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Posted by JasonR86

The worst part about that wall of text is that last sentence at the end. It makes me feel old because I can barely understand what the fuck it's saying.

Posted by BraindeadRacr

Sometimes the hyperbole way is the most effective shortcut around :3

Posted by Claude

People don't like Hyperbole. But my head hurts too.

Edited by BraindeadRacr

Yeah it's 2012, it's too late, it's overdone. However, my choices seem uncanny enough to make this worthwhile. That and I haven't played any Wii games besides Zelda Skyward Sword and I didn't play Batman Arkham City nor Modern Warfare 3. Yes, impale me to a razor-wire-tipped chainlink fence while sounding the Silent Hill air raid alarm. I'm a sinner.

Also, the odd number? Well these 4 games are really the only games I came back to in 2011. The ones that I couldn't keep down for long, even after completion. That plus the games I list being great fun is what truely make them winners, atleast to me.


It's been too damn long since a good, long single player game came out. Y'know, one of those games where you somewhat have to adjust for. Those games you have to sit down with and go the whole nine yards with. Long before Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim knocked on the door of single-player stardom Deus Ex rocked out and came up with a very fresh take on RPGs.

I loved the story, I loved the characters and I loved how the game's mechanics worked in its favor. Like the personality system allowing more dialogue paths, the various praxis abilities allowing very different ways into a mission area and generally the hubs are just right in the size and content. You're never in one area for too long.

There are a few reasons as to why it's fourth, but none of 'em are so bad that it warrants a low spot. Afterall every game on this list comes with a checklist of fucking problems... One and by a mile the biggest; The crazy ass ending. Two and a close running up to one; The royal pain in the ass, the flow killer, the 'what the hell is this?' moment - The boss fight. There's four, 2 of which are straight forward kill him before he kills you. One's a bit hectic and requires input from your surroundings(which was a bit better but still flatout crap) and the very last? I still don't know just what the hell I was doing nor what was going on...

Despite that and Adam being on the same emotional chart as Steven Seagal, it was one of the finest games I've ever played.


The Challenger couldn't have been a better choice for Tanner.

I've always been a Driver fanboy. There's no denying that. I'm a car lover. I've had alot of cars in my time, I work at a muscle car shop and I've watched so many car movies since... ever. Yeah basically I'm a enviromental petrolium warhead. I'm Al Gore's worst enemy. I'm the type who'd trench your garden with a 6 litre Buick and backfire on purpose just to mark your territory with the 'fuck you' of the road. Well now that I lost you, atleast we can both agree Prius' are just... ugly, c'mawn.

Anywaaayyyy... Driver's history isn't just shakey. It's a earthquake. Driver was well recieved, Driver 2 was somewhat recieved as well. Driver 3(DRIV3R) was a cataclysmic failure. It couldn't have been more of a rip-off on the Grand Theft Auto series, even with the killable 'collectibles' being renamed Tommy Vercetti's, it didn't just fail as a clone, it failed miserably as a Driver title. Driver: Parallel Lines was a improvement, yes. Way the hell better, even. Still not a Driver game, still a Grand Theft Auto clone.

Now it's back, back in San Francisco, back in the muscle car ridden playground with nothing but cars, so no guns, no walking, no flying, just driving. It's one-trick-pony, the "Shift" mechanic is really fun. It ofcourse now defines the game. But, like I already called it, it's a one trick pony. They can't do this another time and have it maintain the same level of fun. The Shift mechanic combined with the open world of San Francisco, littered with 120+ licensed vehicles with quite realistic damage modelling that I'd call DiRT/GRiD combined with Forza's cosmetic option. Your car will look like it's about to lose all it's parts on the next bump but it won't affect the preformance.

In the end it's one chaotic, crazy and somewhat realistic package. The closest thing to a proper and well done 1970's car chase flick in game form. It's the Red Dead Redemption of it's genre, and yes it's one looooong shot to say that but dare to argue - There's no competitors to Driver, just itself. But the important thing is the series has reclaimed it's former glory, not all of it but just enough to now be able to get going again.

The drawbacks to this game come in somewhat annoying forms; My biggest complaint is the variety of cars being locked to your progress. Every mission you do has a different set of pedestrian cars driving around, if you've played Driver San Francisco you'll know exactly what I mean. The second complaint? The story pans out with Tanner being in a coma, so the story minus the first 2 and the last 2 missions is just Tanner working out how the hell his coma mind-tricks work.

Quantum Leap + Driving Game + Licensed Vehicles? Yes plix.


The now painfully fucking annoying "WHHYYYY? :