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Posted by Dany

Oh my god you people! There are interns in the video, if you can't fucking handle that, get the fuck out.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I love seeing people that aren't me being yelled at.

Posted by vhold

This game would be 5x better if it didn't have so many freaking menus all the time.

Posted by m0nk3y80y

"Are they going to go fuck that cow?" Best line of the year award winner.

Posted by Overwatch

@xite said:

Got it.

Oh jeez, poor rabbit :)

Posted by Yummylee

@kmg90 said:

tl;dr Having interns or guests in quicklooks is alright as long as they can actually play the game.

I am OK with Interns getting into do quicklooks but only if they can actually manage to play the f'n game.

I agree with Ryan (whether he was joking or not) how have you NOT played a kinect game before and are interning at a VIDEO GAME WEBSITE!? Its been out for a year now. I don't have one yet I still have played a few games in stores and at friends.

Quicklooks are supposed showcase the gameplay not clueless idiots who don't know how to play a kinect game.

I was genuinely interested in what this game was all about and looking forward to the quick look but this was far from being a informative quicklook much less (what I predicting to be a funny lol that rabbids games are known for)

While the controls of the menu do look a bit complex, Jeff and Ryan had no problems with navigating the menus before the interns joined the game.

tl;dr Wtf is this shit.

Half of the quick-looks on average on the site are of the staff heading into a game having zero knowledge of the game prior, or at the very least haven't even played the game. And, as another user said, the interns appeared to better navigate the menus than Jeff, and... it's a fucking Rabids party game... they shown exactly what was needed during their playtime.

Posted by RoyCampbell

Ah, shitting on interns and referring to one as "not a person".
So funny.

Posted by McBobbyFresh

This video was f'ing hilarious.

Posted by dropabombonit

Love how angry Ryan looked when punching

Posted by Cretaceous_Bob

I haven't played any Rabbid games, so maybe I've not been worn down on them, but goddamn watching Jeff smack the shit out of that Rabbid was pretty funny.

Posted by Ronald

I feel a bit creeped out watching Jeff "slap his rabbid."

Posted by prestonhedges

I like how you can try to choose an option in the menu and fail. It's like a controller where the buttons barely work. What garbage.

Posted by fox01313

Definitely adding this to the games to get (along with gunstringer & the disney adventure) when I get a kinect, looks fun.

Posted by AndrewBeardsley

Jeff's shirt is rad

Posted by gbrading
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@sofacitysweetheart said:

Intern video? Um, no thanks.

no kidding. If i have to deal with watching interns do a quick look on this site ever again.

im out of here. like i will seriously drop my membership.

interns on video, do not want.

edit: other than that, HILARIOUS VIDEO when jeff and ryan were beating up on that rabbid. almost made me want to buy this game

Posted by SpikedDeception

Yeah, gonna have to agree with everyone else. I suppose I can understand it's "all in good fun", and it was funny a long time ago... Whenever they yell at the interns and SOUND angry? I cringe. It's just hard to watch and not funny at all.

I love me some Giant Bomb, but the intern abuse, whatever the intention being, needs to chill a bit.

... Also, Steve is the best intern ever. Just saying. =P

Posted by Tsuchikage

Intern abuse, go!

I really enjoyed seeing Jeff beat the crap out of that poor, defenseless Rabbid. It's coming right for us!

Posted by gamermatt8

why the massive hating of interns guys? and sure maybe they took that joke to the point where it wasn't funny anymore but i highly doubt that they actually meant all the stuff they were saying to the interns. That hatred was for comedic purpose although yes it did go a bit too far.

Posted by I_smell

I think showing the camera input as their appartment at 03:00 is the best use of the kinect... ever

Posted by TwistedGamer

"are they gonna fuck that cow?" - Ryan

Posted by vizionblind

whats with beaing mean to the interns? chill guys...

Posted by Korwin

Jeff: It's lookin' at my junk, what do you think about it?

*Rabbid spins around in dazed amazement*

Edited by MeatSim

Animal and intern abuse has never been this hilarious.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Was grinning like a mofo when they were slapping the Rabbid around.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy


Posted by Quantical

Is this a game? Or art? Fucked if I know.

Posted by SithToast

Great job, Daniel

Posted by EchoHotel

"Jesus CHRIST, Perry!"

I love Quick Looks so much.

Posted by xxDrAiNxx

I have this game for kinect and seriously it isn't broken. Its really fun to play. In this quicklook they really didn't show off any of the mini games that are unique and then force the interns to play it which made me turn off the quick look. It doesn't seem like their kinect is setup right. I never had a problem with the menus in this game and it seems to be either them standing to close or its not calibrated correctly. Maybe they should just have 1 person do all the menus so its not as glitchy because most games only let 1 person work the menus anyway.

This was another poorly done quick look for probably one of the best kinect games this year...