are you a vampire

Posted by Galiant

45 hours on PS3, no bugs. I'm pretty happy about that.

Posted by aGuyNamedJustin

What texture issue?

Posted by Brian333

I have encountered a bug where every single guard, in every town wants to kill me. I can't pay a fine. I can't go to jail. I can only die every time I enter a town. I tried going back about twenty saves, when it used to work fine, and they still kill me. Oh well. I have absolutely no problem starting over the game is so freaking good (unless of course someone knows how to fix it. Please).

Posted by Tim_the_Corsair

I had a Draugr bug out and start flying around the barrow near the first town like a skeletal Superman, otherwise no issues in my limited playing time.

...and that bug was fucking hilarious.

Posted by Hitchenson

80 hours so far... unemployment sure does have its perks.

Posted by Canteu

@Berkie: the first link has a list of changes

Posted by Humanity

It is good to know that when doing the Rage Quicklook we got to hear a ton of complaining about texture pop-in, but with Skyrim they were really looking forward to that game so hey, not a big issue. Game froze a few times, not a big issue. Flashing yellow screen - listen you get to kill dragons ok?!

Posted by Warchief

please take this time to patch in cloud saves for the PC.

Posted by Ahysates

You guys do realize that this is an Xbox only problem? Why are you telling us about your PC experiences? Get outa here.

Posted by IceColdGamer

5 Hours in and the only bug I've had so far were some PIllars in the Black Temple wouldn't spin when I needed to match them up. Leaving the temple, and returning fixed this minor glitch. Although I spent 25 minutes trying to solve an unsolvable puzzle because of it. Love this game. Textures be damned.

Posted by MideonNViscera

This is retarded. Either have shitty graphics, or unbearable load times. It's one thing when there's a glitch in a quest or whatever that they could have missed. How the fuck did they miss shitty graphics? Was it the day one patch that caused it?

Posted by GunslingerPanda

Got the game today and put ten hours into it. Had the unfortunate bug with the flashing yellow screen, but a quick google told me how to fix that. Otherwise, I'm just getting a few textures going invisible which is weird but not something that bothers me because yo, this game is sick.

Posted by Berkie

@Canteu: Can you break it down for me without making me wade through all of the information that comes up from that search? I tried looking it up and I can't find specifics. Maybe they're just basic updates for simple problems? That's why I asked "Anyone here know?"

Posted by SeanFoster

The only bug I've encountered so far is that my character doesn't have a face. It's really creepy.

Posted by redbliss

I just hope they dont patch the giant kills

Posted by Canteu

@Berkie: here, let me google that for you


Posted by TzarStefan

48hours and 800 saves, playing it on the PC. Only one bug so far cant become thane in riften...

Posted by Berkie

So on 360 there's been like three or so updates, what are those supposed to fix? Anyone here know?

Posted by Scodiac

I'm enjoying the hell out of Skyrim but, hey, I'll be happy to see the patch come eventually.

Skyrim still has some breathtaking visuals without it and I haven't been this engaged in a game for quite a while. So, Bethesda did a hell of good job making it in my book.

I haven't personally experienced any bugs other than this texture issue. I've seen the GB video review though so I know they exist but Bethesda is being honest and up front about the quirks and are working to address them so that's cool.

Posted by phrosnite

Release a few patches and I will buy the game.

Edited by spazmaster666

I'm not sure if it's fixable but the game seems to have significant framerate drops down to 30-40 FPS only in certain situations (mainly when inside particular cities). Otherwise I get 60 FPS. Not a big problem really but it is slightly jarring when the framerate suddenly drops by 20 when there really isn't a change in GPU usage.

I also played a few hours of the 360 version and it's the first game in a long time that I haven't installed to the hard drive. I had forgotten how loud the non-slim 360's DVD drive was. <_<

Posted by steelknight2000

My game on the PC has crashed to desktop a few times and I've gotten one blue screen. It's infrequent but definitely a few stability issues there.

