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Posted by Rongaryen

@C_Cage: It's from the Persona 4 Endurance Run Episode 33.

Posted by shodan2020

Bucca's pretty awesome with her full Taban armor set.

Posted by bslayer

That was a long episode. Which is awesome. I wonder what side quest they'll do next.

Posted by gryphon_gold

I know some douchebags are gonna rage at them know matter what, but Patrick and Ryan did a pretty decent job this episode.

Posted by The_Ruiner

@Rongaryen: what is that clip from?

Posted by Zidane_24

Wonder if they'll get around to doing the Sunstone quest. And even if they do, I wonder if they'll make the connection with the rainbow shell. I lucked out when I first played CT because I did the Sunstone first. Ah well, they're doing fine as it is.

Posted by Eboria

I've missed a couple of episodes, but aren't they pretty close to the end?

Posted by allenibrahim

@Eboria: Yup. They're still doing side quests though. If they finish doing these, the next story bit is the final dungeon.

Posted by Max_Cherry

I don't understand. Why don't they just put Barle in their party to get into her castle???

Posted by CookieMonster

'Cue Black Eyed Peas Song'

Oh dear.

Posted by csl316

@Eboria said:

I've missed a couple of episodes, but aren't they pretty close to the end?

Sort of, it's side quest time to prep for the finale. Which may take a while, from the looks of it.

Posted by yoshimitz707

@charlie_victor_bravo said:

"We can always reload"


What's wrong with that? They've done it before in the Deadly Premonition ER.

Posted by cikame

Should probably go back to the court to get the sparkly.... nevermind.

Posted by Skooky

What the fuck are they even trying to do?

Edited by SlightConfuse

give brono the mp ring if your not going to use ethers mid battle

also stop ignoring byla, she is the strongest

Posted by Murdoc_

Awesome episode guys! I know you took some time looking around, but you finished what you set out to do, so I enjoyed it all!

Posted by Quarters

They did a good job this episode, usual silliness notwithstanding. Also, glad that they realize there's more to the Melchior stuff. Hopefully they'll remember that if they do the Sun Stone quest(God help them). At this rate, they should definitely be able to be the skeleton back in Fiona's quest.

Posted by Zeemod

You were tried in court, accused of heresy, about to be executed, escaped death....

Sound familiar????

Posted by WiqidBritt

I am so glad I skipped most of that first twenty-one minutes of blindly poking around waiting for the game to smack them in the face and tell them exactly what they needed to do.

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

"How did we miss this?"

I don't know. Maybe it's because you don't explore areas?

Posted by MeatSim

Another side quest finished. On to the next one.

Posted by Mathey

Barle and Bobo, a love for the ages!

Posted by SilverMyon

It's interesting to hear their thought process. Too bad they did not get the Prism Dress for the ladies, but they are obviously not into girls.

Also, the anti-climax when they almost re-visited the blue pyramid ruins.Will they ever discover the secrets of that place?

Posted by Redhotchilimist

I love this sidequest, the mood and music is so great. Glad you found it.

Posted by mavs



Posted by Draxyle

Some good progress, They've already leveled enough that they should have no trouble with the rest I would think.

Over-thinking things is leading them to their demise, but I don't blame them. There's nothing that truly indicates the end of a quest, especially when some overlap. I'm glad they're trying to make absolutely sure rather than missing important things.

I do hope they take another stab at Skeletor soon, though I bet they'll do Brogs quest next.

Posted by CaptainSandwich

@SilverMyon said:

It's interesting to hear their thought process. Too bad they did not get the Prism Dress for the ladies, but they are obviously not into girls.

Also, the anti-climax when they almost re-visited the blue pyramid ruins.Will they ever discover the secrets of that place?

Yeah....friggin' Swallow, man. Safe Helm's alright, too (I like the automatic block pose and yellow glow).

As for the Prism Dress, you can get another one by charming Zeal's right hand (to our left). Just stomped Black Omen and got that.

Byla for life.

Posted by Sorla10

nope, nothing here, the best helmet in the game is definately not here

Posted by LosDub

would they need to take a boat to that whirlpool thing?

