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Posted by MAguilera

I had pretty much put the game down and hadn't made progress in a while. Playing for 10 minutes every now and again wasn't conducive to getting things done. Although I was able to get through the first quest where you help out the inn keepers daughter (Patty), things started to stall after I tried to head to Stormway (?). Well, nothing gives you more time to play like being sick, or in my case having to stay home with a sick toddler. All she wanted to do all day was watch Yo Gabba Gabba while sitting on my lap in bed. That still left me with 2 hands so I could try to start up again.

The sad thing is that I didn't make much progress from a story perspective. I was already in Stormway, but hadn't talked to the king about the Wight Night. So I had that conversation and they went to go tackle the Knight. (Maybe I'll make a page about him). That fight didn't go well. So I ended up back in the city, tried it again and failed. Then I leved up for a bit (11, I think) and we for it again . . . still no luck. Defeated, I headed back to the king to let him know. I thought my losing might have been part of the story line (something square has done in the past). This idea was helped by the fact that the "story up to now" noted that I had lost to the Wight Knight. The king let me on to the idea of having more people in my party (did I just miss this the first time?). So I headed to the pub and got three more people for my party. I'm rolling as a Minstrel, a Mage, a Martial Artist and a Thief. The big problem was their low level, so I went around leveling them up until they were about level 4. At that point I decided to go for and takle the Wight Knight again. I lasted longer this fight, but that might have been just because there were more targets for the knight (none of which help up very long).

I'll keep knocking at that door today since my Daughter is still sick, but my wife is going to take over 1/2 of the day so I doubt I'll get much farther. I think I need to just keep grinding until I can finally beat that SOB.