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Posted by kalmis

Made my first purchase with Dotemu last week. They had a Kalypso sale going on and had some titles on sale that are not available on other platforms. Had an account with them earlier because of some free games they were giving out. Anyway currently the are the only place where you can get the Cultures games. Cultures is a German made real-time strategy/city building game not too different to Settlers. Remember playing good amount of the first game so bought this again. Backlog is not getting much shorter if I keep on buying new ones, but had to feed the urge. And ended up playing a bit different take on it. BC Kings that is.

Enough rambling for now. Here is list of games from few weeks that I am done with.

Battlefield 3

First service star acquired. Got this on the Support class. Started with the Recon class next, but got a terrible map fatigue. And have not touched this for more than a week now. This might be better game than BC2 mechanically, but that game sure had better maps. The tiny corridor map's don't feel like BF. The bigger maps are bit too barren on consoles. Anyway will probably stick to this. Especially when the new maps are released soon. Also probably will buy this for my brother for Christmas.

Dungeons of Dredmor

I wonder if anyone has actually finished this? Game has "only" ten levels so it should be achievable. Early floors are easy enough, but oh boy the difficulty spikes up. I made it to floor seven. Then the game became too difficulty. Even with Permadeath off and Easy difficulty level. Yes I am a wussy. Still, how is that for a balanced game? Why would I ever want to play with permadeath. And/or with normal difficulty level if I can't past level 7 on easy?!?! Of course you can say I am not good at it. Although I had 3-4 maxed skills and some top notch gear already. So I'd like to think I know what I am doing at least little bit. Sure I could try another build had I not already used freaking ~15h on this. 15h staring at those eyebrows and the same floors and same enemies. Also what a missed opportunity to not have the crazy gear reflect how the hero looks like. Neat idea but I doubt I'll play this again. The Binding of Isaac is way more attractive than this.


ThruSpace is a 3D Puzzle game that uses Tetris blocks. Game is decent enough. My review here.


I might not have time to play all the 2011 games this year, but at least I should try to those indie games from this year that I've purchased. So next up was Terraria. Once you understand the mechanism and start to venture further into mines game gets bit boring. People keep on mentioning that this is nothing like Minecraft and that there way more objective to do. BS I call. This is as much as sand-box as Minecraft is. In good and bad. Multiplayer might be more interesting, but just can't be bothered.

Making History: The Calm & The Storm

Completely different to my normal games I play. Happen to own quite few such hardcore strategy games on Steam so might as well play these. Picked this since it seems to be a stand-alone franchise of some sort. Not the best idea, haven't played such hc strategy games in long time. Too long time it seems. Thought that it would be easy to start with big and powerful country like Russia. Not a good idea since the country is huge and there are just so many regions. After couple hours I thought that maybe playing a smaller country, but still one that is powerful would be easier to maintain. So United Kingdom and what an idiotic move that was. They have some colonies that it made it even harder. No I won't blame the games UI or the meager tutorial. It is just bit too much and I don't get it. Need to eas back in to these kind of games more.

No More Heroes 2

Did not like this much as I liked the first NMH. Sure this has way better minigames. Anyway, quiet random Tuesday morning and a review here.

8bit Killer

Fine indie shooter from Locomative. Not sure if people are aware of this guy, but he is awesome. He does this retro inspired indie games. With proper chiptune soundtrack and cover arts. OK he has different dudes to do the music, but still. 8bit Killer is nice traditional FPS with graphics similar to the original Doom/Wolfenstein. Not the longest game, can be finished in few hours easily. Almost have to be as well since it doesn't have a save function. Gameplay is very traditional FPS, still no doubt worth checking if you are like indie games and/or old school shooters. If only for the soundtrack.

Super Laser Racer

Slicks'n'Slide! \m/ Noone probably played that awesome 90's shareware racer I take? It was a Finnish made top racing gmae, slightly similar to Micro Machines. Game was viewed from top down perspective and the main catch was that you could do sliding all day long. Cars leaving tire threads and everything. Doing local multiplayer with one keyboard made it quite hectic. Anyway Super Laser Racer is from British indie dev: who are mostly know for their sports games. Especially their Sensible Soccer style footie RPG. Anyway, didn't get to play lot of Super Laser Racer. Simple because my PC wont run it. Can do single races but that is not really fun. Was going to buy a new PC right after our holiday, but then something else happened. Will get to that soon.


Not sure what inspired me to play this. Maybe all the talks about Skyward Sword. Anyway modern day Zelda from 2009. Fine game, but nothing new. Few really frustrating parts where the game just keeps throwing enemies at you. Got stuck to that one part after beating the first tower guard and coming out to the long stretch. Those freaking spinning bastards were so annoying. Must have played that part 10+ times. The puzzles in the game were amazing. Bosses and the upgrade system were not too bad either. This one particular battle left a bad taste. 4/5 that GB gave is perfect score for this game.

