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You can set your Twitter account to send you a text (if your country/carrier supports it) each time the bot tweets so you can always know about an upcoming stream.

It took me longer than expected but, I've rebuilt the twitter bot to tweet all upcoming live streams from any of Whiskey Media's sites. I also fixed every issue that came up with the orginal bot.

How It Works

Every 10 minutes it will check each of Whiskey's APIs for any open chats. If there is one It will check to see if there is a countdown timer or not. It will tweet "[Name of the Site]: [Name of the Show] -- Starting Soon - [link to the chat]" right away if there is no timer -- If there is one it'll wait till it's under an hour before it tweets. After that, it will continue to check every 10 minutes to see if the justin.tv channel is live. Once it is it will tweet again saying that it's live.

What's been Fixed

  • It will not tweet about a upcoming stream incredibly early. Like it did for the end of SWG. It will tweet when a show is under an hour from starting. (I can change this easily, if everyone wishes it to tweet earlier than that.)
  • It will not tweet again if the title of the stream changes a bit.
  • It will not tweet twice if a show is still running past midnight (PST).
  • (New) Added Whiskey's chat API as a backup in case the countdown timer doesn't show up.

What needs to been Fixed

Feb 6, 2012 - Tweeting multiple times during a Whiskey Media site wide live show. (ie. Happy Hour)

Issues came up with the latest Whiskey Media Happy Hour, which was the first time it tried to do a Whiskey Media Live Show from all the sites. It basically tweeted every time the chat came up on another Whiskey site. I had checks to prevent this from happening, but it only worked if the chats all went up during a 10 minute time frame. I'll fix this when I have the time to do so.

Extra Stuff

Dave created a blue warrior along side the Chat Dragon but he never used it for anything. So I'm going to use it as a mascot of sorts for the bot. The Chat Dragon is the thing that prevents us use from accessing the chat. It is the Whiskey Warrior what keeps the dragon away during a live stream so we can use the chat. Or that's how want it to be like!

While I was making the avatar and background for the Twitter page. I ended up making wallpapers (1920x1080) out of the Chat Dragon and the Whiskey Warrior. So here's a bit of a bonus:

The Whiskey Warrior!
The Chat Dragon!

Change Log

Jan 8, 2012 - It now tweets "Starting Soon" when the chat is up and if the countdown timer is under an hour. It will tweet "Live Now" when the justin.tv channel goes live instead of when the countdown reaches 0.

Posted by GlenTennis

Awesome work!

Posted by buckybit


Everytime a live event starts I get a good vibe in my pants ... by my phone.

Posted by CptChiken

Nice stuff, this will be useful as living in England the live shows are often at hard to catch times.

Posted by Melos

All I'd ever see is a chat dragon telling me there's no live stream if it weren't for you, Vager. Your bot continues to be one of the best things to come from the community.

Posted by wefwefasdf

Those wallpapers are awesome. Thanks!

Edited by Mr_Skeleton

I shall name that mascot Dovahkiin!

Posted by DeeGee

What if I'm only interesed in Giant Bomb live streams?

Posted by hydrotherion

awesome wallies!

Posted by rjayb89

Me likey.

Posted by Vager

@DeeGee: I thought of separating each site into their own account, but that would be a major pain to manage. You'll just have to ignore the tweets of streams your not interested in.

Posted by selfconfessedcynic

Oh my god - amazing work. Great twitter app, great wallpapers, great all round.

Keep on rocking duder.

Posted by MrKlorox

Aw. Was hoping @GB_Live_Shows would stick around as a GB only feed. Well, I guess we'll see if this multi site bot becomes annoying or not.

Posted by Little_Socrates

Thanks for this, duder! I was wondering how I was gonna find out about live streams this week, as I'll generally be out and about and my other Whiskey duder is still at school.

Posted by DarkFury

This is great, congraluations on getting all the issues fixed and making it work for all sites!

Posted by lockwoodx

That Whiskey Warrior is pretty badass. Nice work.

Posted by GraveyardPolka

I love this and the wallpapers! Great work, Vager! ^_^

Edited by Brackynews

Great, updating my Twitter now. Y'know, every time I read "Chat Dragon" I don't think of Skyrim, I hear this....

Edited by EightBitShik

How does the text part work does it auto send or do I have to put my information somewhere...(I'm sure twitter doesn't know my phone number) could you point me to the right direction?

*Scratch that I found out twitter does know my number :P

Posted by zameer

Bumping this because you're awesome, thanks a lot!

Posted by WebScud

The warrior should be named Vinvin.

Edited by guanophobic

Awesome! You guys know of any way to get mail or push notifications (IOS) when @whiskeylive tweets?

Posted by Vager

@guanophobic: Try the Boxcar app. It provides push notifications for various things including tweets from specific users.

Posted by ExtremeJesus

Awesome job. Using this along with tweetymail means I actually catch some of the live content now. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Little_Socrates

So glad this still works even after the CBSi split. Vaguely miss getting texts about Tested, but this is still awesome. Thanks so much.