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Posted by vikingdeath1


Posted by GrimFandango9

Tim is a legend, glad he has the freedom to do stuff like this at Double Fine.

Posted by Sveppi

Oh my.. I want this so much

Posted by bcc

Patrick looks like he's in the final segment of Nick Arcade in the monsters activity.

Posted by bombHills

This makes me want a Kinect.

Posted by Chippy180

@SlackerMonkey said:

That was pretty damn amazing. Also every interview should now be done in lava.

I agree with everything you said. Except for that last part, which should be "...every interview should now be done UNDER lava".

Posted by SpaceKangaroo


Posted by SlackerMonkey

That was pretty damn amazing. Also every interview should now be done in lava.

Posted by Nmckee503

Really wasn't sure about this when it was announced, but damn it looks fun.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Hot damn, this game justifies the existence of Kinect.

Posted by Killer_Babomb

The tittle of this game makes me giggle.

Posted by smiddy

The best use of Kinect so far.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Just turn this on in the background at a party. I could see inebriated people having endless fun with this, and no-one ever has to touch a controller. It just goes.

If you own a kinect and often have people over, you need this.

Posted by TruthTellah

I now want to see an extended staff Quick Look devoted to this activity. This is my favorite thing to appear from Kinect yet.

Posted by therealminime

Double Fine just sold me on Kinect, nicely done.

Posted by TheWyotee93

That lava looks AMAZING!

Posted by Figyg

Ryan makes Tim look skinny...

Posted by PXAbstraction

Man, my employer just had our annual conference last weekend. We had a bunch of Wii stations setup for the party at the end for people to drunkenly play Wii Sports on. They really enjoyed them but this would have been amazing to have there and I know people would have loved it. Wish it came out sooner, I could have expensed a Kinect. :) Maybe next year.

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Davis needs his own talk show.

Posted by coaxmetal

This is the best looking kinect property I have seen anything about, kinda makes me want it.

Also yea, usually I ignore QLEXs but all of the doublefine ones are amazing.

Posted by gbrading

Probably the best use of Kinect thus far. And it's not even a "game". Also, probably one of the best QLEXs ever as well. I remember this and Trenched well.

Posted by danimal_furry

This game looks awesome, and I am an adult... accorsing to age.

Posted by TheHT

I am disappointed there was no self-human-centipede made in that first activity.

Posted by mrcraggle

This has to be a must buy for any Kinect owners at 800 MS points.

Posted by christ0phe

I can't see this game selling a lot of copies...

Posted by Mordi
@Jimmi said:

This game would be beyond frightening on LSD...

This game *will* be beyond frightening on LSD.
Posted by Vague_Optimism

5:37 Ryan IS E. Honda

Posted by Jedted

@KickahaOta said:

Too. Many. Balls.

That's what she said! :)

Edited by SpikeDelight

Tim Schaeffer looks like Ryan with less facial hair.

Also, I'm the editor of most of the TV commercials they made fun of at the beginning :P

Posted by Moncole

Now I have to buy an Xbox, Kinect, XBL membership, this game and a hotdog costume

Posted by Jimmi

This game would be beyond frightening on LSD...

Posted by Peetabix

I hope this game does really well. Might have to get a kinect now.

Posted by WurmHat

Raz in the dance activity.... Instant buy.

Posted by KickahaOta

Too. Many. Balls.

Posted by thenexus

@PolygonSlayer said:

Best use of Kinect I've seen so far lol and... WHY is Patrick in a hotdog suit!!?? hahaha

Why Not?

Posted by NinetySevenA

Double fine are so creative. What a great studio and a great quick look. This made me half sold on a Kinect. I did however tell my sister who has one that she needs to buy this game.

Posted by wh1terav3n

Quick Look of the Year.

Posted by TheChaos

Always bet on Double Fine.

Posted by chilipeppersman

awesome quick look guys, game looks like a riot as well!

Posted by Dberg

This is completely nuts. Hence forth, Double Fine is the only company allowed to do QL EX.

Posted by Constable_Wiggum

Back of the Box:

This is okay for adults AND kids on drugs - Giantbomb

Posted by PolygonSlayer

Best use of Kinect I've seen so far lol and... WHY is Patrick in a hotdog suit!!?? hahaha

Posted by ptc

I wish it was $5, but I'll buy it for $10. I think my kid will like it.

Posted by NaeemTHM

Kinect's existence has been validated.

Well done Double Fine.

Posted by digitalslice


Posted by PimblyCharles

This was almost as good as that time Tim Schafer was chasing the Giant Bomb crew around trying to give them pink eye

Posted by biggiedubs

@Shaka999 said:

This is fucking amazing.

There's still no way in hell I'm buying a Kinect.

Quoted for Truth. But maybe when Kinnect comes with the new xbox.....

Posted by Xenctuary

Stop being such a hot dog, Patrick!

Posted by mbr2

@End_Boss said:

Cute, but not really a game. Wouldn't waste my money on it, because let's face it, you go through these little "activities" once (maybe twice) and you're done with them.

Maybe for kids, I guess. But as the Giant Bomb crew has said before, popular media often underestimates how smart kids are. I think they would see through how thin this shit is pretty quick.

What you said applies to EVERY GAME EVER but in this case you don't pay $60.

Posted by Shaka999

This is fucking amazing.

There's still no way in hell I'm buying a Kinect.