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Posted by DeF

sounds familiar. there's something to be said for taking a break and enjoying the flashy new thing and then coming back to something familiar yet still different enough that is based in simplicity and fun.

it's easier to appreciate Nintendo's games after not having played any of them for a while.

Edited by mac_n_nina

I might sound completely remedial right now, but wii has made me like playing games again. I grew up with nintendo and stuck with them until gcube. I bought a wii at launch, but the lack of hd really turned me off. So after I beat zelda tp, which took me a year and a half to beat, I shelved the system and mainly played 360 and ps3. I was big into halo and for a while I was competitive in it. After about 2 years of that I was completely burnt out from playing games and I felt like I just played them because it was something to do when I was at home and not because I actually enjoyed them. So about two years ago I started playing super mario galaxy and super mario bros pretty often. Now it's all I want to play. It's just like taking me back to the days when I played to have fun. I just got mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land and playing all of this mario and zelda shit is like crack. When I play that's what I want to play. End of discussion.