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Posted by AwesomeAquaman

I love playing with my Wii.

Posted by Brenderous

Haaaa.. oh, Will.

Posted by Nymphonomicon

Congratulations Nintendo, you've invested countless resources into making Zelda look ugly and Link look like a girl. I hope you are proud of yourself...

Posted by digitaldiatribe

Came for the video review. Stayed for the Will Smith cum face.

Edited by tourgen

right, so text boxes, jaggies, washed out colors (no HDR floating point render buffer), mouse gestures, and lesbian love is a 4 star against all other modern games? I don't think so. maybe a 4 star cell phone game. maybe.

edit: actually going to coin a new phrase: The Nintendo Couch Mouse. = motion plus = mouse gestures = touch screen gestures

Posted by Kombat

I have never really enjoyed a Zelda game. I am just not a fan of long dungeons and puzzles, which I am frankly not intelligent enough to figure out. But I have a lot of respect for the series and it's fantastic to hear that this entry is doing something cool for the series. I hope all of the fans out there have a lot of fun with it.

Posted by IshimuraD

Great review and great use of Will Smith's face.

Posted by Beomoose

@Harkat said:

Will's cum face, brilliant. I feel proud to have contributed to that.

I applauded when I saw that ending.

Posted by Dixavd

I question this review. Giving this a 4/5 because of the small problems you bring out and yet many other titles have gotton 5/5 this year with a lot more problems, - game-breaking ones at that. I would like to see some consistency on this website, as the review itself is ok, relative to others it looks like a slap in the face to the title even though Patrick brought up some of the best parts of this game.

Especially since the review score makes it seem like the upgrading and backtracking are much worse than they really are - most of the upgrades would have been unlocked by simply playing the game and finding treasures throughout, while not needing them to complete the game anyway. Even the point that it seems liek they would be parts in previous games they would give to you I question. In no other Zelda game has the franchise allowed for previous items to still get the feeling of being new or getting useful all the way through the game.

It raised good points, but these inconsistencies make this review seem a lot harsher than Patrick truly meant it which is a huge shame.

*Also to anyone against the art style: it is totally your personal opnion, but know that this style has allowed them to create one of the best Narratives in any Zelda titles, and truly flesh out Link as a character making his expression (and others) seem natural and match his iconic voice-bits (not speaking, just the sounds that have been their since Ocarina of Time). Hate on it all you want, but you will be pleasently surprised if you play it - and towards the end like the characters way more than in any previous zelda game.*

Posted by GunnBjorn

And now I want me Quick Look...!
Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

shitty video quality is shitty =/

Edited by avidwriter

See that's the thing though. Small problems in game that is good but not great can warrent a 4/5. Problems in a game like Syrim even large one can still be outdone by the game being great/amazing. You also have to realize this is thew review of a game from 1 person. Someone else might have given it a 5/5 based on their personal opinions.

See, this is what 99.99% of games forget I think. Reviews are almost always done by 1 person, not a website or company. If you don't like the review you just don't have the same opinion as that person.

Get over it.

EDIT : Also, anyone else think the lips look weird? Especially on Link. Not a big deal but just kinda stuck out to me. Graphics are fine, geez not every game needs to super modern realistic.

Edited by MisterMouse

more video reviews... and PATRICK! The commentary doesn't seem to flow as well though.

Posted by LiquidSwords

@MisterMouse said:

more video reviews... and PATRICK! The commentary doesn't seem to flow as well though.

He's only 15, give him a couple tries.

Posted by leejunfan83

@SoothsayerGB: suck a dick you fucking hater

Posted by outerabiz


Sure his written review is fine, but this video is dead. With those chosen video clips and game sounds. This just makes me think your being passive aggressive about hating this title. I also sense some deep seeded resentment towards Wii as a whole.

Ah but of course! 4/5 on the giantbomb review scale equals hating the game. It's right there in front of you if you just read between the lines, can't believe they had me fooled for so long...

Posted by olizor

Sounds like a fair review. I would have added an extra star for the "Zelda feel". You know, the feeling that this piece of software has been lovingly crafted by people with incredible talent.

Posted by BitterAlmond

Yeah, Patrick!

Posted by caryrabbit

I can stand the new crappy 360p video, but the audio is horrible.

Posted by edeo

Been playing this on a big screen and I have to say I'm not forgetting that these are SD-level visuals. Jaggies galore.

Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN

i really don't understand why they're not uploading 480p video to youtube. I understand that before the switch we were already running 360p, but youtube compression is god damn awful.

BTW: Tested guys are uploading 480p now, maybe it's in the works for GB?

Edited by jasondesante

to say "it should have come out 5 years earlier, it would have made more skeptics believers" is the dumbest thing to say as a pro game reviewer and it shows that Patrick likes playing with time in his mind.

If Half Life 2 came out 5 years earlier than it did, it would also have had a bigger impact

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

@jasondesante said:

you more on.

Oh, bitter irony.

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It is mostly fan fodder i.m.o . And that's okay .....

What i gather from the reviews it's a decent Zelda , but over hyped like COD and alike . As far as zelda's concerned it is too little , too late in my book . It shows no real improvement on gameplay or tech and it has been far too long comming for what they've done with the game . The reason that combat now actually works is sort of a no brainer to me ..... and about ff 'in time !

Yes , i am not a fan off the WII motion controls or the WII in general .

Okay , start the hate ...... NOW !!!

Posted by Pirateogta

Zelda looks very homely this time around.

Posted by brink87

To keep my post short I'll say The Legend of Zelda was one of the earliest and most inspirational games I've ever played. It has to be one of the most solid series in gaming history. Full of color, life, and happiness. I'll never forget how much I truely love the series after so many years I don't play as often but it never ceases to catch my eye of a new Zelda game. My favorite Zelda games were the original for NES, A Link to the Past for SNES, Link's Awakening for the Gameboy and Ocarina of Time for the N64. After watching your review on this new Zelda I can say I would add Skyward Sword to the list (Although I haven't heard any of the soundtrack). Zelda has always been dreamy and it really shows in this game I like what I see.

Posted by STE89

Awesome review Patrick!

Posted by aquaviva

Kiss her... Goddammit link, all these years havent thougend you up one bit.... JEZ

Posted by oliver

loook nice

Posted by Blaster101

Zelda Sure has come a long way from the NES ;) Nice to see it.

Posted by jasonkorrey

I find the The Legend of Zelda is very interesting for me. Can any one suggest me where I can bought this game. It made me totally awesome.

Posted by EleFlameMax

Ahwell, that's life.

Posted by csl316

I randomly turned this on to see when the last video review was, and I'm still impressed by how well Patrick presented this.

Posted by Vrikk

Why are there not more video reviews?

Posted by fildznuts

Why no more video reviews??

Posted by Gerhabio

I miss video reviews...

It has been a whole year, guys!

Posted by JasonLeeson

One year on - RIP Giant Bomb video reviews :(

Posted by illmatic19

Where were you when Giant Bomb posted it's last video review?

Posted by armaan8014

2 years without video reviews now

Edited by HanktheAwesome08

3 years.

Posted by Radar

wow, 3 years since the last video review? Guess they don't see any value in translating a editorial review into a video review.