Posted by Forkstik

Works just fine on my slim Xbox 360, i tried installing it and the textures do look fairly bad i also ran in to some strange bugs in the very beginning of the game when i had it installed. When i uninstalled it, everything looked great and the bugs i experienced at the start of the game were gone. Even after playing Skyrim for 25+ hours i have not experienced any game crashes or game ruining bugs. But if they do fix the install problem on 360, i would certainly appreciate it!

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Any word on more intelligent use of kb/m controls or are mods the saviors again?

Posted by Viking_Funeral

@sofacitysweetheart said:

Doesn't matter if it's not working properly on release... game of teh year :/

Yep, game of teh year.

I've had random CTD, but while annoying, I'm back playing in under 20 seconds because I just can't stop. This game is astounding. The whole Night To Remember quest is one of the coolest quests I've had in any video game, and I have taken over 380 screenshots to use as wallpaper. (I'll probably pare that down).

Posted by Deathpooky

Pretty sure I'm dealing with the low texture issue, but also pretty sure I don't care one bit.

Edited by MeatSim

I have had the framerate drop in a couple spots and a couple of times had NPC's teleport to to a different part of the room they were in. Other then that the games been great.

Posted by Raios

The only significant issue I've had is with the shadows in the game. I have a pretty high end PC that should run it maxed out, but with shadows at the highest setting I see some significant fps drops in indoor and intricately lit areas. I bump the shadows down one level, however, and the fps never drops. Additionally, no matter what setting I have it on the shadows look really jagged and do some weird flickering stuff.

Posted by MrKlorox

In other words, a Bethesda game came out and it's business as usual.

Posted by Afroman269

If there are some noticeable performance improvements over on the PC side then I'll switch back to my PC copy. For now I'm going with the 360.

Posted by Rhodesyuk71

the engine is well better than oblivion iam running this game all settings high and ultra decals 1920x1080 on a core2duo e6600 2.4 ghz

4gb ddr2

nvidia gts 250 ib oc

win vista and it runs great better than oblivion

Posted by mattdc92

I want to marry Lydia and put weapons on weapon shelf in Whiterun’s house. Just fix those and I’ll be good

Posted by vizionblind

Works fine here

Posted by Mordi

I wouldn't call the texture glitch serious at all.

Posted by Evilsbane

The Only issue I have had is 2 of the random close to desktop with no message of any kind and thanks to the Autosave system never caused me any distress and the game loads so damn fast!

Posted by Th3_James

30 hours on PC, around 500 saves. Not one problem yet.

Posted by Nightriff

Bethesda gets a pass because their games are actually well made and engrossing and you can spend literally 100's of hours in their games, now when a game has similar issues that only takes 8 hours to beat that company doesn't deserve any slack AT ALL, I'm talking to you id software

Posted by KillyDarko

I've found no bugs or crashes whatsoever so far :)

Posted by endaround
Edited by Ujio

So far in my relatively short play time I've only noticed a few quirks:

  • I'll be walking along and see random objects (like a skull for example) in the game world hovering in mid-air
  • Framerate issues/stuttering/minor freezing
  • "Jiggling" physics for the first dragon I killed. By jiggling I mean I'll be walking out where I killed it and all of a sudden its skeletal remains will pop-in to view and start this weird gyration. It kinda looks like it has Parkinsons disease or something.
  • Pop-in textures

And that's it...so far o.O Note: I'm playing the PS3 version.

Posted by Ulfghuld

I have played for over 15 hours with not a single bug or glitch on the 360. Maybe I am just lucky?

Posted by Delta_Ass

Just as a warning to anybody else who's using Block, don't get the Blocking perk "Quick Reflexes." It slows down time when an enemy power attacks, but there's a bug where sometimes the slo mo effect stays after the attack ends, unless you go through a loading screen. It really sucks, and there's no way to respec.

Posted by Make_Me_Mad

This game has seriously turned to shit very fast. Can't finish half the quests in Solitude because, hey, half of Solitude decided not to load right today, and now it's a giant fucking grey and black blob! Fantastic.

Posted by lockwoodx

This is how I feel playing a Bethesda game without patches.