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Posted by ginja_ninja

I like to imagine Ryan and Patrick just stop looking at the screen and longingly gaze into each others' eyes every time Ryan selects a command, explaining why they don't notice the battle text.

Posted by CDUB901

@ccampb89 said:

@Medrex said:

You know I'm kinda glad that Ryan and Patrick don't have those inbuilt habits that RPG players get when they play enough. So far it's proven more interesting to watch them learn and celebrate their progress in understanding Chrono trigger than anything I could imagine had they been practiced RPG players. That being said, that last death was kinda painful to watch.

I am in no regard asking them to be seasoned veterans of the genre. Simply put I want them to put their heads to use in the middle of the battle with the wits that hopefully they have gathered over time. I have never beatem CT, I think the farthest I have ever gotten was the first attempt on Ragnaros where is near impossible. However, watching them tackle the Giga boss and not realizing how easy it is to kill one arm and then weaken the other so it's a one hit when they spawn just made me cringe. There have been other occurrences where it just made me want to hit them but the one with the red/blue scouters today just makes me sad.

So what? They beat the boss and it's their first time playing this game all the way through...not everyone knows elitist secrets to the game everytime they play it the first time through

I for one didn't beat Giga like that at all...i used brog and barle to use double cure while we triple raided the head every other turn and not worry about taking out the arms at all....you gonna say i'm wrong too and that my strategy also makes you cringe?

If you cringe based off watching someone play a game...then my best advice to you would be to get off the internet

Posted by Tsuchikage

Aw man, this one was frustrating! Don't queue up so many attacks and don't use magic against elemental Scouts!

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Edit:@aznan sorry for quoting you, got the wrong post :S

@Supercancer said:

Since when did Giant Bomb turn into Youtube? Seriously, these comments are goddamn insane.

maybe because they also appear on youtube and some youtube users use this site now?

@whatisdelicious said:

@Auxin said:

There is a huge difference between how Jeff/Vinny interacted with the stories of Persona and Deadly Premonition and how Ryan/Patrick are interacting with this game. I'm still enjoying the videos, but I'm watching them in the background while I do other things instead of focusing on every moment like I did with the other ERs.

Dude, it's because of Chrono Trigger, not Ryan and Patrick. I'm sure it's a great game, but it's too serious for an Endurance Run. Persona 4 has a good sense of humor, Deadly Premonition is weird as shit, but Chrono Trigger is just boring. I'm sure it's a great game, but not in this context. That's the problem that people need to get. It's not Ryan and Patrick. It's Chrono Trigger. They should've picked Earthbound. Pretty similar in a lot of ways to Chrono Trigger, but it's funny and weird.

But seriously, people need to calm down and stop blaming Ryan and Patrick.

erm, in case you forgot Patrick and Ryan chose this game, so they still can blame them ;)

Posted by Murdoc_

So did they play it on the live show? Will that be posted? Has it been posted already buy labeled differently? I love the endurance runs!

Posted by hermitx


The 1st 10min or so seems blank, but the rest is okay.

Also, they didn't suck this time.

Posted by TheHakku

Yeah! Forget all of you that said they prerecorded the entire Endurance Run. :)

Posted by CurtMan2k7

Wheres todays 1/4/2012? was looking forward to it!?

Posted by DrWhat

I didn't realize "endurance run" meant we were the ones having to do the enduring. This is rough and it's getting rougher, man oh man.

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edit: before someone says "lol u crying because people aren't as good at you at your beloved game", I don't even like CT that much, I don't think I finished it ever, but goddamn. words. reading.

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Posted by Brackynews

Acoustic guitar remix

Posted by Einherjar

So when blue scouts counter all non-water magic, how much brainpower does it require to understand that red scouts counter non-fire magic?

Posted by JimminiBob

Am I a genuis when I beat this game when I was 14 or are these two just idiots.

Posted by Mattalorian

"Ryan, what just happened?"

"I don't know!"

It's telling you on the screen, guys.

Posted by Fei


Posted by FreedomTown

This proves my theory you two don't even really play videogames.

Posted by Food

this made me want to shoot myself. seriously, aren't jeff and vinny the color blind ones? what the fuuuuuuuck.

Posted by BlueMonk3y


Posted by blueinferno

pssssstttt...blue is the color of water, red is the color of fire....they're color coded for a reason!

Posted by AngriGhandi

Lots of people in here totally don't get it.

It's called "endurance run," not "brisk, skillful execution run"

Posted by seintsu

@Food:Yea, this is nothing compared to other endurance runs. A big let down...

Posted by darkdragonmage99

I think Ryan just casted his bufu 

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I had to skip the all the combat, too effin frustrating to watch.

Posted by Valleyheart

Have they learned yet how to run from battle?

Posted by lokilaufey

Ahaha the pissy people in this thread.

Having beaten this game from a clean save several times, as well as gotten all the endings... their fuck ups STILL crack me up. This was hella entertaining.

Don't take it so seriously!

Posted by alucasan

@lokilaufey: I agree game is great...and its called endurance run...its endurance watch also..I challenge myself to watch all.

Also I play along the challenge.

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I don't come here to see these people play video games well.
If they happen to suck, then that's just another type of fun.

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@shaka999 said:

I'm gonna be honest, I never new spincut could miss

2 years later, just wanna say that, yeah, me neither. Can single techs (that aren't magic) miss, I guess? I probably didn't use spincut by itself very much, since Crono has like a zillion better dual techs that are much more worth your time.

And OK, that part where Scouters kept killing them was hysterical. "What did we learn from this death?" The answer is always "Nothing was learned".

Posted by onkel

Remember, no Rushin'.

Posted by Keichan

@valleyheart said:

Have they learned yet how to run from battle?

Wait, you can run from battle in CT? I've beaten the game three fucking times and I didn't know that.