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Posted by DarkTravesty

what makes this quicklook better is that the character amy is autistic apparently.

Posted by Phoenix87

This is seriously reminding me of the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run. I'm digging the Vinny/Patrick combination.

Posted by FieldCommanderRick

Haven't seen this much teabagging since the VGAs.

Posted by CitizenKane
Ah, disconnected hand!!!
Posted by RobertOrri

Ladies first!

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@PerfidiousSinn said:

This game is misunderstood. It's a parody of how horror games haven't progressed in 15 years.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent says harro how ya doin'

I know you are kidding so that's okay.

Posted by XenoNick

Didn't seem as bad as i thought. Might get this when its in a sale or something.

Posted by Sooty

What is the deal with that framerate? Unacceptable!

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Lexis Numerique should really just stick to the PooYoos.

In fact this should be a horror game starring the PooYoos. A terrifying band of murderous baby animals!

Posted by Ronald

Oh, an hour. This is going to be painful... for Vinny and Patrick. Can't wait.

Yes, exactly, it's an upside down lambda symbol. Half-Life 3 viral marketing has outdone everyone else by having a full game made just to market it.

So, when you zombify you just fall over?

Still, there is a piece of me that wants to play this, because it looks terrible and I want to see how that holds up for the entire game.

Posted by CptBedlam

Hmm yeah, it might not be a good game but judging from this QL this doesn't look like the worst game ever either.

Posted by LiquidSwords

@RobertOrri said:

Ladies first!

Do you like candy?!

Posted by Cozmicaztaway

@Draxyle said:

This makes me want there to be a survival horror with a small child as a protagonist. There would be a good reason that you wouldn't have the combat skill, but you'd have the maneuverability to run away and get through obstacles. Though it would be really difficult to make that work effectively, it'd be interesting to see.

While it's not a survival horror game, there's an amazing level in Tribes: Vengeance where you play as an 11-year old princess just fleeing for your life into vents and stuff while the guards die trying to save you. Might not work for an entire game, but it's pretty neat since the rest of the game people run from you (or should, anyway. Spinfusor-disc to the FACE!).

Posted by zakkro

As someone who admired Deadly Premonition's quirk, there's a line between "Well, it's not great, but it's certainly unique" and "Well, it's not great. Which is to say it's awful." This game seems to veer more towards the latter, but I haven't played it, so eh.

Posted by Tsuchikage

Amy doesn't look terrible. The combat seems bad and the framerate is awful, but it doesn't look like a complete piece of crap (a la Postal III).

Posted by fini_fly

@LiquidSwords said:

@RobertOrri said:

Ladies first!

Do you like candy?!

Should this picture get it's own meme? Because I can see greatness coming from the Giant Bomb community with it.

Posted by Sweep

Posted by cikame

Lots to like, this needs a hd remake... by another company.

Posted by Residentrevil2

An Amy Endurance Run would be great/terrible! Too bad it would only last a episodes...

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I was expecting much worse after all the fuss people were making, especially for $10. Not even Deadly Premonition was $10 and there's a mad DP vibe from this.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Give Uncle Scrotor a hug!

Posted by JJOR64

This game makes Deadly Premonition look like the best game ever made.

Posted by JohnDudebro

No, I don't want to Dig Deeper into Amy! Sickos!

Posted by Murdoc_

"This game doesn't look bad" Really, Vinny? I dunno man, the lighting and shaders are pretty sloppy making the whole thing a bit muddy.

Posted by Murdoc_


Yeah getting DP flashbacks from this but without all the hilarious crazy.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

A compilation of all of the bad things from traditional survival horror games without any of the good stuff.

Posted by Cazamalos

everything in this game is bad

Posted by Sogeman

I hate Zombie games so it's good that it's terrible

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That was more praise for DP than I ever heard from Vinny. I thought Deadly Premonition kind of hit him negatively with the combat..and it does. But the strong praise afterwards really suprised me. I listened to it 3 times because they were saying 'devs' and had started off with Silent Hill., but no seemed to be DP.

I liked Marcello in a way. In the end who would you trust, Marcello or some brilliant scientist that felt compelled to develop a deadly flu hybrid virus..for science of course? A big heart can definitly be worth more than a big brain, something that has been bothering me because of the news lately and to some extant the theme of this game.

Amy isn't as bad as I thought it would be..that isn't praise, just a comment.

'I'm NOT Infected!'..got him far...

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The faces. My God, the faces. Uncanny Valley barely covers this shit.

I would prefer to see default Shepard and Agent York smiling in my dreams for the rest of eternity than to see any of these characters emote for 5 hours.

Posted by cloudnineboya
  • 'im pimping'
  • it would be so cool to watch Vinny and Patrick play through the full game.best laugh at a quick look i have had in a while
  • SIREN blood curse is a excellent game, best download game i have played from psn
Posted by MediumDave

Is she related to Sam Fisher? Why does she have a green dot on her back? Did I blank out when they mentioned it?

Posted by Murdoc_

Is that the death screen from Resident Evil? :/

Posted by Mandrewgora

Endurance run material?

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All you need to know is that yeah I would put this in the same category as Deadly Premonition. Except with a dash of Heavy Rain, you know, for all the weird European character jank for good measure.

Posted by End_Boss

@Sweep said:

You're a racist.

Posted by Leekspin

WOW this looks bad. Horrible dialog, bad graphics, bad animations, horrible frame rate. Did they let an intern code the engine?

Posted by Tondo

God damn, this looks bad. a shame really, because I think it looked kinda cool in the previews and I think it still has some neat ideas, but the execution just isnt there.. but like Patrick said its not a total peace of shit as some of the review make it out to be.

Atleast it made a great quicklook if nothing else :P

Posted by aceofspudz

Ladiezzz foist!

Posted by Elvenstein

The first time they got smoked was pretty much the greatest.

Posted by captainanderson

It seems like the developers of this game don't believe in QA testers.

Posted by Summoboomo

Patrick I appreciate you repping Siren!

@Murdoc_: It is pretty difficult to get Vinny to say bad things about your game. Duder's the personification of 'it's not that bad.'

Posted by Milk_Jester

Amy Endurance Run please!

Posted by FritzDude

You are tearing me apart Amy!!!

Posted by Murdoc_

@Mandrewgora: Id like to see them do some more classic JRPGs, but I'd settle for this as well. But I'd still like to see more endurance runs regardless of the game!

Posted by Aegeri

Surivival horror games that rely on combat being terrible as a crutch to make things scary are the worst. At least with DP no matter how broken that was, the combat could be easily trivialized if you got some decent weapons from doing side quests.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Like Patrick, I don't think AMY deserves all the really negative reviews and criticisms its been getting. There are much worse games out there for full retail $60, and this is only $10. For $10, it seems there's a decent game here. The graphics are really great for a downloadable game, but man that frame rate is terrible. Hopefully when this comes out on PC, it will run better. I plan on buying it on Steam when it's out for PC, otherwise I'll probably only play it if it's free or 50% off on PSN Plus. Considering how bad the frame rate is on XB360, I can only imagine it'd be much worse on PS3.

Posted by laserbolts

@CookieMonster said:

@alibson said:

Man, this game looks terrible. Reminds me of Deadly Premonition.

That makes no sense. Does it look terrible, or amazing?

Terrible obviously.
Posted by jonnyboy

Downloaded demo, played like a bad version of Silent Hill 2, and I didn't even like Silent Hill 2.

Posted by lordofultima

This is amazing, Endurance Run. I'm sure Patrick and Vinny would be up for it! Vinny is always game.