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Posted by Sergotron

I'm kind of worried about Chobot. I have no problem with having her voice herself, but having a character that looks like her might be a bit too distracting.

Posted by AngelN7

Is that Lighting? I mean Ali Hillis? Cool I won't watch the video I don't even want to watch a sliver of a scene I did that with Mass Effect 2 and I had all the characters revealed to me before playing, also is Jessica Chobot really in the game? If so I don't think she'll play a Squadmate.

Posted by LackLuster

@Kiri90: Probably my favorite episode(s) of Entourage

Posted by Anwar
Posted by cloudyimpulse

Ahhhh that Freddie Prinze. "It Just Doesn't Happen". I mean guys, it just doesn't happen in Video Games!

Posted by RuthLoose

@Napalm said:

Also, isn't Jessica Chobot still with IGN? If she is, maybe I am crazy, what with IGN being a review/editorial outlet, but isn't that a conflict of interest?

Her role with IGN as part of IGN Strategize on XBox is pretty limited in scope. Instead, she is a pretty face that describes how to nab easy achievement points in big name game releases and occasionally does a preview for an upcoming title.

Normally, I would call bull on a decision to let her be a voice in any game, but Chobot is not a video game critic or journalist in any real capacity (at least not anymore).

Posted by giant_frying_pan

FemShep is Best Shep.

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Wait... They did not just plug in a fat-cheeked version of Jessica Chobot, did they?

I really don't know how I feel about that...

These videos are always so awkward. You get a bunch of recognizable actors talking the game up, and with most of them you have that nagging doubt that maybe they don't have any idea what they're talking about or how these games actually play out.

Anyway, there is no fucking way I'm not playing through this one. Please live up to 2.

Posted by Kiri90

"Say hi to Sloan for me."

(kudos to whoever gets the reference) ;)

Posted by RE_Player1

Can we get a trailer with the other crew that have been in since the first game? I want to see Garrus' voice actor talk about the game or have Wrex's voice actor say "Shepard".

Posted by Double0hFor

I blame EA

Posted by Napalm

Also, isn't Jessica Chobot still with IGN? If she is, maybe I am crazy, what with IGN being a review/editorial outlet, but isn't that a conflict of interest?

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Actually you're suppose to imagine a chromed up sexy fem-robot sitting next to him now. EDI gon' pimped herself up, yo.

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Posted by deltaalphabravo

What happened with genetically supreme Australian lady?

Posted by Hef


Posted by hagridore

Why is the IGN girl in Mass Effect 3?

Also Keith David is apparently a wizard.

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Dreamy Prinze Jr.? This just makes me wanna buy it.

Posted by Whizbang

I feel bad for these people because they don't realize how terrible the game they're in is.

And Bioware's Potato Face technology does strange things to Jessica Chobot.

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I can't wait until IGN gives the game a good review and every hater comes out of the wood work to say "CHOBOT IS IN IT! BS! IGN IS BIASED!".

Also, Mr. Prince Jr., character driven action games actually do happen. Quite common actually.

Posted by MasterMind34

They didn't have Male Shepard because Jennifer Hale does an infinitely better job as Female Shepard.

Posted by JeanLuc

Looks sweet.

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Jessica Chobot? What the fuck! Her character along with Freddie Prinze Jr's look God fucking awful too.

Posted by Delta_Ass

Wow, they really messed up Chobot's face. Way to go BioWare, you took a really attractive woman and made her a creepy looking video game character.

Posted by Cincaid

@Icebuncle said:

No Garrus?


Posted by astonish


Posted by Chippy180

Whatever your feelings are toward Chobot's involvement, I think we can all agree that her character was hit by a spacebus somewhere down the line.

Posted by nohthink

Hell yeah Keith David!!

Posted by Clippjoint

wtf Chobot :-|

Posted by Asinies

Kinda not liking this. With Mass Effect 2, every character seemed very unique from each other (same with Dragon Age!). But with this, they're all really bland, or someone we've met before. I want new people. And no, EDI as a squadmate doesn't count. So far, all we've got for new people is Beefy Mcdickpunch and The Prothean.

Posted by kerse

@Degringolade said:

I am so worried about this game.

Me too, even more so now after this video, because near the end they call it a "character driven action game" What happened to my space rpg?

Posted by Clubvodka

I don't like that they put Jess Chobot in this and modelled her face. I find her very annoying. Granted she at least comes off like she knows what's she taking about.

Posted by Nugget

@Darkness2386 said:

I need this game now!!

Haha, yeah could not agree more!

I kinda wanted to see who did/do Talis voice thyough...

Posted by SSully

Martin Sheen's final words really make that video in a very creepy way.

Posted by Mystyr_E

Jessica Chobot? sigh. who next, iJustine?

Posted by Icebuncle


I noticed the lack of male Shepard too. It feels like they just added Hale and Ali Hillis in there to look good.

Posted by Napalm

Jessica Chobot? Oh my god. *palmtoface*

Posted by Matterless

I am so worried about this game.

Posted by Peewi

@Icebuncle: No male Shepard either.

Jennifer Hale looks somewhat older than I would have thought.

Posted by spookybarn

Chobot? Seriously?

Posted by Sooty

please don't suck!

Posted by Darkness2386

I need this game now!!

Posted by Jaytow


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No Garrus?

Good going only showing the "screen actors" and not any of the most popular characters. Oh well, that's marketing for you.