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Posted by Lunar_Aura

Jeff please watch that Tekken movie it's so awful and ridiculous, but I found it really funny the whole way through.

Posted by Pakorn

@Lunar_Aura said:

Jeff please watch that Tekken movie it's so awful and ridiculous, but I found it really funny the whole way through.

Should be a TANG

Posted by Rhaknar

Cant wait for that Old Republic coverage from someone that - hates MMOs and - hates Star Wars yup, thats not silly (to put it lightly) at all (the coverage part, not that he doesnt like said things, thats totally fine).

Posted by MrBubbles

oh man i totally forgot about the end of star wars galaxies i'm glad he reminded me now i can't wait for 10pm today.

Posted by Brenderous

"Be good."

God bless you Jeff Gerstmann.

Posted by outerabiz

@gike987 said:

@DexterKid said:

With regards to MMOs Jeff. As a WoW player, I can say that there is very little of that socializing drama in the game these days. All of the group content is very automated and streamlined now, so you don't have to talk to anyone and there is very little downtime.

Why even make it group content then? Not having to talk to your group and use teamwork kinda defeats the purpose of having them in the first place. Seems like modern MMOs are pretty horrible if they might as well be single player games.

don't know if im crazy, but all mmos being single player games seems like a good prospect to me,

and im sure i would have bought a bioware game with as much money and talent behind it as swtor had if it was a single player game.

Posted by Brake

I'm hope Christie can go no without Jeff. Tough time of the year for break-ups.

Posted by DJJoeJoe
Posted by Afroman269

I'm offended by that close minded Gears fan question.

Posted by scottygrayskull

*looks to the right*

"Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann"

Awwww yeah!

Posted by JackiJinx

So disheartening, that bit at the beginning. Each game just placed aside with no particular enthusiasm to any of them, about half of which anyone would be psyched to possess. Keeping an emotional investment in mainstream games must be hard when they're pushed in every aspect of your life. I suppose that's a void the off beat games fill up. Thank goodness for the Track Manias.

Posted by Lazyaza

Jeff described exactly why I quit wow, got so sick of dealing with people just to play a game.

Posted by Vexxan

Perfect Jar Zero!

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Yep, you pretty much nailed the reason I will never play an MMO as they are now known.

Posted by rts375

@UltimAXE said:

Sometimes I feel guilty for using up so much of GB's bandwidth in a single day. Today is one of those days.

And I thought I was the only one.

Posted by Fjordson

Fuckin' Jeff, how can one man be so right? Star Wars is terrible. Especially when there's so much good Star Trek to consume.

Posted by JayHayabusa

Awesome! Just in time for my lunch break!!

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

As always a good Jar Time.

I know what he means about Star Wars music and Star Wars fan...looks at users names...crap. Really I know Star Wars is dumb and some of the fans are fucking crazy. But you can't hold a name someone made at 15 against them, and as it is the name they are known all over the net by have to keep using. Star Wars is kinda dumb, but so is a lot of stuff.

Anyway getting away from that, it is hard place to be in with the FPS genre I did enjoy CoD4 and BF3 is fun. But I do kinda want to go back to the days of Q3 and UT that could just me being old.

Whatever as Jeff said “be good”

Posted by xaveri

Bracers: +2 Suck

Posted by CaLe

I played Xenoblade on my PC at 1920x1200 with a 360 controller and modded 360 button prompts. I don't feel like scum. I'm incapable of caring.

Posted by gosukiller

@Pakorn said:

@Lunar_Aura said:

Jeff please watch that Tekken movie it's so awful and ridiculous, but I found it really funny the whole way through.

Should be a TANG

Tekken destroys lives.

Posted by zeshakag

Agreed about the Star Wars music thing. I mean, John Williams is a great composer and Star Wars has iconic, great music. But the cow is getting milked to death.

After seeing Jeff's nice jacket I realized I gotta step my swag up.

Posted by dagas

What's with the hate of the Better Females mod? Who wouldn't want that? Also it's made by a girl so according to the logic of the Skullgirls devs it's not sexist (topical).

