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Posted by EightBitShik

@RecSpec: It's Kessler isn't it?

Posted by Brendan

@Ghostiet said:

@hagridore said:
Make a portal of power I can stand on. TAKE ME AWAY DROBOT.
Oh shit, this dude is onto something, give him a fucking job there.

Gamestop's floor space will hate you for this idea.

Posted by Cozmicaztaway

@Neezie said:

@Cozmicaztaway: I bought the game just so I can roll deep with Drobot

Haha, awesome. I feel like it's not impossible I'd do the same if I could actually find the thing.Then again, I resisted the original urge because, eh... I think Skylander's seems pretty cool, but I still don't like Activision.

  • 53 results
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