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Posted by Fredchuckdave

Yay necros, it's kind of disheartening that they made such a fun and entertaining if brief game in Freedom Fighters and then went on to chug out Kane and Lynch afterward.

Posted by TheHT

That TV station speech gave me chills. Love a game that'll pull you into it's own ridiculousness.

Posted by Cobra_Kai

Man I miss this game, I keep hoping they go batshit crazy some day, and release it on xbox arcade

Posted by ozzdog12

My favorite game of all time

Posted by hbkdx12

Absolutely loved the shit out of this game. 
There were only two games that i wanted to be backwards compatiable with the 360: Freedom Fighters and Def Jam Fight for New York and Microsoft let me down on both fronts

Posted by GS_Dan

I remember loving it on Gamecube and playibg shit tonnes of split screen multi with mates. Might try to find a PC copy.