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Posted by manbot47

so is this Raccoon City: Modern Warfare?

Posted by NXH

This is not a Resident Evil game. Just like how DmC is not a Devil May Cry game. =/

Posted by Yummylee

@ImaTreee said:

it just doesn't look like resident evil anymore...

If this was the next numbered title, I'd be right next to you up in arms (and flabbergasted, having it set in Raccoon City again, but that's beside the point). But this is just a spin-off, and one that isn't even apart of franchise canon, either.

It's just like how there's an RTS Halo game, or a FPS Command & Conquer game out there, too. Nothing wrong with a little experimentation within the margins. The real problem here is that it simply doesn't look that great of a shooter... But they know that, hence why they're exploiting on people's nostalgia for all of these classic characters and locals, and are hoping it's enough to sway people into purchasing it.

And far as I'm concerned, it totally works. @_@ Preordered and Paid for because goddamn it, I GET TO PLAY AS NICHOLAI GINOVAEF IN RACCOON CITY AGAIN WOOOOO.

Posted by ImaTreee

it just doesn't look like resident evil anymore...

Posted by devotfeige

Man. I really hope some polishing goes into the character models before this goes out, they all look a little... off. Carlos and Jill in particular, but everyone's looking a bit... hm.

Posted by MeatSim

Everyone looks kinda weird. What's up with that?

Posted by Sekoku

@Depth said:

Holy shit, this looks so bad.

It looked bad the moment Slant Sux--er--Six came into the picture. Also, OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK @ Jill and Carlos' faces. More proof Slant Sux has no art department.

Posted by Korolev

None of the characters look quite right. Leon especially looks weird.

If I were a Resident Evil fan, I might be interested. Very slightly interested.

Posted by studnoth1n

squeeeeeeeeeeeeze that lemon! leave nothing behind.

Posted by ButtDiver

Looks like poop.

Posted by solidlife

For some reason I thought this was a Downloadable game

Posted by SuperWristBands

HA! For a second there I was excited and confused. I thought they dropped the "kill Leon" story mode (I don't know much about this game, cause when I heard an objective was to hunt him down instead of playing as him I lost all interest) and replaced it with something I, as a RE fan, could get behind. Instead it's just a multiplayer mode with a Jill imposter. I got pretty happy at the idea of Ada as a playable character too. Oh well. I will continue to not care about this game.

Posted by Grainbrain

Hunk is all I need. I understand many of the negative comments, but am still personally gonna buy this game.

It COULD be interesting. We shall just have to wait and see...

Posted by billyhoush

Needs more boobie close ups. :willcumface:

Posted by Owl_Face

Man the character models look like garbage, looks like a fun game though.

Posted by cikame

All your favorites like Nicholai...... Gin...o... vaef?

I probably just didn't play the game he was in.

Posted by Zurgfrog

Is it bad that I'm thinking of buying this ?

Posted by Mikey2D

So judging from this video the two character personalities for Resident Evil characters seems to be 'cocky' or 'professional'.

Posted by zityz

*places elbows on desk and presses fingers together* Okay capcom, I'm listening.

Edited by Yummylee

@White said:

@Eyz: Uhm.. RE4? Was I smoking some very strong "medicine" while playing through that?

Nah, she's always had the same length of hair across her few appearances. Only thing that changes is what dress she decides to wear, before she leaves the house to go do backflips and flirt with Leon.

@Faroon said:

Presumably Chris and Wesker are DLC.... Sigh...

I don't think Chris and Wesker will ever star in this. For starters, the selection is made up of characters specifically involved during the Raccoon City Outbreak during RE2/RE3. And CAPCOM have been holding off the Chris/Leon pairing for a long while now; they even omitted Leon from Mercenaries 3D, which, of all games, you'd think would star Leon since half of the maps are from RE4, and it of course even featured Krauser... Krauser. Essentially Leon's ''Wesker'', and someone who's pretty much solely connected to Leon only. If they weren't going to feature Leon in there just because Chris was in there, too, I'm pretty sure it'll be the same here and they're instead saving the upcoming duet for something a little bigger than a spin-off title. RE6 maybe...

Posted by KGB

Why does everyone have a butterface? WTF CAPCOM

Posted by Faroon

Presumably Chris and Wesker are DLC.... Sigh...

Posted by White

@Eyz: Uhm.. RE4? Was I smoking some very strong "medicine" while playing through that?

Posted by Skanker

I can't find it in me to support and like this game, but it makes me happy to see the characters.

