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Oh my God, I loved this so God damn much.

"I got paid for this" was the best response I've ever heard.

Posted by ScreamingFist

While I wasn't a fan of this specific BB, I love these. My shooter fatigue plays into this so it's not GB's fault. Every time Brad dies I feel the pain a little too closely ;P

Posted by Batmeng

I believe Tango in section one alpha is down.

Posted by MeatSim

This is the ultimate quest of futility.

Posted by Miningguyx360

The brad has been broken

Posted by diz

This video is evidence that video games can be art.

Posted by triviaman09

This needs to happen again. I look forward to Mile High Redux

Posted by Xaviersx

Was Brad supposed to be enjoying this, or being punished for something?

Posted by MisterMouse

great end...

Posted by LiK

Brad inspired me and I got the cheevo today. Thanks?

Posted by rockhardalibi

"Breaking Brad"quickly becoming my favorite segment. Ryan's Dark Souls community walkthrough was great too. thanks guys...

man, achievements. what a shitty way to play games.

Posted by Duffyside

When does Drew show up? I seem to remember him coming into the room to mention the Tango that was down in Section-1 Alpha.

Anyone got a time stamp for that?

Posted by Curufinwe

Poor Brad. I hope he gets this someday.

Posted by ManiacMaysin

MAN! He got sooo close a couple of times there.

Posted by Dodongo

@Duffyside: Drew shows up in the last few minutes after he's switched to Geo Wars

Posted by Mezmero

Greay video guys! I love to watch Brad suffer. His Brad groan is like nails on a chalkboard after a while. Brad experimented with a lot of techniques during this video but I can't for the life of me figure out why he didn't at least TRY pistol swapping. I'm not going to pretend that the pistol would have been a better choice for him but his very first reload of the run was slowing him down big time. He should have tried killing as many dudes as possible with his first clip and try to finish the survivors by quickly switching to the pistol instead of waiting for the crappy reload. After the switch he could even reload the pistol faster than the smg. I guess live webcasts do weird things to the human brain that causes a break down in adaptability. Do more of these videos! Brad's tears are like candy.

Posted by Phreaker

I liked it best when Brad popped up in the lower left. If it's any consolation Brad I really enjoyed the videos. :)

Posted by North6

@rockhardalibi: What dark souls community walkthrough? I must have missed it?

Posted by ThePantheon

Just watched this entire Breaking Brad. Very, very glad to be a subscriber, and best last line ever Mr. Shoecrafter.

Had a blast watching and my god do I never want to see that level again in my FUCKING life.

What was that story Patrick was talking about that he said he could tell later?

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

I got this achievement in like 30 minutes.

Posted by bossman

Every time Brad turns his head after throwing a flashbang, my soul dies a little. (>_<)

Love how this ends. XD

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STAB THE FIRST FUCKING GUYYYYYY god damn you brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you really dude, but he's a free and easy kill when you stab him.

EDIT: I could just lick brad's tears of pain every time he moans in frustration. Make's me laugh so much when he does it.

Posted by king0fprussia

More breaking bad please.

Posted by amir90

Did brad get this achievement in the end or?

Posted by Babylonian

Just in case anyone hasn't heard this:

Posted by pyromagnestir

@Babylonian: Is it bad that I hear that and just think of it as funny sex noises?

Edited by Liquidus

If only Brad knew that you cut off the reload time by like half a second by quickly sprinting then stopping.

Posted by xxizzypop

@Babylonian said:

Just in case anyone hasn't heard this:

Sweet jesus.

...where's the dubstep remix?

Posted by Sikboy1029

Can we get a part 3?

Posted by AssInAss

@Babylonian said:

Just in case anyone hasn't heard this:

*bows down*

The rage quit was brilliant, chilling out with Geometry Wars.

Posted by TheRealJpoe

"Reminds me of my favorite Brokencyde song."

The funniest thing I've ever heard ever.

Posted by cbarnes86

@xxizzypop: Here ya go

Posted by KatyGaGa

Brad is now my favourite person that covers the video game industry. He's like a hilarious mix of Hank Hill and Butters.

Posted by Roboculus92


Posted by AgentOHarah

Fuck you, Bathroom Guy! #TeamBrad

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I can't believe how long ago this was. It feels like a few months, not well over a year.

Posted by cooljammer00

I refuse to watch Brad struggle for several hours in several parts to get this cheevo, which I know he eventually got.

Can someone explain what "You have three bombs" from Jeff during Geometry Wars is supposed to mean? I take it he's quoting the mission but I don't know what he's referencing like the other quotes thrown out: Tango down in sector one alpha, stuff like that.