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Posted by dankempster

Day Twelve - Counsel from the Greybeards

Once again I began my day early, leaving Breezehome before the sun rose and heading to Dragonsreach to collect the bounty on the bandits at Redoran's Retreat. Proventus thanked me for my services to the Jarl and paid me a hundred gold coins for my trouble. From there, I left Whiterun and headed for Pelagia Farm. I recognised the farm's windmill as being identical to the one drawn on the treasure map I found in the bandits' hideout yesterday, and assuming I was reading it correctly, I would find its treasure on a rocky outcrop jutting out from the mountain to the south. I scaled the mountain's northern face with no trouble, and found the chest I was seeking nestled amongst some boulders. It did not contain much - just a couple of semi-precious gems and a few gold coins - but the thrill of successfully following the map to its treasure more than made up for the quality of the treasure itself.

After returning to the main road outside Whiterun, I consulted my map and plotted my route to High Hrothgar. My first port of call was the village of Ivarstead, located on the eastern side of the Throat of the World. From there, it would be a simple case of ascending the Seven Thousand Steps to reach the Greybeards' monastery at High Hrothgar. My journey to Ivarstead was a relatively simple one, retracing the steps I took to Mistwatch, and then beyond and into the Rift as the path turned back on itself in its ascent to the foot of Tamriel's tallest mountain. I met with no resistance, although I did encounter a courier being attacked by a pair of wolves. Unfortunately I arrived too late to save him, although I was able to prevent the beasts from doing harm to anyone else. On his body I found a note, which I slipped into my pocket for future reference - perhaps once this business with the Greybeards was done, I would be able to deliver the message myself.

I arrived in Ivarstead just past midday, and decided to rest for a short while before beginning my ascent of the Seven Thousand Steps. While waiting at the foot of the Steps, I was approached my a local man named Klemmik, who asked me if I was planning to climb to High Hrothgar. When I told him I was, he asked if I might do him a favour and deliver some supplies to the Greybeards to save his legs from having to make the journey. I agreed, and he handed me a sack of preserved meats, telling me to leave it in the offerings chest at the top of the Steps. I slipped the small sack into my own, and began my climb. It proved much easier than I'd anticipated - maybe all this gallivanting from one corner of the province to the other is keeping me fit! The only genuine obstacle I faced was a meddlesome Frost Troll near the top of the Steps. I was forced to use my fire-breathing power to subdue it, and even then I'm not sure I would have survived without the support of a strong blade and a sturdy shield.

A sudden blizzard signalled my arrival at High Hrothgar, and I wasted no time in slinging the sack of supplies into the offerings chest and throwing myself through the door of the monastery to escape the bitter winds - it would seem that time spent in Cyrodiil has softened this old Nord's resilience to the weather of his homeland. Once inside, one of the Greybeards approached me. His name was Arngeir, and he proved very helpful in terms of answering my questions and providing some clarity to the more confusing aspects of the last fortnight. He explained to me that the Dragonborn are a specially selected few, mortals selected by Akatosh to bear the blood of dragons, and able to steal their powers as well. He informed me that the powers I'd been learning were called 'Shouts', or 'Thu'um' - ancient powers contained within Words of Power, spoken by the dragons themselves. Being Dragonborn would facilitate mastery of these Shouts, explaining why I'd taken to them so readily.

In order to determine whether or not I truly am Dragonborn, the Greybeards set me three trials to pass. The first of these was to learn the second Word of Power associated with the Unrelenting Force Shout - "Ro!". Another of the Greybeards, Einarth, taught me this new word and imbued me with the power to use it. I was then tasked with using the Unrelenting Force Shout to attack three targets. After this began my second trial - this one involving a new Word of Power, "Wuld!", and a new Shout, Whirlwind Sprint. After a third Greybeard, Borri, had taught me the word and made me able to use it, I was challenged to use the Shout to pass through a gate at a distance, before it shut. Again, I proved myself more than capable.

The Greybeards seemed very impressed with my progress and natural affinity to the Voice, but they have given one last trial to test me before they will truly consider me Dragonborn. I have been asked to head to Ustengrav, an old Nordic barrow not far from the city of Morthal. There, I am to use my newly-learned Shouts to navigate the ruin's depths and retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller, founder of the Greybeards. If I am able to survive the ruins, find the horn, and bring it back to High Hrothgar, Arngeir and his brothers will recognise me as Dragonborn, and continue to train me in the Way of the Voice.

It was already past midnight by the time I left High Hrothgar and began my descent of the Seven Thousand Steps, and I did not arrive back in Ivarstead until almost 4:00am. As soon as I was back in the village, I headed for the Vilemyr Inn and rented a bed for the rest of the night. It is from that bed that I write this now. Klemmik is probably in bed right now, and so I have decided to wait until morning to inform him of the successful delivery. Beyond that, I am not sure what tomorrow holds for me. I guess I shall find out on the other side of sleep. Until then,

Ever Honest,

Lenah'd Retsmek


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