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Posted by damswedon

I like Video Games. I like Comic Books, I like Anime, I like Manga, I like Films, I like Music and I even like books. But to me games are no 1, pure and simple. Video games are able to bring out a type of passion in me that no other art form can. The thing is being that passionate about games means you end up shitting on games that don't really deserve it, for example, I did not like the majority of Portal 2. I think that the second part of that let us see behind the curtain way too much and removed the secretive nature of the first game. Also I don't find those games funny.

But even though I have those problems with the game I still think it is a fucking amazing game. The fact that my main problem with the game isn’t a basic level criticism of “the shooting suck balls” means that is should be given praise. That is where my problem with the VGAs come from. When I was done with the show I didn’t feel like my favourite art form was being applauded in any way, I felt like it had been made fun of.

The sad thing is they got it right for about five minutes. There was a great montage of the Zelda games, Shigeru Miyamoto came on stage to a standing ovation. Even now thirty minutes into this terrible excuse of a show, that seems only to exist for Gametrailers to get "exclusive" trailers, there was some kind of hope that the final awards of the night would have some kind of decency in them.

Then Charlie Sheen watched Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward be be chased off stage by a man dressed in cameo. The same man then proceeded to "Teabag" another developer. THIS HAPPENED TWICE! IN ONE SHOW! Adam Sandler would look at that and say, "Hey shouldn't we not repeat the same joke twice in one show?" But no this is what the gamers want. I can just feel the good vibes.

Posted by AjayRaz

i kind of wish i was at home to watch the supposed train wreck. though i think watching that teabag snippet was enough for me.  
oh, video games. i don't think we'll ever have a decent televised awards show.  

Posted by ImperiousRix

I agree. I completely skipped the VGAs this year (only watching the trailers as they were posted on GameTrailers), but if past iterations are anything like this year's, I'm sure it was just awful.

Again, the problem seems to be the VGAs desire to attract a "broader audience" to watch the show, not seeming to understand that the people who would want to watch an awards show for video games would want to see, ya know, video games and the people who make them talk, not D-list celebrities. There's just a big disconnect from who seems to be making the nominations and those actually running the show.

One might get their hopes up when a game like Bastion is nominated for so many awards in a "mainstream" show, but it's rather telling when then, every single last award it was nominated for (and in turn, won) weren't featured on the show.