Posted by LiquidSwords


Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Alright judging by the comments it seems their A.D.D. is in full effect for this episode. Can't wait to rage hard and cut my eyelids off because that's how hardcore I am.

Posted by Mezmero

You guys are still the greatest of Chrono Trigger players. I enjoyed the episode as always but you guys have got to start doing dramatic line readings as soon as possible. You are in the end game now and I love Ryan's character voice work from stuff like Preview Theater and the Bombcast. I wouldn't mind some of Patrick's voice acting as well. I beg that you guys try to make the end of this series spectacular. A Japanese voice cast would be da bomb. I don't even remember the ending of this game but I want it to be downright grandiose by the end of the run.

I wonder is history has ever produced a monarchy that forces palace guards and villagers to know exactly one piece of information. JRPGs and all that noise. Keep going!

Posted by fisk0

@LittlemanBodie said:

What is Portishead?

Wait, did they mention Portishead in the video and I missed it? The Undersea Palace/Rainbow Shell basement song has some similarities to one of Portishead's early songs, Unfinished Sympathies, can't see anybody mentioning it in the comments though.

Posted by bio595

I wonder if they will return if they get the Sun Stone. the Rainbow sword you get is fucking awesome.

Posted by Brodehouse

@fisk0: Unfinished Sympathy is a Massive Attack song.

Posted by Oobir

Ever since my mother commented on how similar Theme from A Summer Place sounds to the Guardia Castle theme, I have been unable to hear anything else in the castle.

It was good to see them work Yakra so easily. I think it had an area confusion attack that could have been a major nuisance, but I remember it being a fairly simple fight as these endgame sidequests go.

Posted by RuisuX

I wonder how they'll do against the Son of the Sun in the Sun Stone sidequest. Definitely one of the hardest bosses to go up against without a guide or hints.

Posted by DudeSupreme

I love how they never quite figure out how to bet on the runners for the footrace whenever they go back to the fair. :)

Glad they went for the helms, that dress would get no play in their usual lineup.

What Ryan needs to do next is go to the past, buy a bunch of Ruby Armors, head the future and fight the Son of the Sun and then head back for that Rainbow sword! Critical hits!!!

Posted by Snowsprite

my response is laughing really hard and going 'oh my god you guys are terrible'

@Rongaryen said:

Reading the comments to every video of this endurance run, I feel like this is the response that most people seem to be having. Jeff sums it up pretty well.

Posted by MeetThePyro

@LiquidSwords said:


My thoughts exactly

Posted by golguin

The Chancellor music reminds me a lot of Kefka's theme. As for the rainbow shell stuff I remember getting a Rainbow sword so I was surprised there wasn't an option to get it. I suppose I got it somewhere else.

Edited by Sinkwater

@Javking said:

Dual healing techs. The way forward. I physically twitch every time I see him use Heal Beam.

But don't get me wrong, I am LOVING this ER.

I don't think Bobo and Barle have the dual healing tech until Barle learns Cure 2.

Eep, nvm. Just looked it up. Apparently they have 2 healing dual techs.

Posted by littlemanbodie

@fisk0: Naw, I was just watching a ton of their videos before hand and decided to blurt that out as soon as the ER posted. Sorry for the confusion.

Posted by falling_fast

their incompetence is actually funny this time.

Edited by Dan_CiTi

Ah, this translation is poor. The Old Man at the End of Time tells you to talk to your party members for help, hints, or direction on the sidequests in the DS translation, in this one he doesn't, or he KIND OF does but it is very very vague.

Posted by ArchTeckGuru8

They have time ADD, im surprised they didnt go for the blue pyramid.

Posted by mrpandaman

Idk but I'm just imagining all the characters from saints row the third in here. Like Oleg would be bobo, Pierce is brog, bucca is kinzie, viola is barle, shaundi is byla and angel/ mayor Reynolds/josh birk is bagus.

Posted by Shaneman

Google audio transcribe captions are amazing.

Hyper-ether becomes "Fatburger. Yes sir."

Posted by Vague_Optimism

Man... I'm pretty sure they're going to breeze right past it, but I would be SO FUCKING STOKED to see their reactions to the Bucca sidequest...

Posted by TheHakku

Well, whatever.