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Cute, but not really a game. Wouldn't waste my money on it, because let's face it, you go through these little "activities" once (maybe twice) and you're done with them.

Maybe for kids, I guess. But as the Giant Bomb crew has said before, popular media often underestimates how smart kids are. I think they would see through how thin this shit is pretty quick.

Posted by RedHatDrew

Man, now I want a hot dog... suit.

Posted by Huzzabari

I want a Kinect now! Also $10? Didn't expect it to be that cheap...wow.

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@KaneRobot said:

@Nakiro said:

I love how Double Fine makes a tech demo and people go crazy over it.


You and I both know that if something like this came from a small unknown company people would trash it to no end. Whether Kinect is fun or not has nothing to do with it, I don't know how you managed to conclude that from my comment.

Posted by Benjamimmy

This looks great. If I had a kinect, this would definitely be on my list! It's great for kids, but also works for adults too I think, just for some goofy fun.
Double Fiiiiiiiiiine!

Posted by Ebisch

All interviews should take place in DF:HAT.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

If/when I get a Kinect, this will be one of the first two games.

Posted by zombie2011

This game is B-nanas, getting this one.

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I want this.

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@Nakiro said:

I love how Double Fine makes a tech demo and people go crazy over it.


Posted by Thompson820

I love that Giant Bomb has such great relations with studios that they bring special versions of games with Giant Bomb references included.

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Seemed like really good fun.

Posted by buckybit

In my Psychonauts brain DoubleFine & Giantbomb are like BFFs of the thickest kind.

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I love how Double Fine makes a tech demo and people go crazy over it.

Posted by 49th

This looks awesome, I wish Double Fine would release more games on PS3 or PC, I keep missing out

Posted by HowDire

I want to work at Double Fine.

Posted by Chemin

Oh, man, this QL had me in stitches. Such a dumb, and perfect, use of Kinect. And a perfect fit as GB content.
It's just a tech-demo, in a sense, sure, but Kinect can't really do proper games, and never will, in my opinion. This is perfect for smaller children wanting to vent and fling around the living room. Older children play Modern Warfare like everyone else, so Kinect isn't really made for them either. Double Fine has realized what, and who, Kinect is for, and are creating "games" focused on messing around, with the price-tag of 10 bucks - not 60 bucks like most other things. This is one of the reasons I find Double Fine to probably be the best Kinect developer there is, at this moment.

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Very fun QL and great banter. The activities shown seemed like they ranged from very intuitive and fun for a couple of minutes to actually fairly deep for what Kinect can handle. On first glance this looks like one of the first games I've seen that gets what you can do with motion controls without getting very frustrating.

Also, great finish with lots and lots of balls. Perfect way to end another excellent video.

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@Catlicker said:


yes. :)

Posted by Wonloong

Double Fine has been churning out creative yet quality titles ever since their launch of Psychonauts. I feel so happy for them! Kudos for them!

Posted by crapneck

if this had a chatroullette esque multiplayer thing for us friendless drunks it would be the greatest thing ever

Posted by GunnBjorn

''I know now why you cry.''

You can totally re-enact the final scene of Terminator 2.

Posted by RagingLion

@vinsanityv22 said:

Isn't a little late to still be in the "Kinect Tech Demo-style game" phase? Shouldn't they (developers) be applying this tech to full games already? Possibly creating new genres with it? Or are western developers, in general, just that lazy? That all they see is this motion tech and all they can do is make mini game collections?

No. I think we're still there and I can understand why. Granted, Super Mario 64 did 3D platforming right straight away which was pretty incredible but I think this tech is so different that to really use it well and work out the best ways to use it is going to take some iterations (and may not be worked out at all).

The first 'activity' is perhaps my favourite still. There's sooo much different stuff you could do with that especially when using props. I loved the Luchadeer with a body creation and you could expand on that by replacing all your limbs with other things. Also the whole thing with Kinect detecting you going into lava and then giving you special powers afterwards including being able to disintegrate people was really cool. More ideas like that and we could really be onto something.

Posted by Bread_Harrity

This is awesome ... Tim seems to be in a constant state of confusion though. Judging by his expressions. That makes this even funnier.

Posted by ProfessorEss

I assume that someday soon Ryan is going to stumble upon that time machine that he uses to go back in time, change his name to Tim Schafer and use his future knowledge to get a job at LucasArts.

Posted by Capasso

all white people look the same.

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@cowdrunk said:

Man Tim sorta' looks like a smaller version of Ryan.

It's wierding me out.

Yeah I was getting that too, seperated at birth?

Posted by Suits

Haha I love Shafer's games

Posted by djaoni

Well this is about as much of a game as the worst of Kinect.

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@MrKlorox said:

Best use of Cumface ever!

that would be sooooo cool as limited edition whiskey media only DLC for premium members :D

come on, double fine! strike a deal! :D

Posted by DudeSupreme

Patrick, you're the best.

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DF and GB both created their niche with doing what they love, always great to see them team up!

Both teams are great examples that you can make a living and still have fun - very inspiring.

And what a fun use of kinect, especially for children, and / or drunks :)

Posted by Redhotchilimist

This seems like a lot of fun. I don't know if I would buy a Kinect for it, though. I can think of 4 games I would play with it, but I'm worried it'll just gather dust like the party games on my wii.

Posted by MrKlorox

Best use of Cumface ever!

Posted by Mattyboysmith

Wow...I don't even...


Posted by Daiphyer

This ... makes me happy.

Posted by MeierTheRed

Well that was lame

Posted by Rongaryen

Not gonna lie, I didn't realize that it was Patrick wearing a hotdog suit and 3D glasses at first. I thought it was a woman who worked at Double Fine that wore Hipster glasses and dressed weird for the occasion since this is a weird "game." I was halfway through the video until I realized it was him.

Posted by Shimakaze

Wow... That dance sequence was soooooooo Psychonauts! Damn it Tim, stop teasing me and give me Psychonauts 2 already!

Posted by LassieME

The way it's meant to be played.

Posted by Xeiphyer

This is the only Kinect game i've ever wanted to own!

Posted by ThatIndianGuy7116

I loved it when Patrick popped out of the lava, shot out a bunch of fire and flew back in

Posted by Sanj

This is so cool!

Posted by I_smell

I don't know who this Tim Schaefer guy is, but I think they should get the real face of Double Fine down here, Brad Muir!

Posted by golguin

I can see this game being really popular at a party when people are drunk. The dancing game looked really cool.

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This looks like fun. I am buying this :)

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I don't feel any shame in saying that this is the best most entertaining use of Kinect in ways that only Kinect could manage that I've seen , and I've seen 3D porn mocap based on Kinect.
Which I should feel shame in saying..