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Posted by Virtualpolecat

I'm surprised number 2 isn't Iron Brigade and number 1 isn't Trenched.

Edited by jasondesante

dude putting magic the gathering online in your top 10 list is hilarious. Have you ever played the pokemon card gameboy game? as a designer you should show respect where it is deserved.

Posted by SockLobster

@NTM said:

Never mention Event Horizon when it comes to Dead Space, Alien/Aliens is much preferred.

Except it doesn't really resemble those films at all and in fact has a bunch of similarities with Event Horizon.

Posted by golguin

Dark Souls is number 1 on my list. Trenched is also in my top 10, but Iron Brigade didn't make the cut.

Posted by Chippy180

Brad created a game about love, then put a masochistic game at the top of his list... Does that mean S+M = Love?

Great read anyway and I'm glad to see I'm not the only person with a pile of shame that big!

Posted by Brackynews

/salute for the greater love

/_ is 2011's <>

Posted by selbie

@Dylabaloo said:

This is the best picture on the internet.

/salute for the greater love

Posted by Y2Ken

My fave list so far perhaps: a nod to Magic, props for Might & Magic CoH and a crazy pick for number one. Probably the most different list so far.

Posted by PillClinton

I'm glad Brad Muir has become a friend of GB.

Posted by NTM

Never mention Event Horizon when it comes to Dead Space, Alien/Aliens is much preferred.

Posted by coakroach

Whens Drenched/Judy Denched coming out?

Posted by Goblin

Yeah, Dark Souls and Clash of Heroes!

Ever tried World of Warcraft Trading Card Game? It's like Magic but, IMHO, way deeper, more balanced and fun. At least around the release of the 8:th expansion when I unfortunately lost access to my regular playmates. Man, if only there was an (good, legal) online version of that...

Posted by Dylabaloo

This is the best picture on the internet.

Posted by MeatSim

Someone needs to put Trenched and Iron Brigade on there list.

Posted by buckybit

effin' great write-up. rises the word-count & IQ demands on these pages by a factor of 10.

yo, what's a trademarked name, wtf?!


Posted by UberExplodey

pile of shame.

Edited by MisterMouse

The image for Brad is wonderful... also that is cool to see that dark souls at the top of the list

Posted by Kiri90

Man, I need to play Dark Souls. I'd like to finish Demon's Souls first. Maybe I should stop that and play this one instead...

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Brad, you should see some of the faces I get when I drop that I actually enjoy Magic: The Gathering. It's actually gotten to the point where I don't even mention that time of my life to people unless I know them really, really well.

You're a brave man for coming out of the M:tG closet.

Posted by vaportra1l

I bought Dark Souls like 2 months ago when Target had a 2 for 1 and still haven't had time/desire to take it out of the wrapper. Fair to say, I still haven't opened the other 2 games I got then either (F1 2011 and Uncharted 3). These past 2 lists have convinced me I need to open it up sooner rather than later.

Posted by Avaloner

As far as I recall it was Battlefield 2142 which introduced the leveling meta game in first person shooters. Credit where credit is due

Posted by DarknessMyOldFriend

Honestly I wish that Brad Muir worked at GiantBomb.com.

They should at least do a quicklook a month with the guy.

Posted by AgentJ

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes came out in 2010, which makes it unfortunate that it didn't win anything that year. It really is a fantastic game.

Posted by MuddyDonut

Finally some love for Dark Souls!

Posted by Kratch

I'm really glad he talked about how LoL is "free-to-play done right." You could play it for years without ever spending a dime, but it's so fun and addicting you actually want to drop a few dollars on it here and there.

Posted by paulunga

As someone who absolutely loves the two "Souls" games I find the comment about the first one being harsher a bit confusing. I thought that one had a much clearer structure and easier goals in general. Well, IF you figured out that you're supposed to switch between worlds instead of trying to bash your head against one until you finish all three sections. Also some really useful rings and regeneration equipment early on in that one.

Posted by Vonocourt

I'm know a lot more interest in playing Dark Souls, crazy how certain people you don't know at all can influence your decisions.

Posted by Diachron

Wow.. Some love for clash of heroes.. That game gets more grief than it deserves.

Posted by JohnRabbit

dark souls at #1 just earned brad muir a million respect souls/points

Posted by Arrested_Developer


Posted by TheHT

Fuckin A Dark Souls!

Posted by Ghostiet
@rmanthorp said:

@Ghostiet said:

Speaking of Brad's, what the fuck happened to one Brad Nicholson?

They decided he was too newsy and the was a big split in the community. He went on to freelance however and is still successful. No hard feelings all round :D

I knew the community didn't like him, I just missed any sort of goodbye from him, so I was curious what happened.
Posted by rmanthorp

@Ghostiet said:

Speaking of Brad's, what the fuck happened to one Brad Nicholson?

They decided he was too newsy and the was a big split in the community. He went on to freelance however and is still successful. No hard feelings all round :D

Posted by DeathbyYeti

Brad Muir is awesome

Posted by Box3ru13

No million dollar pyramid?

List sucks

Posted by SuperWristBands

Weirds me out that you refer to competitive multiplayer as "PvP". I know it's right to say so, but man. I'm guessing you grew up with MMOs or something?
Great list though. I just got into Magic recently myself with MTG 2012 and ended up buying a few too many cards... that shit is expensive.

Posted by Doomshine


Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Nice list B-Rad 2

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Ok. Someone has said Dark Souls. I can die in peace?

Posted by GlenTennis

I remember meeting Brad Muir after the Trenched TNT and talking about League of Legends with him. He told me "If Trenched is a game about love, League of Legends is a game about hate."

Posted by MormonWarrior

Weird. I also hated Demon's Souls (what I saw/heard of it) but Dark Souls always intrigued me...and when I tried it out I actually enjoyed it a lot.

Posted by Klaimore

Oh Mista Mooear I found myself sucked into LoL as well.

Posted by TehJedicake


Posted by Daveyo520

Nice list Brad!

Posted by Gowans007

Love that he put LoL on that list. Really got into it this year it's fab.

I wish someone would make a console downloadable Moba like it.

Posted by lead_farmer

Watch that Conduit 2 ending!

Posted by daveg

Glad to see some other views, brad m has great taste. Similarly to vinny, whichevet game hooked him and didnt let go got goty.

Posted by probablytuna

More Dark Souls loving! WOO!

Posted by stoic665

@MannySavior said:

@stoic665 said:

Finally someone gets the number one game right. Well done sir, well done.

What a silly thing to say. Even if there is sarcasm, it comes off as incredibly snide towards the other guests.

Does it? I was more going for tongue-in-cheek than sarcasm actually, and in any case I'm fairly certain the other guests (as well as GB staff) are used to people having different tastes in games than they do.

Lighten up duder.

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