Posted by paulunga

I feel you on those stacks of games that you kinda maybe want to play and ordering them in different stacks. For example I bought almost 20 PS2 games I've been interested in for a long time this year. Why? Just why? I also bought Saints Row 3, Skyrim, Skyward Sword and Mario 3D Land within the last month, I doubt I'll ever even crack open more than 3-4 of those PS2 games, let alone put any serious time into any of them.

Posted by wigg

Gotta love Jeff.

I hope jeff gets a girlfriend. I think he'd be much happier. And then someone would tidy all that stuff up.

Posted by voltan

Damn right BF3 and Portal 2 are PC games.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Tried to get into Star Trek and I just can't do it. I'm in the Star Wars fantasy camp, all with the wookiees and laser swords alike.

Posted by AlKusanagi

I would disagree about that point about Blizzard. They have seemingly made a point to drop expansions or major patches near the releases of competing MMOs. I'm sure they've got their fingers on the "Pandaria is go!" button to react to the initial few months of Old Republic.

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@wigg said:

Gotta love Jeff.

I hope jeff gets a girlfriend. I think he'd be much happier. And then someone would tidy all that stuff up.

What are you, his mother? We probably wouldn't get these videos if he had a partner to fuss around with.
He seems happy enough to me. 
Posted by CptBedlam

I looked this jar in the eye and now I know what it's all about!

Posted by Quantical

Jesus, Jeff is one funny guy. I love these videos.

Posted by Nitrium

I love these videos.

Posted by Dragonblade

I looked into the abyss of the jar...

...and the jar looked back.

Posted by Dross


I'm being good.



Posted by Grimmy616

@CaLe: Yes, let him die alone. As long as we get videos!

Posted by Marlowe

My favorite video series on WM.

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@Grimmy616 said:

@CaLe: Yes, let him die alone. As long as we get videos!

Everyone dies alone. You will die some day, alone.
Posted by kist

Jeff at 25min mark too much!!! looool 'not going to beat around the bush' remark had me laughing out loud in my office... great video as always

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I can honestly say I've never owned more than 1 unopened game...

I still don't understand the big deal about cleaning filth off of female character's faces?

Posted by Grimmy616

@CaLe: NUHUH!!!

Posted by CrimsonJester

@wigg said:

Gotta love Jeff.

I hope jeff gets a girlfriend. I think he'd be much happier. And then someone would tidy all that stuff up.

and with one line you prove why you probably don't have one

Posted by Praise_the_sun

Jeff can be pretty funny and is obviously extremely knowledgeable about the games industry but man...

he can come off as a pretentious ass sometimes.

Posted by Death_Burnout

100% with Jeff on his problems with MMO's. It feels good to know someone else has the same issues with that whole thing. +2 to suck.

Posted by bobafettjm

If you ever need a loving shelf for those games to rest on I might know of a place. :)

Posted by SuperJoe

Jeff doesn't believe in hokey religions and ancient weapons, even though there hasn't been a good Star Trek game since Bridge Commander.

Posted by thornie_delete

Jeff is so so right about crazy people. I work in the Media/Music industry and there a lot of young people who intern for us and trying to break into the industry. A lot of them have their own blogs, music sites, etc etc. and a lot of them are fucking crazy. It's amazing how many people who are great on email and on the internet, show up and are completely whacked out and socially awkward in person. Being personable, pleasant, and grounded is such a HUGE part of being successful in a professional workplace. I'm sorry, no one wants to deal with crazy, or just strange people even if their writing and talents are awesome.

Posted by IanYarborough

@Itwastuesday: I think it's really nice that the jar allows Jeff talk to us.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

"Be good."

Merry Christmas everyone!

God speed- and a peaceful New Year.

Posted by IanYarborough

@VisariLoyalist: Dashing, sort of.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Yes Jeff, I can confirm that anyone who is way into Star Wars is a bit psychotic. Guy in my english class wouldn't ever shut up about it, and he even had an obnoxious loud nasal voice to top it all off. That being said, I don't really like Star Trek enough to sit down and watch multiple consecutive episodes of any of the shows. There's just something about Gene Rodenberry's universe, with all of its utopia new age hippie nonsense, that totally annoys me to no end. Star Trek IV is still great though, even if it is the reason why I am no longer allowed to pick movies when I hang out with friends.