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Posted by myslead


Posted by UitDeToekomst

oh man, this is like my deranged Civ/Xcom obsessed brain's dream finally come true. if it ends up along the lines of Civ: Rev would be a little disappointing, but as long as they keep it turn-based, and keep it fun i'll be happy.

Posted by Roger778

Me, personally, I'm going to stick with the FPS XCOM Game that's coming out in March, but I'm very happy that 2K Games has decided to make a strategy game for the hardcore fans.

Posted by Hayamo

I don't know why Patrick singled out Civ Rev in the article over all the other Civ games, but regardless this piques my interest. I never had any experience with X-Com and the FPS just didn't look appealing to me. I'm sure I'll play this one over the FPS because 1. it will probably be cheaper and 2. there's a better chance of it being good. So do your best Firaxis or else everyone will hate you!

Posted by ninjalegend

I just saw a great interview with some guys from Firaxis that show they really get what made X-COM so good. If they execute, man that game would be interesting. They talk about difficulty, perma death, and the feeling of dread from the fog of war. They touch on destructible environments from the first game as well. One of the guys says he is a huge tactical fan siting Final Fantasy Tactics as his favorite. For me, it sounds perfect storm. Please, don't F this up Firaxis.

Posted by SLowrAM

A perfect match!

Posted by cassus

Xenonauts, it's an indie remake of the original x-com game. Kinda feel bad for those guys now, they've put some hard work into that game. It is a very true rendition of the original x-com, though, so for real hardcore fans, it might end up better than what Firaxis is making. I bought it the other day and I've had a little time noodling with it, so far it seems very nice. It's a paid alpha, though, so expect bugs.If you're into supporting indie devs, Google Xenonauts.

Posted by SuperSambo

@Hayamo said:

I don't know why Patrick singled out Civ Rev in the article over all the other Civ games

I am guessing as the remake will be on the 360 and PS3 as well.

Posted by Amafi

Can't wait.

Even if Firaxis somehow fucks up, it's bound to still be the best xcom game out since '93.

In the meantime I'll keep playing the open source UFO Alien Invasion.

Posted by Funkydupe

I just hope I can build and improve a base of some kind. I enjoyed that aspect of the game.

Posted by gike987

This video made me more hyped for this game than I have ever been for a game. They really seems to get what made the original one of the best games of all time.

Posted by Alkaiser

Please be a good game. I'll temper my expectations, just please be a fun strategy game.

Posted by Vercinger

@ChaosDent: Haha, i never realized ALL their games start with "Sid Meier's" :D

On topic, I'm looking forward to this, so hopefully Firaxis won't fail to deliver a quality product.

Edited by dvorak

Firaxis has never made a bad game. There's no developer I would have more trust in doing justice to X-Com.

The fact that you can only claim to having played a few missions of TFTD and put "Be Still, Heart" in the title of the article is a little precious.

Posted by xxizzypop

Reading this article, X-COM is not something I can read anymore, the word has been ruined. XCOMXCOMXCOM.COM.

Posted by Dredlockz

This and new Jagged Alliance game coming out in 3 weeks. Time to party like it's 1999!