Posted by Eyz

Awesome! Glad too this shaping up nicely^^

Also, yay! The "real" Jill Valentine! I missed her^^

Carlos' got a brand new face it seems. And HUNK!! Heck Yeah!!

@White said:

Short hair Ada Wong?

Excuse me while I jizz uncontrollably.

When did Ada get longer hair? °__°

I haven't played much or finished RE5, so..perhaps I missed something...?

Posted by White

Short hair Ada Wong?

Excuse me while I jizz uncontrollably.

Posted by Teclo

This isn't actually made by Capcom, you know. It's like how Nintendo farm out the Metroid license to other devs and then publish it themselves, or how Capcom have made Zelda games for Nintendo. Also, as much as I dislike how RE4 and RE5 were basically 3rd person shooters rather than atmospheric horror adventure games, this kind of more action-orientated gameplay has always been part of Resident Evil, just usually as a bonus mode rather than a full game.

Posted by RahRahRobot

Ada Wong! *swoons*

Edited by Yummylee

@Char12 said:

Why did they change what Jill looks like?

Her costume is taken from RE3, if that's what you were referring to. As for her face, it's well known at this point that CAPCOM have a weird habit of changing their character's design with, like, every iteration - Jill especially.

@Psykhophear said:

Oh boy, this looks awesome. But who the hell is Lone Wolf?

New character. Guess because they ran out of viable villains to play as set within the Outbreak (why no Brian Irons instead?), they just created some extra, generic USS soldier to take up the spot.

EDIT: Though actually, I think Lone Wolf is meant to be the pilot who evacuates HUNK during the 4th Survivor story-line.

Edited by Yummylee



@dudeglove said:

Jesus christ they can't even spell Nikolai properly.

To be fair that's how they spelt his name in RE3... so they're just trying to be consistent, I guess.

Posted by MelficeVKM

@punkxblaze: Say that to Street Fighter & Marvel VS Capcom!

Posted by ArcLyte

i'm intrigued!

Posted by Psykhophear

Oh boy, this looks awesome. But who the hell is Lone Wolf?

Posted by Char12

Why did they change what Jill looks like?

Posted by dezvous

Wait... is this actually going to be fun? I'm kind of excited now.

Posted by Nottle

@wizall: Hmm. I have no personal experience with the PC version of that game, but I've heard it is kind of busted. I'd stick with the HD or wii version.

Posted by Klaimore

Yeeeeahhhh I don't know.

Posted by bwmcmaste

@CyleMoore said:

Oh Capcom, you have changed so much.

And apparently for the worse. What ever happened to the good old regular-ass zombie shooting of the earlier titles?

Posted by kingzetta

lone wolf should  be replaced with wesker. The seems like a pretty obvious thing they are missing.

Posted by GaZZuM

I feel like I'm still none the wiser as to what exactly is going on in this game...

Posted by wizall

@Nottle: I believe you, but I was always too busy playing other things. I may get around to RE4 some day. Likely on the PC.

Posted by Nottle

@wizall: Re2 was actually pretty good. Also RE4 isn't that scary, but its kind of crazy and fun. Maybe one of my favorite games. Way different than RE1.

Posted by MiniPato

@SSully said:

@MiniPato said:

I still think the shooting looks very Socom: Confrontation-y. Might suffice for shooting zombies, but still looks frustrating as hell to shoot other players. Guess we'll see when it comes out.

Well seeing as it is made by the guys who made Confrontation, I dont think that should come as a surprise.

That's why I used Socom Confrontation as a reference point. It''s not a surprise but a disappointment. I'm hoping Slant Six learned from their past games and have actually developed decent shooting and moving mechanics. Everything about Confrontation felt awkward and I'm seeing some of that here.

But again, I won't say anything conclusive until the game comes out.

Posted by ptys

Any possible doubts have just been dropped. You've awoken the RE fanboy within! SOLD

Posted by wizall

I haven't played an RE game since the first one on the PSX. I see I haven't missed much. Camera angles look better, though.

Posted by Nekroskop

What the hell did they do to Jill's characterdesign?

She looks like a freaking anime girl now...

Posted by RE_Player1

I'm a Resident Evil fan, I even loved 5 despite many of the complaints, but this looks like absolute trash.

Posted by Seroth

What about TOFU!?

Why don't they just remake RE2 already? I'd rather play that than a multiplayer action shooter...

Posted by PJ

Maby its just me or this video. The game looks like shit, like a upscaled PS2 game or something.

Posted by Nightfang

I don't know half the characters.

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