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Posted by Rawrnosaurous

Have you guys noticed the increasingly depressing threads that are cropping up as of late, we used to get maybe one or two a month. Seriously, I've seen how many threads now closed because shit has gotten mad personal and depressing. Users posting about how much their life sucks and they hate it, how depressed they are, for fucks sake that thread that was just locked that was just about talking about yourselves. We had someone saying if things went south they were going to go on a murder rampage.

I don't like the Westboro Baptists as much as the next guy, probably more so because I had to deal with them picketing at a funeral of a classmate not too long ago. I still don't want to go on a rampage and kill the whole lot of them.

What I'm trying to say duders is, WTF be happy! You have Internet and enough disposable income to play video games, also Turkey day is coming up. FUCKING TURKEY!

Posted by McGhee


Posted by CaLe

I find it funny when people say threads are 'depressing'. Keep being funny, you.

Posted by ZimboDK

Well, I am happy. Just got a job (FUCK YES!!) after almost a year of unemployment, moved from the small town I used to live in to the city, and got 2 new friends in the last few months. Life is kinda awesome at the moment. Also, it'll soon be Christmas! WOOHOO!

Posted by Rawrnosaurous
Are you feeling sad? Before you make a thread, look at this picture for thirty minutes then go to sleep. Cause no one truly cares.