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Posted by deject

This game was fucking awesome. best $6 game I have ever bought.

Posted by Mathey

@SoundChaser said:

Ah, crap. I thought this would be Freedom Force (which was awesome as well and approximately from the same era as well iirc). Still gonna watch.

I saw it live and was convinced I was going to see Minuteman or Microwave appear for a few minutes before I realized my mistake. Still, I played this one too on the Xbox back in the day. Both are worthy of checking out, fo sho.

Posted by InfiniteGeass

Frito Fighters.

Posted by chrispti

Vinny and Drew are the ultimate duo for video commentary.

Posted by IshimuraD

I loved Freedom Fighters so much. I went in with no expectations and it just blew me away. Shame it seems like IO took the whole squad tactics over to Kane & Lynch, which was complete shit, so a Freedom Fighters 2 looks unlikely.

Posted by Mercot

+1,000,000. This game ROCKS.

Posted by CrashTanuki

Such an awesome game and one of the first console games to nail squad controls.

Posted by bkbroiler

Really enjoyed this! Looking forward to more. Some tense action here.

Posted by MajorMitch

Freedom Fighters is amazing!

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shit yes.this is one of my favorite games off all-time,played this so much and the first ghost-recon back in the day. so cool this is getting some GB love.

Posted by Bumpton

I'm glad to see a lot of love for this game! It's totally in my top 10 favorites, but most people I know barely even remember it existing.

Posted by Evilsbane

Watching Vinny play that mission was Tense as hell!

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

This video was awesome! Thanks GB. Vinny and Drew are a great mix and I was nicely entertained. I can't wait for part 2.

Giantbomb, advance!

Edited by bybeach

I missed THIS yesterday...I AM PISSED!!!!!!!!!!

This game is great, am thinking of one more playthrough if it will work. I have it for PC.

Edited by steevl

The worst thing about watching this is knowing that there will probably never be a Freedom Fighters 2. I loved this game.

Also, 25 minutes in and I wished I could have told them about the squad mechanic controls: press a command once to command one guy, hold it to issue that command to everyone.

edit: I see he figured it out!

Posted by McBobbyFresh

How about instead of Vinny loading the last save, as in end of game save (final save), he loads his last save no matter where in the game it was. More often than not the final level of a game is the worst and there would in theory be more games to choose from. Good idea? Bad idea?

Posted by McBobbyFresh

AND... is this game good enough to hold up well from beginning to end today? I never finished it the first time i played.

Posted by steevl

Oh yeah, one other thing: I seem to remember that you can go back to your rebel base at any time by going to a manhole and this will save any progress you've made on that level.

@McBobbyFresh: I haven't played it in a while, but I'd be surprised if it didn't still hold up. Vinny and Drew seemed to be genuinely having fun with it.

Posted by cav86

this was a great video vinny and drew were so funny, more please!

Posted by FlaminB

Love this game!

Posted by jorbear

I never played this game. It is a shame, because this game looks really good.

Posted by zityz

Freedom Fighters is such a great game. Shame a sequel will never happen and I'm glad I held onto my Gamecube copy.

Posted by arcn

For some reason Freedom Fighters keeps reminding me of the video game based on The Thing.

Posted by falling_fast

poor vinny

Posted by chickdigger802

huh. strange that there was widescreen for xbox. I swear the pc version doesn't have that o_O.

Posted by warmonked

aw. I thought it said "Freedom Force" at first. Oh well, maybe in some future Random PC Game...

Posted by prestonhedges

Remember when people used to read the manuals for their games? Yeah, me neither.

Posted by bybeach

The music was so good in this game.

Edited by beard_of_zeus

This game was so fantastic, looks like it still holds up quite well. I loved how you could tackle different parts of each mission in a different order to affect things elsewhere. I used to have a copy of this for the PS2, but it got stolen :(
I remember this last mission being pretty damn hard, even on lower difficulties -  especially the final part at the fortress where you have to raise the four flags.
Also, your dude is a plumber, if I remember correctly, which explains the wrench and poor shooting accuracy. The Freedom Fighters are just regular joes, like you and me!

Posted by HydraHam


Come on GB, it's 2012! bring drew in on the bombcast or put him on more content! 2012! the year of drew-mania!

Posted by deerokus

Underrated classic, this one.  Not really been any games quite like it since then.

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Posted by RandomInternetUser

Wipe them out. TEAM?!

Posted by Tondo

This was one of my favorite games back in the day and this video made me get the game from the warehouse and start playing it again ! Hope you really come back to it and finish the fight.

Posted by Ghostiet
@warmonked said:

aw. I thought it said "Freedom Force" at first. Oh well, maybe in some future Random PC Game...

That would be great. Jesus, we have to propose that, a sequel to that would be great.
Posted by steevl

@xobballox said:

Wipe them out. TEAM?!

Heh, even when it first came out that sounded clumsy.

Get over there!ALL OF YOU!

Posted by DeF

@warmonked said:

aw. I thought it said "Freedom Force" at first. Oh well, maybe in some future Random PC Game...

in the forum thread I noted that I always mix those two titles up :D

I'd love to see them play Freedom Force as well, though!

Watching this kinda reminded me of watching Rorie play Dark Souls. That feeling of "Oh my god, what's around the next corner? Do I have enough stuff? Do I go back and revive my guys or save it for myself?" - it's extremely fun to watch. At least for me!

Posted by ZagZagovich

I LOVE THIS GAME! Love it. Too bad it never got a sequel and homefront was shit.

Posted by falpatrick

The aiming is so much better in the PC. Bloody great game. Remember it fondly and this LOLS was fantastic. Roll on part 2!

Posted by BruceBonsai

This was such a good game. I really hoped they would have showed some of the multiplayer though. :(

Posted by bybeach

A worthless suggestion because it is too late, but Vinny could have avoided some awkwardness and in my opinion initially enjoyed the game if he had played the PC version of this game. I noticed the imput being kind of funny because of mapping and such, whereas on the K+M it was straightforward and smooth.

I say this though because it was Vinny who reminded me by a remark of his I think on the Bombcast, that he uses a controller for many PC games, and that reminder has helped me with titles like Space Marine, Fallout 3 and such.

Posted by TheThirdMan

Start from the beginning! Vinny and Drew Freedom Fighters Endurance Run! So impressed they came into this cold and finished the level. I remember this game being hard as shit.

Posted by teekomeeko

I was laughing during the whole video. Great commentary and the game looks super-cool as well.

Posted by Citizengamer

Great pick for LOLS. The storyline is decent enough (in that "Red Dawn" sort of way, except less nihilistic) and the gameplay really shines. I don't think I've come across a game since that combines the basic squad command stuff with an overarching strategic element (e.g. take out the attack helipad to stop the Hind from shooting up your resistance fighters, or take out the troop transport helicopter to stop Soviet reinforcements). I remember being furious whenever one of my resistance fighters would be killed (rather than just wounded) -- that happened toward the end on the last level when my squad ran smack into one of the heavily armored Soviet soldiers on a stairwell. The Soviet knocked down one of my fighters, unloaded his heavy machine gun clip into him while he was lying on the ground ... and then was promptly beaten to death by my angry squad.

Posted by Max21

Love this game

Posted by JJOR64

That video was fantastic. Easily the best LOLS so far.

Posted by cikame

Better on pc, amazing game.

Posted by MeatSim

This almost got me to dig up my Gamecube and plug it in just to play this.

Posted by Largo6661

the game has an autoaim just look at them ans pull the trigger, no need to zoom in lol

Posted by BetaMax

Represent da FCK Son!