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Posted by GS_Dan

I remember loving it on Gamecube and playibg shit tonnes of split screen multi with mates. Might try to find a PC copy.

Posted by hbkdx12

Absolutely loved the shit out of this game. 
There were only two games that i wanted to be backwards compatiable with the 360: Freedom Fighters and Def Jam Fight for New York and Microsoft let me down on both fronts

Posted by ozzdog12

My favorite game of all time

Posted by Cobra_Kai

Man I miss this game, I keep hoping they go batshit crazy some day, and release it on xbox arcade

Posted by TheHT

That TV station speech gave me chills. Love a game that'll pull you into it's own ridiculousness.

Posted by Fredchuckdave

Yay necros, it's kind of disheartening that they made such a fun and entertaining if brief game in Freedom Fighters and then went on to chug out Kane and Lynch afterward.