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Posted by Avisole

BF3 not even in the top 10 most played is quite the surprise.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Can't believe GoW 3 is at the top & Deus Ex is no where to be seen.
Interesting data set.  My gaming proclivities are definitely not in the
flow with other xbox gamers.  Sad to hear about Yar's Revenge 
sucking.  Maybe they'll offer a discount?

Posted by SilverArrows

Gears is Number 1 .... thats great .... loved it, and love the fact that it beat out Skyrim and everything else.

Posted by Sander

I love stats, -drool-

Posted by Blaster101

You have put an incredible amount of content on the Board. Very impressive. It will take me some time to look through it all But that I shall. Nice work.

Posted by Kenshinfan818

Glad to see Bastion up there. Such a good game and deserves every accolade it can get.