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Posted by FluxWaveZ

This is... very strange.

Posted by afs262

If nothing else this thing has terminator references...sold

Posted by m2cks

Oh man, having Ryan and Tim standing that close to each other only fuels my theory that they were separated at birth.

Posted by kimchibomb


Edited by Chtasm

I was going to end up drowning in lava sooner or later. Might as well do it now.

EDIT: and before anyone asks, my entire respiratory system is made up of a diamond thread composite material. So I can drown in lava, thanks.

Posted by Lifestrike

God, is it just me or does Tim really look like a muppet?

I really started noticing that after the Sesame Street game.

Edited by cowdrunk

Man Tim sorta' looks like a smaller version of Ryan.

It's wierding me out.

Posted by mlarrabee

All right! Now we're getting somewhere...

Posted by Lionheart377

Just sold me a Kinect.

Posted by acapobianco4

ya you do

Posted by spookygiant

I need this