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Posted by golguin

@Zaccheus said:

So who is going to make the Brad swearing supercut?

I wont, but someone has to.

Posted by Twinblade34

I wanna see Calming Brad as a followup to Breaking Brad, Brad playing Flower for 4 hrs.

Posted by illmatic19

The last 3 minutes are golden.

Posted by JTB123

I really thought he was going to do it in a few spots, when he died I found myself shouting too. Still gotta hand it to him for sticking with it though.

Posted by Troncek

This is pure gold guys. Keep it coming. :)

Posted by Donos

To quote every game in this franchise: "Switching to your pistol is faster than reloading" WHY U NO LISTEN?

Posted by NoCookiesForYou

Love this descent into madness. Make more videos like this ;D

Posted by ssj4raditz

Darn you Bathroom Guy!!

Posted by Cirdain


Posted by AndyMP

This makes me not want to try this part of the campaign.

Posted by EnchantedEcho

'Guess what, I got paid for it.'

Posted by AndyMP

After completing the video, I wish he'd done it. Damn... feels like I just watched an epic movie with the final 10 minutes cut.

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Now YOU do it, asshole. He did his best, dammit. No need to "he sucks" him. He tried and I totally enjoyed every fucking minute of it. MORE BREAKING BRAD!!

Posted by daggon55

I'd love to see a supercut of every time Brad is killed by bathroom guy.

Edited by Overwatch

This was suprisingly fun to watch. Awesome content guys! Also, Breaking Brad is slowly becoming my favorite new type of content :).

Edit: Also, tango down in section one alpha!

Posted by laserbolts


Now YOU do it, asshole. He did his best, dammit. No need to "he sucks" him. He tried and I totally enjoyed every fucking minute of it. MORE BREAKING BRAD!!

Geez relax, peel your lips off of brad's ass for a second and take a deep breath. People can try as hard as they want at something and still suck you know.
Posted by Nebula427

I Believe In Brad, IBIB

Posted by Catarrhal

If Brad had a haircut like Soap MacTavish, he'd have greater success. Period.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Brad is sweating like a stuck pig.

Edited by chilibean_3

One of the first things you learn in these games is that switching to your pistol is faster than reloading. Is that still a valid strategy for this section?

EDIT: I like Jeff's style with putting money on the line.

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@chilibean_3 said:

One of the first things you learn in these games is that switching to your pistol is faster than reloading. Is that still a valid strategy for this section?

yes. People have done it with only the pistol, and it is feasible to pass it without reloading either weapon.

edit- actually people have done it with only the knife+flashbangs.

Posted by Robopengy

This is just a glimpse of how Brad plays at how

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@Whiskey,@Dave, @Top Men

For about a week now, I've been noticing very slow download speeds and streaming problems on all of Whiskey Media videos. No matter what I choose, Progressive or Streaming (with HD), the video does not play smoothly and buffers every 2-3 seconds. When I choose to download, I get no more that 50 KB down.

I never had this problem with the sites before, and don't experience any slowdown on other sites.

My configuration:

ISP: Free Telecom, ADSL

Bandwith: 52 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up

Location: Paris, France

Can anyone point me to the right avenue so that this message reaches the engineers ?

Posted by Sargus

Holy crap. When is Brad finally going to succeed at one of these things? Pretty nice drama, though.

Posted by DeadDorf

Not a fan of this content-type currently. It might be more interesting if you guys round-robin'd the controller between 2 or 3 people. Then there's some time to rest and collect yourself for each person, as well as different takes from others.

Posted by Scotty66

Hmm HD feed doesn't seem to load for me, but low and high do. Anyone else have this issue?

Posted by Wicked_Wumpus

I love these videos. They've encouraged me to finally watch Breaking Bad which is an amazing show.

Posted by MFDOOM

Nice going Brad, I wouldn't want to try and get this again. Love these videos, Dead Space 2 next would be good but im not sure how that would work.

Posted by m2cks

I can't wait til one of these episodes Brad will rise in triumph and his name be purged of any exclamations of " Brad sucks at games"!

Posted by SvarteJack

I love brad. In a good way

Posted by Philzpilz

Amazing, just amazing

Posted by Thiago123

Brad Cam at 1:51:30 made it all worth it.

Posted by Thiago123

About to blow your mind: The very first thing Brad said in Part 1: "Jeff Gerstman, welcome to my doom." AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Posted by Jerr

Jesus, Brad's face at 1:21:16 needs a meme.

Posted by cloudnineboya

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Posted by gerp

oh Patrick I want to hear the story

Posted by kuddles

You gotta hand it to Brad's amazing resolve. If I failed miserably at a section of a game for 2 hours straight, I just might consider listening to other suggestions and change my tactics. But he hopes that the 800th time of - say - ignoring the bathroom guy is totally going to pay off.

Posted by Bunny_Fire

Admirable effort Brad ... i would never have the patience to do 4 hours of this

Posted by Megafaun

I was screaming at my TV to make each bullet count and switch to your pistol...And I loved it.

This style of content is awesome but it NEEDS the Brad Cam constantly.

Posted by PandaBear

Best part - Brad sitting there, looking pained and frustrated, Jeff kick back behind him, Brad dies for the millionth time, Jeff says "you must not wanna get this done". Classic.

This is a great new feature guys. Thanks!

Posted by zolloz89

this almost makes me want to go a try this.

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Hey guys I didn't know if you heard but...


Posted by ZmillA

holy crap geometry wars loaded up FAST!

Posted by SSully

Oh man, poor brad. I felt his anger in this one! I can't wait for the next breaking brad.

Posted by OneManX

You Have 3 Bombs

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Oh man. Watching this inspired me to try to get this achievement, which I haven't tried for since last December, and I did it! Fuck yeah! Took a little over an hour using a strategy I devised watching Brad. Thanks @Brad! All you need is speed and luck. Fuck caution. Speed and luck. And flashbangs. And a P90.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

I can't believe I just spent four hours watching this. Well, I kind of can. <3 you Giantbomb and your crazy features

Posted by Berserk007

"Hey! This is a pretty good run here"............Gunshots...........(Brad softly crying)

Posted by PsychoPenguin


Posted by OtakuGamer

So glad I done this... damn.. XD