BC Kings

Played many games made in Hungary? Well here is one. BC Kings is basically Age Of Empire's in stone age setting. Only two factions though: stonemen and aliens(mutants). Also there are similar generation upgrades as AOE games only that it is just more tech that get's unlocked. You don't actually advance in times. Solid enough overall. The campaign consist of 12 missions. Game is also advertises to have more RPG elements, but this is the same as AoE campaigns where a hero follows through the missions. Campaign is somewhat hard. Or rather, time consuming. Most of the levels are spread into multiple maps where you need to send troops between maps. This is used for side quests and for the "adventure" elements. Somewhat fresh idea, but just makes the progression so slow. Other problem I had with this was that it take ages to unlock new tech with the campaign. When you got everything unlocked you understand why, there hardly is any variation. Kind of like playing AoE that is stuck on "Age". Not played any recent games of this genre recently, so not sure if this is a standard now a-days. Anyway BC Kings has a structure you can build that is called process mill. Which is genius. As usual you collect ton of resources, but depending on the map you always end up being short on certain resource. Well the process mill allows you to process the surplus items and change these to lacking resource. Very smart. Game wants me to go back to AoE 2. That AoE Online doesn't sound too tempting with the microtransactions but should probably need to check that out one day.

Crayon Physics Deluxe

This was much more of an game than I though. Not just a crayon physics demo/sandbox. This is a proper puzzle game. Game has more than 70 levels according to the Steam page. I managed to beat all of them except for the ones on the last island. 120 stars is required to open this one and I don't see myself never doing this. Beaten all the other levels once, but would need to go them through again with different solution. Got 95 for beating all the levels once and some of the earlier level twice. Sorry the game is just not so much fun that is worth it. Especially the later levels. Some of them where so nasty that if my usual pulley/scale solution didn't work adding bunch of lines to make the physics go crazy and getting the ball to the star by accident solved.

Costume Quest

Why haven't I played this before?!? Maybe because the Halloween doesn't make lot of sense here (EU). Got all the cheevos on this one. Will need to pick up the DLC next time it goes for a sale. Really enjoyable experience all and all.

Doc Clock : The Toasted Sandwich of Time

Got this from one the Steam indie bundles I assume. Anyway this was actually a pleasant surprise. Game is a physics based platformer in short. Sure the mechanism are wonky at times, but that is part of the charm. Building a vehicle and tuning the gadgets on it to make the craziest jumps is actually fun. Game doesn't look like much, but so far at least not regretting this.

Youtube clip of the week is something from a new band I discovered recently. They are called Orchid and play 70's inspired doom. Amazing stuff:

Posted by Tordah

8bit Killer: First time I'm hearing of this. I looked at some of the screenshots and it looks pretty cool. I appreciate what they're going for.

Terraria: Have only played a few hours of this. The "game" seems pretty cool, but I have hard time getting into games that have no real objectives or story elements. If the game had Steam achievements I would love to play more of it, but right now there's nothing compelling me to get invested in it.

Super Laser Racer: This game is okay. Slicks 'N Slide was awesome though! I played a lot of that when I was younger. Funny how such a simplistic game could be so much fun.

Darksiders: Own it, but haven't touched it. Damn you, backlog!

BC Kings: Saw you playing this on Steam a bunch. I guess the game must be pretty alright if you actually finished it? It doesn't look half bad from what I can tell. I love the Age of Empires series so anything similar to that I wouldn't mind checking out. Maybe during the Steam Christmas sale...

Doc Clock: My initial impression of this game was not very good from what I remember as I've only booted it up once. And not for very long either. I'll give it a try for real at some time, but right now it's far from top priority.

Posted by kalmis


8bit Killer:

Definately check it out. It is freeware available from the dudes site. Also his other games are worth checking out. Most of them quite hard, but have really nice retro look and brilliant chiptune soundtrack


Yeah I know what you mean. When I noticed myself checking the Terraria wikia multiple times for new receipes and what not I decided it was too much. Bit dissapointed on this after so many people saying it has more objectives than Minecraft. It might have few more, but it is still far from a story. Steam cheevos might have helped as you say.

Super Laser Racer:

Slicks'n'Slide was a strange game. It was really easy to pick up, but actually required good amount of skill. Don't think it was really popular outside Finland though. There was another similar shareware game bit later on we used to play tons. Deluxe Ski Jump, ever played that?


Worth playing it through. As long you don't expect too much. Nothing really bad about, but same time it is not as "perfect" as Zelda games tend to be.

BC Kings:

Actually no, didn't finish it. Got like 10h and made it only half way through the campaign. Only got like five buildings/tech/dudes unlocked in all that time. So it is very slow. I know you got a big Steam backlog and if you don't own this I wouldn't necessary recommend. Then again its often only few pounds/euros ;)

Doc Clock:

Actually finished this last night. It was much better than I thought it would be. If you own it you should give it a proper try one day. There are some claims that is broken and so on. They just don't know how to play it.